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Monday, September 25th


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I. Hello and welcome again to another edition of the mr. wonderful meatball movie podcast where after this past weekend. We have the review it is king of kings in the golden circle did you see it chances are you've gained as he dethrone it at the box office this weekend we'll get into box office as well in just a little bit but kings in the golden circle is. How I got to see it. At the Alamo draft house this past weekend on Saturday and besides the fact of the Alamo draft house he's probably one of the coolest movie theaters that I have. Ever been into something just kind of pulls in my heart strings the minute he walked into a movie theater and there are cartoons playing on the big screen just makes me feel like I was back and I days of the Nickelodeon's. Says it is saying not the days of defense he movie theaters we have now. That's neither here nor there we are here to talk about things in the golden circle which I have to say. Going into this movie I was very excited for it I was a big fan of king's men DI Secret Service the first on the team out two years ago February between fifteen. Bitches caught the world by storm I just really surprised audiences surprise the box office surprised everybody and how much on it wise how good of a movie wise and kings in the golden circle while I had. I'll blasts at the movies seeing this is a bit of a job off from the first one. But it. I feel like you should expect that going in any sequel though because there are very few films where you can sit there and go the sequel is better than the original or the sequel is equal to the original there are the exceptions Star Wars the empire strikes back might be better than the original Star Wars film. Where pics of the story continues it I another example would be the godfather for instance. The godfather two I actually do you prefer our more than the godfather one not saying god I want as a bad movie. I just think the godfather to. Exceeds what the first one did but then you have the films like jaws to that eventually lead to join us for and so on and so forth when it comes to sequels. But this as far as a sequel goes is still a very very good movie and a very fun movie how I wanna get that out there I wanna make that known that this is not a bad movie I did not DC enjoy this movie I had a blast at the theaters seeing this film I I I do you believe the Alamo draft house helped the experience a little bit more. But I know the audience how the experiences while it is because is a film where it basically takes up. Ray where the Secret Service and eggs he's now an actual member of the king's men. I Merlin is back everybody is back that you know and love Roxy I'd JB little Jack Bauer is back. All the characters that you come to love in the first movie the Secret Service hard tac for the golden circle and the golden circle introduces us kind they'd be on the world wait John wait you do it. John what you kind of you know. This is probably the best example to make of this movie jumper with one was kind of that surprise film as well that caught us off guard which is exactly what kings in the Secret Service was a film that. Caught us off guard. It was a lot better. Then what we thought we all we're going to end this sequel now needs you kind of enhance Tom matte and find a way to tell a very interesting and intriguing story and even John we assume you've got to get more of what's going on at the hotel what's going on in this underworld of slime and all of back. That's what we're getting kings in the golden circle you get kind of this expansion of the universe or to say we only know of the English furs in. The Secret Service in this one we find out there's a US version called the statesmen that is led by Jeff Bridges Channing Tatum is op part of that group as well as tequila and they are basically the American version of its in now we're getting deeper into this world of the spy world soon to say and how it's not just something that's over in Britain there's American counterparts as well have formed allegiance is back in their birthdays. So either way this is a movie that kind of Matthew fine. Has the kind of rope in that way where he's trying to. Expand the universe and for the most part it's done well the issues that his movie have eyes. And some of the ones I saw our people complaining about online where well this is just you cartoonish hi did you not see the first movie. Because the first movie is very cartoonish as well yes it's. And up a little bit more but once again that goes without being said he should expect when it comes to a sequel because sequels normal week. He quote works from the first worn and crank it up to a lab and and that's what this movie does the golden circle cranks it up to a lab and but that's not really saying much because the first one was cranked up to ten. In my opinion I mean I still think about the Secret Service and the heads exploding at the ending. Had Howard's fireworks. And all that good stuff with the heads exploding like that's what I remember from the first one is how over the top cartoonish we Byron wise you're gonna get that here in this one. Granted there are some moments in this one where you kind of sit back at times and and there was a couple of times and I would say they're going our higher they unity that are they really gonna take you there is it going they they do go there and they can't go any further that now okay they. I know like I know I know I do know people that do not enjoy when movies go that molding go that extreme and go that far but I enjoy that because to me Matthew Vaughn was having fun with it and he wasn't just doing it to be gross there were reasons behind the growth has had actual reasons behind it when they went through that level. And they took it to that cartoonish level so the cartoonish stuff that I saw people complaining about online that you're just complaining you're just looking for a reason to complain these guys. It was nothing more than what the first one already did as well he shouldn't have been surprised by some of the stuff that they did honestly it has no. There is one specific CNET did. It angers me out