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Thursday, September 7th


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Welcome airlines in the latest edition of the mr. wonderful meatball movie tie us. Where today. We're talking about the newest. Adaptation of Stephen king's novel. H and I'm just gonna die right in this and say. I absolutely. Loved this movie now we did I'm gonna kinda I tell you as well. Kind of pre pays this with a little fact about me that. I am not a fan of Clarence and and more specifically and not a fan of penny wise the clown I remembered the miniseries starring Tim Curry I remember how terrifying Tim Curry wasn't our role. And just. Kind of that they was the thing that nightmares were made out and it was so angry demise hag growing up I I believe that anyone highs was the beginning of my age. Fear of clowns say situation in phobia that I have. I know also that I had an aunt who love clowns and she had. Just a roomful of porcelain clowns and it was the room that you had to go to sleep in any time he stayed at grandma's and a terrified me you know and as well because match. It was all around the same time penny wise the clown room all that stuff they just kind of led to this here but either way Spears' side. Visualize. Are very good horror movie. The penny wise in this movie. Compared to the miniseries they are just saying Tim Curry is absolutely terrifying and that miniseries. What builds cars and does here. In his new film is absolutely amazing I mean he basically grows off of the terror that Tim Curry provided in a miniseries version. And jazz. Takes it to a new level. Brings it to another level of scary. I think just all opening sequence I mean is this movie comes raid and called doping you're right involved with the US as Georgie. And you just getting kind of right to them needy greedy of this story you're going right into the scares. And the first time he pops up as penny wise in the C were our age she is absolutely. Horrifying. That hair on your body is just gonna stand up you're gonna be just on the edge of your C very nervous. Very much how nervous Georgie is the whole situation in. With a limited charm but a lot of terror involved in it and each is absolutely fantastic job that he does all around. But not I wanna jump I I am trying to gather their thoughts on this a little bit. And I don't wanna jump around she much but I I do you want and make a comment as well that the director Andy. Moose she said he. I was a big fan of his previous hard work mama. So that's why I think it's big for me to say. That I'm a big fan of this movie because momma to meet. The die hard movie that he did prior to this. Which is kind of our movie that is there they were in really wasn't scary there was anything really memorable about it it was just kind of our horror movie that wasn't bear. This time where what he does with. This new version of it is new adaptation of the Stephen King novel. Is he crass. An amazing story that he's beautifully directed that is beautifully so I mean some of the shots in this movie. I just bring you back says it's like you're watching stand by me or who may be super raid if you're if you're younger generation type person you don't remember the stamp Miami's. But it brings back that kind of everything that you loved about stranger things. And more. Odd package stranger things is another great example of it and thin wall hard. Best name in the business using stranger paintings is actually in the movie Todd gets an hour bake as I don't wanna jump to the cash able right now I wanna stay on. The director anymore she added he. And seeing his name bush she already. The mom wasn't really a film did for me. What he does what it is just a lot. A beautiful shots and a lot of pitches well he's kind terror as well as I mean this is a film Mac. Put together and it does not miss Eads beats incumbent arrayed out. We've kind of building that tension and that whole opening sequence leading up to the penny wise first view of him in the sea where we Georgie. Ages it has this scares in the tension buildup and the suspense against at that point is beautifully. Directed viewed. If we brought out beautifully timed. And the shots throughout the course of the film as well some of the largest. Absolutely. Memorable and really are just seared into your brain some of the visionary. Aspects that he brought to the table for this film. And speaking of the visionary aspects of lip. I have to say. I saw some people online saying islets UC GI and CC jetted it. I couldn't tell the CG I mean obviously there are moments where they're CGI in this film. But really really hard to tell to me it was flawless. Use our CGI and I scenes in movies where. You kind of sit there you are really. Really that's what we're direct though we're big budget film but they have fun with this as opposed to what the miniseries used to do. And they compared to the miniseries you know the miniseries doesn't really hold up as much. But I'm gonna make those comparisons backed by. Is first is CGI think has come on people when he gal there's a little bit to see GI in the film. Footage is flawless CGI but either way I diving into this film another reason why I really love this version of eight. Is I'll admit I didn't read the novel odd that a gang goes back to the fear of clowns so reading the novel. I just I've read Steven king boxed. I know it's Stephen King books due to me mentally when I read them they are. Spent crafting the whole situation in crafting the tariff. That way you create this or that I mean I do not like. The shining from Stanley Kubrick because I read the