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Thursday, September 21st


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94 point nine the it's 735 yeah time to play everybody's favorite game show Q you beat Mike. Let's meet today's contestants in the medical chart auditor. She is from not silent and hobbies include. Going to Dover Downs. And gambling win. I demining good morning Dover Downs gambling hung my kind of girl what do you do likes lots relent. Lock sly so what's the most you've ever won on a slot machine. How much how much. I've never seen or held 14100 dollars before in my entire life is it good I think at any hole. Did you do to kick flew out of the room right now putter to the soundproof Booth ask you three questions bring her back in ask three more questions terror whoever did the best at the end. Will indeed win they. Game Lockett I. And you ego. Melissa. Question number one. Actress Jennifer Lawrence told Entertainment Weekly. That she gets very anxious on what form of transportation. And trains. Plains or golf carts. Try to steer away from pop culture a little bit today in the next few assists on the if you compete ruled. Skin a little too big for her breaches in the last couple days. Melissa Melissa who is the Greek god of dreams also the name of a character in the movie the matrix. More BS Maximus or come tourney kiss. Maximus and and how many degrees this is not multiple choice how many degrees are found in a circle. NN. It's. Let's bring Wu. Back in Su in their room. The issue comes. Welcome back. She do had a little gambler dill a little gambler got one count of battery one that our. Who who I'll ask you the same three questions. Actress Jennifer Lawrence told Entertainment Weekly she gets very anxious on what form of transportation trains plains or golf carts. And you feel like it's let's see how it is here. And so there. Golf cart. Pool. She gets anxious on clean school. Doesn't exactly. Who is the Greek god of dreams also the name of a character in the movie the matrix more BS Maximus or copernicus. It kicked it it it it. Multi use more BS is. That's a win the game actually it's tied up right now. Wu not multiple choice straightaway how many degrees are found in a circle. So. It's an easy one how many degrees of movement is as good. How many degrees are found in a circle I just wanna say that's Melissa got it right. If you get it. Wrong. We go to the bonus West Coast. You know three seconds yeah. How many he didn't and no I don't I'm. Is it a hundred Nady. Now that we've behalf assert. Lulu. All right Melissa you have a shot here and you went 103. We go to the bonus question okay. And once you stop and really think about this on Thursday and they really want you go see Jack Johnson Melissa. How many. Americans sense. Make up a dime. This game is all. Probably easy I'll take my garden it's okay. Our girls got me I don't know I I knew would. Go to Jack Johnson next week veterans united home loans and there and we you'll do it again tomorrow at 730 hang on the list of thank you so much for playing. And their loved them. I'm still there. And Helen that was an old school and doesn't wooed no question right now of course you got that that. Coming out in the the next little bit blue room should trick or treating be illegal for kids at sixteen and that's coming up in the tie things at 750.