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Thursday, August 31st


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Four point that point. Oh my god he's yelling in my hero he put her on the radio already come on Maggie Maggie. I hope yes Peggy got. They want and you might call will you relax we're picking up now it's dark stars and. They have opened that that the FL OK yeah yeah. Hey yeah. Mommy again it's not on day one if you don't let and spoken us. I am so it's totally I'm turned on the TV that's. Thank you don't thought. All right asking her grandchild blue sun to turned on the television so she can perform granite he's two years old lines on the radio once again aren't going down the re. Record of thoughts with Peggy I'm mad at William sound right well I gotta tell you something the radio has not sounded this good and a long time. Thank you thank you might all right so wouldn't dive right and I think if you never left like I can't. Okay money there is a harmful new dating trend on the block it's called stashing. Basically it's a term used to describe how someone you're dating. Won't invite you to meet their friends or family despite the fact that they've met the people in your life mommy what would you do somebody. Stashed you know I would updated yeah just like that yeah. I would kill I'd get heated and ending in that you look at I am. Musician evil like he was really good in the bedroom. Wu. I don't shoot at about eight. It Mary obviously. You get me out. Obviously a key you do do that I'm staring right at her. This door and I got. I got. Hit yeah. Like you did you have a really great connection any light tan and he was Hanson and me. Worked really hard and made a good living. And a hairy chest and be like that. You know so what are the evidence in DC to his mother or father I mean how serious did you really meet somebody's mom and dad once you're dating. I'd say three months it yet I am here like you and you need chip and yet every piece strip and let me. At a certain. Okay now obviously. On the relations. Had nothing to do with your decision. What about if he's rich. But are you sure Condit who would who would pay few plastic surgery okay. Oh yeah. That many under items is asking Peggy. I'd I didn't eat up. What does the just I. I don't know I didn't want why OK that's him. Happy that you're married to see don't have to go through all these dating horror stories of stashing coming here to all to be stashed. I mean I don't know what it. Lot of what we already got. But don't you feel like your dad kind of stance throw away years ago how this. I don't pay eighty dollars and it's great to have you back we missed you son Terrell I know can we do it again next week. Yeah it under both hello and I will limit the she's right here Al Teller hello Luke. What about it being put me your date planned for next week okay same times channel. I. Maggie so this is a good idea of bringing her back on exhausted.