shining blocked and then when I saw the shining movie they are legitimately. One is fire one is ice. And Stephen King is even said that there was a first thing I said after I saw that this heating kings the Stanley Kubrick version of the shining. I went this is completely opposite from what the book is because the book is very fiery and filled with flames and engulfing of that hotel. And in the movie it's. Freezing over and everything just kind of hell frozen over as opposed you Def fiery gates and how arrayed there so. I I I never read the book because. Again the books for Steven king are usually. Are a thousand times scarier than what movies are. From what I gathered. And from what I understand from talking to people who have seen the movie as well. Either a great job acceding to the book and they do a very good job had apparently slimming out. And trimming up some of the fat that's not needed from the book to tell this cohesive story. For two hours and fifteen minutes it's a long movie it's a two iron fifteen many movies out. But it doesn't feel like it's you Aaron fifteen minute movie that's one of the beautiful parts about this film and what they're capable of doing and what. Any motion yet he's able to bring out this film is that you've tallied two hour and fifteen minutes story of it. Which a lot of us severity seen this story before read this book before. You bring out in two hours and fifteen minutes a movie that is so. Quick paced so. In golfing soul one mesmerizing. That you never wanna check yourself and your never even. He you're kind of sitting there with no clue that you being in the theater for this long because you're just wrapped up in this story that. Comes out with a scare in the opening ten minutes and does not let opera so as hard to an idiot intense. But I'd getting in again more reasons why I like this. It has that eighties coming of age feel to it because that's one of the things that they change from the box. That I I knew immediately when they did is he they change this setting it's not taking place in the fifties. Taking place in the eighties so you kind of giving back east feel to me which makes sense because of where wedding the sequel with the adults. You don't wanna set that one based in the guy in the you know the eighties he won that beast in present time not. So it makes sense what they did I get what they're doing and that's not something that I think even if you're a fan of the book you're gonna go into Indy Al hunt. Is that. Getting out. Okay this makes sense because we're telling the first part of this story there were coming back in the second part CL a plays and he said that the second part takes place in present day. But not either way it's kind of that he's coming to be story like I mentioned stand by me on this he operates in the world the stranger things in the world. It is truly terrifying. Heart warming bill. Losers club and got into the losers club yet. These kids are absolutely. Fan how has fit in this movie I mean. When you look at them. And you just see is Sophia liberties who plays Beverly in the movie. Is absolutely stealing every single scene that she is an off then worked hard. Who plays Ricci I mean. I mean he was the character I cling to you the most and not because of him being in strange things actually took me a minute to realize. And clean piece it together as much as I want stranger things when he popped up I was like this and know him. Him he's. Yeah this strange things can RA that's. They can be why am kind of flocking to you right now but now I've blocking his character issue because his character and she's just the Smart Alec. Always has something to say. He was the audience member in the movie. Because when something crazy happens he's the one sitting there going. Well. I don't generation that's exactly do nothing right now what dot. So I mean these characters are so relatable and that's Julia really hard thing to deal with kids. And an end kid actors is make them relatable to the audience and bring them out a way that you truly care about them when their inept. Very terrifying situation. You care about all these kids you you really care about a match and and I only mentioned there's Cuba every single one of them is absolutely mate Jack dealing grazer. Who plays Andy. How is dean was dialogue in the movie and some of the most in seem dialogue of the movie. And he delivers it as if he's been a one year that. Of the industry with his deliverance in the way that he just presents in the way that he does so every one of these kids is absolutely fantastic. And again you have to care about the kids. When he when he comes across and they're pretty dangerous situation for you care in your seat. And you care about the losers club you've fuel for that you're you're one of them you can relate to you if not all of them at least one of them for meal was Richie. Which was thin wall party was him from stranger things he's he was my guy he was the audience guy. Again he makes the comments in your thinking when you're sitting there and something's happening. I had played the kids are just fantastic cast is amazing highlight the way that they depict. The adults as well in the film Titanic that doc let Charlie Brown. Approach to it where all the adults were very off. And that's kind of part of the thing that. I thought was kind of a hold back at the movies that. He needed to really dive into a lot of the adult characters and wire these adults kind of just ignoring the fact that every 27 years. Kids go missing in this town and nobody seems to care. All the adult characters are very off and very awkward and