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Thursday, September 21st


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Motherhood is his greatest thing let's hear moves mom artist it's two Peggy on 94 point nine the point all right I just want to over. By the alarms going off little boy ain't. This stocks are taking might be allowed to handle because I'm hearing that your mom is babysitting. Little miles today your son yeah. And is over there. Maggie doesn't have school today OK and it's my basically my mom has her hands full in mind you when we call her and she's watching my kitten and she doesn't have an ice found late imagine. Nokia slipped suns yes like that it's from like 1999 that's what we call her on. OK well let's boot and resume or even an alien. Bagging a machine better. Pat Lula. Peggy Howell aria. I'm doing and I have done that and make it and make it thank you bad. Yeah yeah. That happened. I. A. Hi miles hi miles it. They. Bring you eat it up. Panama and I'm not and it. And a programming like heard so much out there long yeah. Wow wow isn't miles begin and stuff and what courage that car. You know it I don't quite I don't. Okay one color and it's not my grade Peggy. Well I'll Jesus that he had their hands full I don't know we can have a two papers thoughts on Thursday. And it lets just gives you for a minute let's focus for one minute on one topic. So Peggy firm line on Wednesday video yesterday. We were it. We were asked if it's too early to have Christmas stuff out. Yeah in. An odd. And I and it and it when he had to go app. We had and edit it about me out I think that money. Hi C do you lean more towards the retail side of Christmas. Or do you lean more towards be giving and religious side of Christmas. I might be an outright immunity I don't. Did you get annoyed when you go into stores and you see Christmas decorations RD out in September does Draghi crazy how our guys back I think does that motivate you wanna shop early. Oh yeah and that shot. And I hope I don't. I might act dead and they want to look at it and I don't like any. I I I can't wait a bike I get up whenever the minute I. But now I want to say exactly badly lately. When you say nobody you mean your daughter willow well. Hi I am. I'm gonna get the Internet and I say I think doubt. Yeah me before we let you go because your son screaming in the background what is it. Oh yeah. Are we are putting up all. I mean it is Christmas list this year what's the number one thing you want for Christmas. Keep it quiet now. And good luck loser he grants and it now on I don't be grandma's idea comment on my. Mind I don't they only air. And lit it yeah. I'm an alert. It. They're very well leave an easy job before Christmas well I think I wrote cop in your job I'm not so. Christmas night menstrual cramps that that they take it. That guy take. It out.