but he didn't go further than where I expected it to Dow. That made me chuckle in the theater but definitely Giroux a big. Oh from the majority of the theater but again I'm wired it would be weirder. And some other people so I. Kind of injury have you seen the movie you know exactly what scene I'm talking about IQ's again these are all spoiler free review so doing spoiler free. It becomes a little bit harder to you. Try and really he's something do you just in case you haven't seen the movie yet but not. And what it goes that far Matthew bonds who knows when to pull back after going math ourselves for instance if that if there's a scene that. Weeks it's you that extreme cartoon level. He's going to pull back and give you a little bit. Other arrests for May following that sequence you gonna. Have a little bit of time before you get back into something to make sure you. He's not over sensing you he's not he's not overloading your sensory system on this type stuff he's not trying to gross you out he Asia's going there with the concept other thing other takeaways from this movie out I think that it does a very good job as well in the again expanding the universe where you get to see these characters in different whites you know so for instance tags he a dog shows are still there from the first one again he like you did say the anti bond. But bond style movie doesn't waste so much off of that aspect. But all of those things are still there and you're still very much aware that you know the first one tip making it a point to tell you we're not a bond movie. While being a bond movie this one doesn't. Spend most of its time kind of telling you where not a bond movie while being a bond movie. You just gotta know that are ready but where it changes up is that. It's still that bond style feel what do you over the top Elian's. And and by the way Julianne Moore. What she does with her character in this movie is absolutely fantastic and you know affirm what I thought was kind of Bob Dylan malware a system a little bit more on the cartoonish I jays bonds and their ideal kind of complaining about the cartoonish can now play again in ways that they exact date kind of on that cartoonish James Bond villain style aspect of things and she goes for and she gets it and she does the and she makes it work so that's the thing and people are complaining about the cartoonish it. Matt wasn't the worst part of the cartoonish thing that I. Actually worked her cartoonish aspect of the over the top billing and he's out robot arms about robot dogs I did this this movie. Gives you all the fun that you like to about the Secret Service but does fall flat at times and I think it has to do with the length of the movie as well it is over two hours long and there are some parts of the movie where you go and maybe if we cut this out it could have been a little bit shorter did we really need this sequence as well. Is that this really kind of progress the story forward I mean. There are those moments and that was kind of bogs the movie down a little bit for the most part this movie is very effective at what it's doing I again diving back into the characters and I've kind of been jumping around a lot on you today getting back into the characters. You get to see that eggs he is the anti bond and that's where they keep the bond comparisons and how were the anti bonds not bond. Doesn't care about women are huge relationships and people Wear with is we see eggs he actually cares about women and cares about his relationships with the people he's involved with and that plays a big role in the movie any plays very well at the same time they do a very good job at taking these characters that you loved any of these new ones that they introduced GT that you grow to love and putting them in situations that are very you know you feel at any point in time. These people that you care about. Could and possibly will die and movies today don't do you know you don't bond movie you pretty much didn't fi gear out within the opening after the opening sequence after the opening credits you can pretty much figure out what characters are going to live and what characters are going to die in this. You have no idea is why I have really enjoyed this movie as well because I'm sitting there watching it going I don't know of this character's gonna survivor of this one's gonna survive. I don't know if this one how. Is gonna make it out at the Marion Barry this Wednesday and even made it to the middle of the two I don't know and that's kind of a good thing is he keeps you on the edge you see and I think that's very good storytelling as well for Matthew Vaughn so either way this is off one movie it is an enjoyable movie it is a movie that I really recommend you seeing in the theaters you wanna see with a big crowd as well without a lively crowd that's gonna be really into it but outside of that in the movie does still has some flaws here and there. The length of time is something that really took me back it's just a long movie act and there are things about it that. The I give this a good solid three and a half out of five meatballs it does fall off a little bit from kings and the Secret Service that was a little bit expected. But it's still really much maintains the world that they created with kings and in the Secret Service I think the golden circle is a very solid sequel to the first one I think that the characters are absolutely fantastic. Big fan of becoming a very very big fan. Daryn not eager to end how and the other thing do you any movie that gives me Elton John. Screaming in F word on and I'm and you guys get a spoiler non spoiler Elton John is in the movie sir Elton John is in the movie had absolutely can't tell. Passage in the movie as well so I get it checked out if he's so let me know what you think in the comments section below or you can tweet me. Wonderful radio you can always keep in touch with me as well on the Twitter. Wonderful radio also if you have a review this would you think maybe I'm wrong you think I gave it to liberating thing that maybe it just completely sucked and isn't worth seeing again she Jiri views on the Twitter. At wonderful radio or you can email me mr. wonderful. Point radio dot com until next time enjoy the movies and how.