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Thursday, September 14th


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94 point 90 okay. On the play everybody's favorite game shell game you beat my. Let's meet today's contestant playing for Jack Johnson tickets he works for a small like Steve Berman Williamsburg where he resides. Eagle. Loves boating on his fifteen point. What is that pulse in the locker what do you call. It's sad it's ladies and San welcome to show man. Also thank you you're welcome wait a kind of put together to Boston play it forever on them but when a Boston way Elena. The very cool moon revealed Boston landowner okay here we go. He had to deal three questions sealed. Who will get the same three questions whoever does the best at the end wins the game. You get to win Jack Johnson tickets will level kindly ask you to exit the buildings. I head I I'm ten in the head with a broad and that and like that the votes and who is the out the door. As she goes. Said your first question okay. It the golden girls premiered on this date back you know once a year in 19791985. Or 1980 eight's. 1980. And one you know what today is national Virginia day it's all Virginians out there are one of Virginia's nicknames is one of these. The mother of the south. The mother of presidents. Or the mother of dragons which one. Mother of the south. Mother of presidents or mother of dragons. Still it mother. It. Yeah. Had the voter. Which Nickelodeon TV show this to Arianna grind day. First fines came on was it You Can't Do That on Television I Carly or victorious. All right let's bring moved back in that added that did pretty well. Yes he is Wu is back. Moved yes. He had two out of three. Up and eaten. I'm a little under the weather this morning Ted so I'm kind of foggy maybe I'll. Let them all wrong excuse is begun to move will I'm just saying that they don't feel very well today. Let's see how she does the golden girls premiere on this date back in what year in 19791985. Or 1988. 88. He was right at 85. Passes and and the teacher you know one little. Patting NASA Virginia dates heal wounds all Virginians everywhere. One of Virginia's nicknames is one of these mother of the south mother of presidents or mother of dragons who you ask him this right. In order to win this game or even. Is tiger what was it mother wife and mother of the south mother of presidents a mother of dragons. And other presidents. Was alive. You got that one right there to dragons come on everybody knows as policing. All right here we the other question if you get a wrong move who you are and how do you get it right we go to the tiebreaker which you have nothing to do it. Which Nickelodeon TV show that Arianna grinding first game her name on one thing You Can't Do That on Television one that I Carly always victorious. And any good victorious. Better watch your back at it common for you. Ten this question is on you know for the Wyndham Wu has nothing to do it this this is the tiebreaker. OK dear Jack Johnson's agents. And Tenet. On national Virginia Tech Virginia's state bird is either K I'll cardinal bored deep a sparrow. What's when is it Ted. Only. Set my feet from Virginia as the outcome on the sun the old Virginia it's better. On our notes and those aren't idyllic as parents of landed on the street. Hey today here this is Jack Johnson playing in the background check. You won't vote snuck. On the line we'll hook you up anyway hang on. You know guy anyway yeah thank you so much for playing and and just note it is to your grave who beat you. Yeah. One hour. Hi I'm cold medicine and still be Sheila. I'm very against finally did so well today. We'll play tomorrow at 730. I have and don't forget were also sending you Katy Perry in DC get your chance to get qualified coming up again and 11 AM with dad yeah.