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Friday, September 15th


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I. Welcome everybody to a special edition not the mr. wonderful meet for a movie podcast. No reviews today as they did not get a chance to see the new Jennifer Lawrence Hill mother. For the new American assassin movie starring Michael Keaton but it was. We're gonna focus on Michael Keaton because Michael Keaton I call one of America's greatest treasures one of America's greatest talents and one of America's greatest actors so today we're doing a special edition podcast where we're gonna dive into. Sand Michael Keaton is. Greatest movies and greatest roles so without further ado let's jump right into the list. Coming in at number ten. The other guys and his role as captain Jean. This was a movie that put Michael Keaton back on the map in kind of the 21 century G is by far one of the funniest parts of the Will Ferrell Mark Wahlberg movie. Every scene he's in he steals the scenes the way you would expect. An actor the likes of Michael Keaton to do it. At number nine his role in multiplicity what multiplicity is a movie on its hole is something that I got to go. In an out of whether or not I really truly love it or I truly kinda don't like any kind of depends on my mood that you cannot deny the fact that Michael Keaton. Multiplying himself over and over and over again do this film and playing a different character every time he's clone. He's absolutely fantastic. And he once again. Should lose his range from what he's capable of doing when he is dealing characters and is told. Go and do you. At number eight. God how has hugs even seen if you haven't seen gung ho which is a classic from the eighties I recommend checking it out hit deals with the times of the eighties and how American car companies were losing a lot of its production we're closing shop here in America because of the Japanese overseas takeover of the car industry. And taking over our plants here in America Michael Keaton in this film is. Absolutely fantastic the dives into a lot of different issues as well it also stars George went from shears but is a great film and a great Michael Keaton movie nonetheless and character as well. At number seven these Spiderman homecoming as the Bolger. He absolutely brings. This character to life in this marvel film she makes this really an perhaps be best villain. That the marvel universe has created since 2007. Iron Man one when they do you played the bad guy Jeff Bridges coming in at number six mr. mom this is one that everybody my age maybe a little bit older than me maybe even a little bit younger than me. Goes back to you and says this is the first moment that I actually really recognize the talent. Michael Keaton had number five another classic from the eighties Johnny dangerously. If you haven't had the luxury of seeing this movie. You need to sit down and enjoy a little Johnny dangerously. It's basically a gimmick. A bald mobster films absolutely hysterical and let me tell you this one time. Michael Keaton is absolutely fantastic in his role as Johnny dangerously coming in at number four on the Michael Keaton list. All in black man as the end there's a reason this film was nominated for so many awards there's a reason why Michael key ways. Three east for the character that he portrayed in this which is why bird man comes in at number four coming in at number three usual in spotlight similar to the older man usually spotlight. Jewell a lot of praise a lot of critical achievement. And drew a lot of nominations as well during the awards season because he doesn't. Absolutely fantastic job portraying real life character in this movie about the Boston Globe going after this sexual assaults. Of the Catholic Church coming in at number two on the list of Michael Keaton characters you know I don't say it three times or he might show up but that's beetle juice. Beetle juice was absolutely one of the best films and one of the best characters Michael Keaton has portrayed over the course of his career when you think that name if you think Michael Keaton and the wild and crazy hair and the make up and the fact that he was only on screen for all fourteen minutes of that movie but stole every single role. And every single scene that he was and and coming in at number one on the Michael Keaton movie list it should super in the movie role but that's his character has Bruce swinging at war better known as that man. In the original 1989. Men and that man returns well I know it's it's euphoria on the roles might even hear is that. Michael Keaton is that man. What we can have the argument is Kristen Bell the better Batman is out of west the better back then or is Michael Keaton the better bag man anybody who grew up in the eighties every members. The Batman movies from Tim Burton will argue. Michael Keaton is Bruce Wayne and is that man. The other ones all brought something into the character. I don't Wes is very campy. The Christian villains are very dark the Michael Keaton ones are more set Mac panic comic book you feel that Tim Burton brought to the table so there you have it. Ten movies to get you ready for American assassin. This weekend starting at the one and only Michael Keaton do you agree with willingness to do you disagree on my list do you think I missed the Michael Keaton role. Well leave me comments in the sections below. Picking up on Twitter how wonderful underscore radio or you can just give me a follow is well on Twitter and freezing and tell me how much you love my last I would I approve of that as well I'm still mad trying to injure and.