very. Unsettling characters. Oh we think of kind of cnet's how will you when you watch you'll peanuts cartoons. All the indulge though won't won't won't won't want hey it's kind of that in this movie. My job they're all just very over her. Analytical over analyzing things opt. The relationship between Beverly and her father is very undertone. Odd adult situations that are very kind of difficult to explain if you happen I have. For whatever reason you brought a child with you to the theaters see this movie I just the undertone of them it's a very weird. Situation not. I wanna watch my words on this because is Bruce is a very odd G rated it. Movie review fern. That earns it's. Relationship. Not even if you go beyond that and you just look at any relation with his mother how over bearing she is how she's convinced him that. He just sick when he 47 and that anything he does so one of his biggest fears is. Is leopard is on and and that's the other things with the kids as well in this movie is that. Do you feel for the kids throughout the course in this film. Because the kids are going through terror. Penny wise is able to pull out your deepest fears so every one of these kids is losing their biggest year. And that really put you in their situation in in their shoes and you're able to see it through their eyes because they're facing their fears. I think that's another reason while I agree she's character so much because award his theory is I 100% agreed with an armed right there with you but who rate their way if you. And I it is just a fun movie AI it's full of comedy. Op it's still at its core is shrew really terrifying and is where my scariest films of the year. I haven't up there than about creations and I thought Annabel creations was. I think hissed such a surprise. Scary scary movie but this was a great scary movie. Again that they earned that are reading I mean what they do you take kids in this movie. I eight can leave you literally. Really disturbed. It can leave you really disturbed because they do not hold back with what he due to the children in this movie. And that's how they really truly are in this. But I again just from the opening ten minutes alone. Aid really chew resets its own sets apiece. For what's going to be I just a mind blowing two hours and fifty minutes. Other terrifying movie that will scare you see your core will give you some great jump scares there is one point in the movie where I did Jimmie Lee. Threw my arms opt. Through my legs up and started ticking towards a screen and wide out aloud as well. Moment of my life. One of the scariest moments in my life I think since the conjuring it's you. Know. Heck and hope how how hey Danielle is badly they got Jerry and say ha ha ha ha ha ha. When the wicked man came out of these little tend to match house. I deadly real lead out one of the loud is screws in my life and now line. And I think that moment in seeding kings it. On the scene I'm referencing where if you used when you see the movie you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. That heart rate there were I felt he was coming directly at me. True we let me have one of my biggest scares and I had a long time. But god is a great movie I definitely recommend seeing it in the dot theaters for sure. I'm going to be giving this movie. Out of five meatballs. I mean again I mention I'd like to have gotten a little bit more parents what are the other things and I really wish of the film gone into Livermore is that. It needed a little bit more penny wise depth. Because the first and second in the second act this film are. Said establishing kind of the terror and where the kids are gonna be going in the final sequence in that three. And we get factory in act three is where you really get penny wise kind of fully being the penny wise character so I wish we got a little bit more damped. I'm penny wise and muscle and more depth on the town as well I mean. I know it's it's you Arab fifteen minute movie. I understand that you're jamming a lot in there and you're trying to get a lot of cross and you're trying to do it in a very quick time frame as well so that. You can tell people who ever read the book the story while also appeasing the people who who did read the book grew looking for a specific story. But I wish they spend the rumored Mort time on the town of it's definitely worth checking out the tears and you definitely have to see with a crowd I mean didn't do this screening I went to. Where is op packed house people were absolutely screaming at. Losing their mind cheering when they needed each year high and a low there was little the crowd cheered Doral and I don't know we should be cheering back. Is let's be real ouija shared here people. The people who are loving it and if you see with a crowd you're gonna definitely a lot of more. I'm not saying that you won't love it if you're not with the crowd by eighteen is it that any bonus a fine. Being at the movies and that dark theater packed house opening night tonight. I definitely recommend getting out there checking this movie out and seeing it again two out of five meatballs. This is definitely is certified meatball fresh will pay for me to do that being said you guys can give me a follow all you want on the Twitter. Wonderful underscore radio. You can share your views to me if you've seen it feel free to share in the comments section feel free it's weeded out we have wonderful underscore radio. If there's a movie out there that you think I should go out review definitely shoot in my way and I'll check it out without being said I'll talk you guys next week until then enjoy high a move me.