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Thursday, September 7th


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Others like debts. So far it's time for Johnson Peggy on the Mike powers and move Shia on 94 point nine the point. Hello. It pat might know are you ready to make some radio as well not you articulate mild we have respect yeah I can marry. On it you can multitask let's see if you could be a grandmother. And great radio star all in one fell swoop. A lot of our guys are going to be very topical today with you Peggy. Mommy yeah we wanna talk about back to school do you miss those days of packing lines is putting us in bed all that fun stuff. Oh absolutely. Once you miss most about it Peggy. Everyday I mean plate I'm eight back I would united they get older and have children are down very good are you. What I wanted to do. Well that should be done this now you get to hang out with the young child that's a spawn of your children writes I know I know that you. The tournament you. Don't yet have except one day out when they want. To came on yeah. Let's let's move on. We're gonna play a little word association game we're gonna name something that has to do with young kids in back to school give you the word and then you tell me the first thing you think. Okay homework. I had my bed that my network how would they only England icon and they plan that you know public good to me. I think it's actually make you the same way you do. I. Had not yet I think just out of that what I had not gotten good at math I didn't. Okay mommy let's hot bed time anybody not a guy nobody ever I. What I did it on the bed at that anybody would argue that this step by toy soldiers way. At least I believe it's a random. I am about to go to bed now Matthew Knight bad at all really not generally you know like I general tag each time I answered the Internet signals. We re out as it every every guy like pictures kick started and had been a bit better in and abide. You I didn't make you think you like what you think you played. I'm a good luck. Yeah I remember Burger King was also a really good cook back in the day. And really rather humorous. Technically it would probably. McDonald's. A little more I had to guess you have got. I yeah I mean that's him we all know busy schedules sometimes indicates he got to eat something fast they pay you one more question. Yeah you say you miss having young kids but what about when young kids were getting out of line. What was your main form of discipline. I think I'm at it nobody traffic. But I I had no problem that was my and pat you on the let you know oil I'm very good. Stanley spanking back in my day there. Ultimately end if you are blurted it out on yet that's. I do remember specifically though being slapped across the base in Memphis Tennessee whenever I and I don't want us yeah I don't buy it whenever I. Leave them ready and the Israelis Jordan's sheen's oh my gosh. Every game I had that I get and they let it and then all of a little cut jeans and a white and PG the and Melissa had delivered right at Beijing and I and until it right. I well. You're gonna magazines are still in it and we had here that these. Well that's that's crazy I guess it was a different time back then but still I think we know a little better now I yeah I got out at it modem light up. It is in my favor now he comes let me I'd be into it. Okay thank you so much and I down memory lane with radeon. Raising the kids especially during his very very hectic back to school time. We love having you back on the radio and we will talk to again next week if not sooner and I are. I grew.