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Thursday, September 14th


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Okay thank you for your thoughts it's time to check in wouldn't rule was not on the might powers whose show I. Four point that the hello peg it. I might go idea a big doctor's appointment today so our time is limited again. Let's talk about travel pet peeves because I've recently S survey came out with a top five travel pet peeves when people are flying out loud flyers armrest hogs but these second most irritating seat kickers. I'll I don't like that you can always stay within the within the magazine of the newspaper or something particularly on the flight with the tend to present behind took off their shoes. And put them out between. I think and the other thing I called me on rent seeking seats and she took a picture of it could iBook and dance. But then you've got anything out by the and it says one better than I was every bit count down. All of the flights. And. Not bad like that what would you say you're number one travel pet peeve is money on an airplane. My pet peeve is people who cracked down right Atlantic at this same thing that's a pet teaching Aetna and a a crackle and pop should come from your cereal bowl and not you know. Eyes see her right Peggy about it so cracking Gama. Is a very very annoying thing and I know for a fact that you've confronted other people's kids. About taking your seat when I show or a movie is this true. It is true what do you say to another person skewed because I would never speak up to another person's child. That's when you correct it can look up by the media. It's like that independence asked Ryan if they knowingly paid joint they have different Donnie. Played back to my peak I can't and joint committee. And my second beat when I go to the NATO can add people to turn on their felt like Beckett and accommodation. All right an. Exercise we nets do you know I remember you talking about this back in the day and I believe you called it a beacon of light. Yeah and it's like. Think they know that they cannot lift up front and if I got a leg up its. Two of the top ten of the data on them it's an arrogant about it I think and I said. Where you can only be so kind of cannot usually seventh because cell phones who really maybe that's right. It's like they did I mean they've got to get shot to stab. And that knowledge paid yet that you're going to be safe you'll know when to run you know I don't know I don't know about the predominant type of it's tagging great. All right anyway an end of life I. You know like we're talking about. Airplane at speeds and we just talk about normal pet peeves and somehow we ended up in the narrow view there. Yeah. Yeah you know you thank you again next week on the point.