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Wednesday, September 27th


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I. Are. All right hey welcome to another edition of the mr. wonderful meet all movie podcast where today. We're going to be talking about the latest movie that I got to see US made her special screening American made. Starring Tom Cruise as Barry seal who was up former TWA pilot that you're treated by the CI AT provide reconnaissance missions. On the Communist threat in Central America but soon finds himself basically in charge of one of the biggest Covert CIA operations. In the history of the United States. That actually spur on the Bertha that meddling cartel hop Pablo Escobar a mammoth. And eventually. Almost brings down the Reagan white house with the Iran Contra scandal that I happen in the eighties as well. It also stars and Sarah Wright as his wife we see CEO cal laundry Jones easily be. Is it there's a good test here of people but Tom Cruise. Is Vicky this movie because I mean hey he is the star of the film. And I have to kind of start off. This review by saying that. Tom Cruise is that his absolute finest in this movie this is the Tom Cruise of old that we remember this is it Tom Cruise film that you kind of probably been. Hoping for for a long time because it's not the same formula for Tom Cruise it's not the same studio formula that we saw which is why he was cast in a film like the mommy witches put him in this action film and have them just follow the same beats. It's not that this is a complete break from what we've seen Tom Cruise been doing over the last. I wanna see two decades now. Ott and each is absolutely so much fun to see him. Really emerged in the character or bury CO really emerge. Himself and died in judicial role and I hate to say having fun with this role because this is a fun movie and it's a funny movie. I don't know if it's supposed to be fun or funny I know director Doug line and definitely wants you per trade the humor in it. You just don't know if you should be laughing at kind of some of the stuff that's going on. And that's how I felt a lot of times in the movie is that I was having fun within but I do know they should be having fun with this movie. Because there's a lot of things about it that are very dark. I mean it is based on action news story. Of government corruption across the board America to Central America Q I around the world you're seeing all this government corruption. And it's arms and drug trafficking. I don't know if that's supposed to be the combination for slapstick comedy. I'm not saying this is a classic comedy it's still not a slapstick comedy. You just don't realize that you're supposed to be having a lot of fun with the story that's being told to either way Tom Cruise is phenomenal in this movie. And I have to say. A lot of this movie is really enjoyable. Because of the director Doug line and because of the way that he really. When President Carter is the president of the United States where we're looking at a very bleak future in America I. And then comes the Reagan administration gives you a few of the eighties in the Reagan administration and the idea and the feeling of hope that we started to get in America again under Reagan and again. It's pulling back the layers out it. And you're seeing. The government corruption from the Jimmy Carter days to the Reagan days to what was being done by the CIA and just governments across the board. And you just have fun with it but it's fun because of the way that. The director handles this movie and handles each and every situation handles every scene and I think the quick editing of this movie is well. Is a big think his movie as a lot of quick edits at times there were times where I thought I was watching an anger right film because of how quit. The scenes were moving and how quick the editing was being done and it wasn't a big quick edit that's a good thing it was good quick editing that help move the story along so for instance. There are parts in this movie that are bad and are not enjoyable energy is kind of there. But those scenes are done so quick in so fancy here in and out. But on the opposite side of things the good scenes that are really fun that you really kind of are enjoying are just as quick and just as fast moving. Still the film moves along you don't even really at no point in time do you actually feel like you're wasting time in the movie. Which is I'd say a very big success because after Tom cruises the mommy I felt like I wasted an hour forty minutes in my life with a this. It's it's just about two hours long you don't even feel like you've been there for that time frame it's it's comes in and about on how our 55 or sell. I total run time but you don't feel like you've been there for that whole time he just he moves it's constantly moving it's keeping you going into. And the bad stuff is in and out the good stuff is in and out in the story keeps going going going and Tom Cruise just remains this charismatic character. Iraqi entire film but I I gotta say I as as as a movie on a hole. This is an enjoyable experience at the theaters and it's a hard movie to explain as well because it is a very convoluted plot. I think that's what also house with a quick editing peca is it is an all over the place kind of jumbled plot. So the quick editing and keeping it moving kind of key is a movie I mean at we start like 1977. And then the next thing you know where in 1985. Or 86 and then your back in like 1980 and then you're in 82 and then it's a little all over the place but it's not actually all over the place. It all makes sense to DC each is a hard. It's a hard movie to explain to people that and it's a hard movie to sell because that it. Basically we're saying hey here's a pitcher's story that you're not gonna believe about stuff that the CIA gave and it TWA pilot was involved. But that's what should be the draw because this is so. I don't even think anybody in their wildest dreams. Couldn't sat down one day and said I'm gonna make a movie and this is what the movie's going to be. Just coming up without their head. That's what makes this movie so insane is that. It seems like something it's so far fetched that would be made into a movie and we'll be done by Hollywood but it's actually based off on the true story. So is it's a good time at the movies it's a funny movie opt for such a dark concept at times eight is funny it is humorous. I've the director is well does a fantastic job. They cast is phenomenal as well I they really know much about Sarah going into this but I loved her. As pop playing the wife to Tom Cruise playing we see CO I love turn that role. I thought that she did a great job she's Boston's conquers around in the movie and it was fun to see. But either way in enjoyable film definitely one that I think is worth checking out is aware checking out in theaters. I'd I'd say is yes pretty if you miss it. It's okay you're not gonna be bothered by the fact you missed it but it is a good movie is an enjoyable film. I definitely give this three and a half out of my five meatballs. And I definitely think that you should check it out at some point in time if you don't rush out this and that's okay. But maybe check it out week to week three. Before we exit theaters but if you don't see it by the time release is theaters. Given Iran to give to check out on digital download it's definitely worth the watch. Because he's definitely a film that's going to educate you show you some things and again. You're gonna laugh at your fully and allowed Tom Cruise you're gonna love Tom Cruise in this movie it is. And I'm not the biggest Tom Cruise and I go I basically sway on Tom Cruise back and forth but this is a movie where I went this is why Tom Cruise. Was such an amazing actor and is an amazing actor area there you very American made. If you plan on seeing the movie you leave your comments in this section you know if you've seen the movie you wanna disagree you married Yale. Please leave your comments in the section below or are you wanna share eerie view. Even in the comment section below or you can tweet me all the time. Wonderful radio. Until next time enjoy and not a man.