Friday, September 22nd


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It's 735 they have time to play everybody's favorite game show Q you beat Mike. I'm wondering if there. Lady on the line can be Eads today woo see where it TV and masters from Virginia Beach. That's three lovely children enjoys cooking and playing her guitar. Please welcome charity. Received and you beat my anchor Lou of the area Oreo. I would end. Doing fantastic so guitar I also I play guitar love playing good so what's your favorite thing to play on the budgets are. I like Jack Johnson play OU do allow an imminent violence split a little bit. And he's saying it do you with the newest sounds like zoom. Yeah I'm not. It is really an Appalachian even had a cup of coffee yet and I'm right right well here is it. DOC said she knows how to play already you're gonna ask you three questions who's gonna be in a soundproof Booth what we're asking you those questions we bring her back in asking the same three and then we'll see at the end who does the best. And if you do that vests. You are going to see Jack Johnson will well. Please leave the room of my hairy there she goes. Also lead near qualified that's in the let me luck. That. Ignore. It the all right question number one do you carry on this date back in 1994. Friends premiered at the where is the first place that Rachel and Ross you know why did it. Is it his apartment the coffee shop for the museum. Scientists recently did a study. Based on the CO2. And hear what the year according to science makes you Burke the most. Budweiser. Corona or Sammy you'll items. You can sack all items. Okay. Today is rapper missed tackles with 47. Birthday. What club Danga. What's he famous for what it donkey but. She may cure r.'s board back that thing up. On you but let's break it will look. Let's hear that. Of oil welcome back Lou welcome back. She did she do carry but he thinks I'm. I don't know. And I policy got one out of 30. Me. You like an easy immense you're supposed to lease for it she saw a little bit of trust. Cost much smarter than they ship just joking. OK here we go. Back in 1994 friends premiered on this date Wu. Was the first place. That Rachel and Rossi now. Did it was at his apartment the coffee shop or the museum. The coffee shop the both that he got on them when it was the museum. The museum. According to science they imagine being CO2. And Beers. And they've come up with a beer that makes super the most. Is it a Budweiser. Beat corona RC as Samuel Adams. Budweiser. Yes. Got that one right hand this is the final question for the Wayne Lewis you can't get it we go to the tiebreaker. Today is rapper mystical 47 birthday what club and got back in the day with the famous for what's it donkey but. What did shake your r.'s or was it back that. Being out for the win Wu. I'm gonna go with that she ate your marks shaking your arts bull are the low low end. Down. On how can you not forget that club banging up puts a Mac you never show you shouldn't your r.'s of that club banger back in the day charity. YouTube viewing too busy playing in the get off when you should be shaking your r.'s. Sorry Harry we're not gonna send you away empty handed we're still getting give it to take its UC Jack Johnson already here. We're gonna give it to get to see mystical that's. And gift of. On there Jack Johnson. You got the tickets and on the line OK we can't have a loser on a Friday night. And it ninth Terry thank you for that since we hang on OK I. Barak it's. More tickets next week and we're gonna Jack Johnson on the show next week with us soon absolutely and move coming up next. At like 750. On this show. We are. Well I know I put this lightly. We're coming to join hands and not just you and I went all of us so if there's something that you really really wanna do today. Something a light stream I would do it because there may not be a tomorrow details coming up next in the top three things.