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Monday, August 21st


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Or. Yes welcome ladies and gentlemen to another edition of your favorite movie podcast. Meatball movie podcasts I am mr. wonderful from the Mike powers and woo woo shall. I 94 point nine point and we are diving right into it today no hesitations. Over the weekend I got to see the latest film starring Channing Tatum. Adam driver called the world you know lucky it was written by Rebecca once directed by Steven Soderberg. Hobbs who directed the ocean strategies and was a part of those and the reason I referenced the ocean surely he's here is because this film William lucky. Is about. Q Brothers Jimmy and Clyde Logan who set out to try to reverse his family hearse. That doc why load in Adam driver seems do you really obsessed with so they set out to execute an elaborate robbery during the legendary Coca-Cola 600 race. At the Charlotte motor speedway. And it's very reminiscent of the ocean films. But it's like the southern fried version of the fusion films it's hillbilly ocean's eleven and we're Channing Tatum is basically. The arm and George Clooney of the film Adam driver is you are. Brad Pitt at the film and then you have all these elaborate characters you out like Seth MacFarlane remind you of Don Cheadle hot Katie Holmes. Our remind you of kind of the Julia Roberts of the movie. Bob the ocean's films so it has this very kind of and there are parallels to me but where oceans is kind of eased. Rich. Sophisticated criminals. Road and lucky is the southern draw. Criminals where there are a little bit more simple minded so to say. As Daniel Craig elegantly put it in speaking of Daniel Craig really quickly kind of slide covered that Craig stars in this film and is part of the reason why I really enjoy this movie because. Actors in this film. Are clearly having so much fun with descriptive data being given and director Steven Soderberg he's having so much fun behind the camera while directing them. That Daniel Craig is one that really shines out and the characters and having fun because he takes a total 180 from what we've always seen a man I mean. Craig has been our James Bond for the last word James Bond films now going on five I believe. And every role he's kind of taken on has a similar kind of tighten it very Sri forward very kind of serious role and here he is now playing Joseph banged up this just over the top. Dealing with science kind of guy who's a master of explosions. And he's just having an absolute blast and the entire cast is having a blast along the way but Daniel Craig's the wanna maccast. That surely stands out for me. When it comes in this movie but that's kind of jumping over to the character side of things really quickly. Getting into this movie I gotta say it's nice that Stephen Soderberg back I mean he retired. He came out of retirement he retired again he's been away from movies for awhile. Like he's back and he's having fun behind the camera with our script that is very guide. I'm really dyes in too kind about southern lifestyle. And I got to say at the time frame that we are in right now as a country here in America. With the amount I hate that we're getting. From one side and then the response or reading from another siding kinda how. Southern life in southern people are kind of at the forefront right now I'm being attacked. This film seems like kind of one of those things where it was just kind of a perfect combination of things. Where now it comes out and it brings forth this southern lights out right away where you see Channing Tatum Jimmy. Was laid off from his job. It is just a typical guy who is laid off from his job used fired four. Health insurance reasons that made email liability because of health insurance where Clyde atom drivers just aren't as just a bartender who lost. Part of his arm. While serving overseas in the war so. They are just nothing more than the average blue collar American. That happens a live in West Virginia. So it really brings forth a lot of southern cultures I mean a lot of the jokes. I mean a lot of the jokes you come from the fact that we are putting the southern lifestyle right at the forefront are they. But as the movie moves along. A lot of these punch lines that we get in Hollywood about southerners. Starts to bring the heart out in the film if that makes sense to you. Can you start to see that these are just very simple boy lays. Who just want nothing more than you work. Make a few blocks have a few drinks with their family and just live their lights. That's really all it is these wanna live their lives and support their kids support their family. And lived the American dream. But the preexisting conditions caution Jimmy's job and his health insurance. Klein has got his lost arm. There's this Stanley Kurtz that they're that they're very obsessed with but it hasn't affected their sister. But she might be the one exception who knows you have to see the movie