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Friday, September 22nd


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I. Or. Welcome again to another edition of the mr. wonderful meatball movie podcast where today we're gonna discuss director Matthew Vaughn his new film teams in the golden circle is in theaters. Today great now this weekend I wouldn't discuss what movie franchise shouldn't that. Have you gone to illegal over and help next I have three idea is maybe you have some ideas I'd love to hear from you on Twitter. That wonderful underscore radio or in the comments section below so following the success of teams in the Secret Service Matthew Vaughn has followed it up with another sequel king's men. The golden circle which we will have our full review for Monday morning here on the meatball movie podcast but before we get to the review or discuss. Three movie franchises that I think Mathieu on. Can step into direct and even co right now if you bond has obviously been involved in some of the best films that we've seen over the last couple years. He is the reason why Daniel Craig regimes bond he brought DX men franchise that was kinda just doorman and. And turned it into something again with X-Men first class Samantha bond has this track record of creating and reviving franchises. And helping create excitement again. For certain films in certain movie franchises with that being said the. The first movie franchise I think Matthew bond should. And get behind the camera for is. The fast and the furious. What the last couple films have still been good and they're all critically acclaimed and they smash records at the box office this plus one though however seem to be a little bit on the down. A little bit on the low. Was missing kind of a little bit and that's something that made the franchise so much fun so why not have a director that understands action understands comedy understands we stepped in and you know what. I also think that Matthew Vaughn's a guy that can actually step in an end the feud and the deep between dean easel. And Dwayne the rock Johnson and more time on screen we've seen the two of them with that director that understands comedy and action sign me up I would love to see Matthew Vaughn directed fast and the furious down I don't see Matthew Vaughan written fast and furious that this franchise I think would be fun to see Matthew Vaughn involved with. It doesn't really need help right now I can see in the future potentially needing some type of rejuvenation. And that's big John a week franchises John which after warning chapter two were absolutely fantastic films two of my favorite movies and John which after three has a tree restate sat and I couldn't be more excited for the new John which film to be coming out in the future but I think I'm Matthew Vaughan written and directed John week's film could potentially. Over seat. The first few films of that movie franchise I mean when you looked at king's been the Secret Service it pretty much is John which film and it James Bond film combined their head shots toward the that's what the John would films are famous for that's what happening kings in the secrets airs I mean I. They blew up everybody's head and the Secret Service movies so why not have Matthew Vaughn great indirect channel reasons why not people's heads. It would be fantastic. And the final movie franchise. I think. This is the one that he absolutely should get behind the studio should approach him and asked him to write direct. And recast even ease the many Ian black franchise since the first film came out 1997. Then chides you mimic the fun and the excitement of the first one Menem lax you met him like three prominent blacks you I find kind of its news or. And men in black three. Has its moments are being finding kinda recapturing what was so great about the original they would still lackluster films which is put the men and black franchise kind of in a bit of. Turmoil and uncertainty moving forward so I think Matthew Vaughn coming along he already has. Has an understanding of how to adapt comic books and original and creative and original script out of a comic book. Why not have him come along and do the same thing what men in black hat he doesn't even have to recast them. He could created differing universe with Jay in case still involved with it but I think Matthew Vaughn getting control of the men in black franchise could bring it back to the glory days are when that film first came out and captured our imaginations and absolutely captured audiences around the world so there you have it. Three movie franchise is that I think Matthew Vaughn could help. Could bring back to life. And could read Giuliani also furious. His amazing pace with the camera could really help the fast and the furious franchise with a quick moving cars the action sequences as well John away because let's face it in the future John Weekes probably gonna need some type of rejuvenation in its franchise and what better man than a guy who seems to know how to rejuvenate franchise is now and he's a big fan of that shots in his movie as well. And the third one which I really hope they give him the keys to you he's reads you've dating men in black speaking he will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones I just know. That I'm Matthew Vaughan written and directed men in black film would do wonders to that franchise the way he gave would be X-Men franchise take those characters make him younger put them in situations and create fun with the movie franchise again that desperately needs. I'll big smash hit. And a critically acclaimed hit the way that it does with the first one. Is there maybe a movie franchise you think Matthew Vaughn should direct get behind produce being involved with. Let me know in the comments section below or on Twitter. Pat wonderful radio until then have a great day. And enjoy the movies.