to find out who she is or isn't because again all of these reviews are spoiler free. But we will start doing spoiler reviews are coming up in the near future for you as well either way this is a very good film. I mean NASCAR's at the forefront of it which is a very southern base thing as well and that's the thing I mean. Eating is a southern based film that comes in a time where southern just a waste I was kind of in and of itself being. It to the forefront on the news cycle 24/7 and being attacked by people 24/7. And here comes a film showing the heart of what southern lights out surely is. That I think makes the film a lot more powerful. Then it really was intending to deal when it was written I think we've written Asia's kind of this fun little ice film. But now becomes this fun little heist film. That packs a lot of heart and a lot of political punch to me without intending to be a political film and not making a true political statement. Just a climate where we are right now as a country makes it more of a political film. But either way this is a very good film very fun film it's an enjoyable film. There's a lot of memorable moments in this movie. A lot of good one liners as well throughout the course of the film I again. Jumping back to the cast very second I can not say enough about how outstanding the cast was all around everybody nailed their roles even the people that are in small roles. I mean Katie Holmes an amazing actress. Was very under used in the film but every time she was used she shines. She was a star Katherine Waterston who's been in a lot of films this past year high you may remember heard more specifically from being. You starve alien covenant that kicked off kind of this summer blockbusters. If you really look at those April films is kind of the start to summer which. I like to look at it is it's like the precursor to the summer films he April films because it's kind of like those teases but yet a couple big hits America. Yeah that's where the fast off films come out nose or summer blockbuster films. My issue is the surveilling company she has an extremely small role a very small role in the film. Which shine this shines in her rolls eyes so again chanting enough about the cast Seth McFarlane. Absolutely fantastic as well he steals the show in his scenes. But not out very enjoyable heist film if you enjoy those types of heist films you're gonna like it it's not very slick. And just a lot more smarter than your average run of the mill high style films so hot. The comedy out there right now getting down to the meatballs I give this Thelma good solid four out of five meatballs. You will not be disappointed when you go see this film you will have a good time at the movies you'll get caught up in the story Kemper a bunch of simple minded guys. I mean can you really call them simple minded with with how he's that they put together and that plan that they come up with is very elaborate plan. Including breaking out of a prison. Without anybody noticing you break out of a prison and then getting back into the prison without anybody noticing you need them and gone for the last couple hours so a very elaborate. Plan put together by these simple Brothers but a very good one movie I enjoyable film. Moments that you absolutely remember and it will give you more of a punch. Odd kind of to the fuels into the heart. Then you really probably would expect from a movie like this. So again I recommend going and checking this film out I give her four out of five he coveted meatballs for this meat ball move review. And I definitely recommend you head now to the theaters and checking out Logan Lackey starring Channing Tatum. And Adam driver and Daniel Craig Seth MacFarlane Katie Holmes talked Katherine Warner stand and so many more amazing actors. And actresses that's our in this film Sao. That'll do for this week's edition of the meatball Marie view quick simple to the point it was a one movie. Did this time around guys. Until we get it sometimes we keep them short sometimes are you multiple soft but today. One movie caught my eye one movie I checked out over the weekend and one movie you need to check out if you didn't see yet and that is Logan. Lucky and absolutely it's summer hit. Late summer sneaker film. You know it probably actually a gimmick either you going for another couple seconds should probably could've been released earlier in the year and would've. Ingest is amazing and not done just as good game probably didn't need to be held until mid October mid mid October. Who already witnessed an October mid August. Further release sellout that do it I'll tell Diaz again next week. Mr. wonderful you can give me a follow on Twitter you can treat me any movie you want reviewed if you have a dimmer view for the issue think maybe Logan lucky completely sucked. Let me know on Twitter. Wonderful underscore radio horse shoe me an email right now mr. wonderful. Point radio dot com I'll talk to you guys next week until then enjoy now. TV this.