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Friday, October 13th


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I. I. Welcome ladies and gentlemen to his nationally dish in SP 3-D Sheehan. Of the mr. wonderful meat ball move in my guest today all eight. We're diving into Friday that thirteen things remain the friend and thirteenth because we could be Friday the thirteenth today's date to hang out. Watch some good scary movies so what's scary movies should you watch for Friday the thirteenth. Well today I'm gonna give you a good list of thirteen horror movies thirteen scary movies you can. Hop on today and watch for Friday that there. He is so let's get some scary music join in the background we see if I can get this gallon rain now here it's its. The move. Yeah hello ash vs evil deadly therefore react hey let's get down this list coming in at number thirteen on the top. Friday at thirteen thirteen yeah she should watch for flooded thirteen. Number thirteen. Actually watched this last night it's one of my favorites is not really scary movie. Comedies that start things off with a little Shaun of the. The first film from Simon peg and I'd be right back kind of blew up here in America out dig a film yeah yeah. Funny movie I've got a little bit of scares me as well a little hard to itself a nice way to try to kick off your Friday the thirteenth was something not too scary. But not super funny as well it's not just a total comedy. A good comedy our film for you start off its. Twelve. This is where things get a little bit scarier. And only male remarks media. Rob Zombie is big gambles he read Jack's love this movie this movie was a movie that I remember seeing computers and people actually walked out of during the hotel scene because of how grotesque and how violent and how uncomfortable this movie is hot but it's a great movie. I think you dropped on he had his best before he goes in and kind of re imagine is Halloween franchise as well. So give it a watch the devil's rejects. Patent number. Lou that name on the list. And we. The original alien movie is an absolute must watch a fantastic film. I'd just really super scary Sigourney Weaver that final girl does an amazing job in this movie so alien comes in at number eleven. Hopping into the top ten at number ten give George. And terrifying for weight is an odd kind of the time many came out. But it's also a groundbreaking movie there's a lot of political messages in this movie if you've never noticed it. It deals with the race issue a lot as well I mean this is a film. That was made right after Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. Your lead is a black man the ending of the movie this sequence is that a car. Involving Mac character absolutely I actually I heavy message. That they're delivering it in the form of horror movies to the original night doting dad I must see coming in at number ten at number nine. The 1980. John Carpenter version of the things starring Kurt Russell. This is one of my Halloween favorite movies to watch I'm just an absolute. Poorer faster this special effects it's a fantastic movie wine worth checking out on this Friday the thirteenth movement in the number eight. This is a more modern horror film I call it one of the scariest. Part films we've gotten in this kind of modern Har age. It follow this. It follows is absolutely terrifying after I saw this in theaters I want a good week where any kind of noises even around my house just scared me. The be Jesus out of me right it brought me to a point where I would say in hail marys in my house I mean. This film is absolutely terrifying. And I realized something right now I suggested the number eight movie I forgot to do that number nine movie simple let's show back a second here for the number nine movie and that would be. That conjuring so the conjuring comes in at number nine a good supernatural a good scary movie. Then number eight another supernatural film in it follows that deals with kind of the things that Friday the thirteenth. The movies made popular which is. The premarital sixty time. You're not having. That's kind of the feature you have it you might die soon if you've never seen a filers it's kind of where I'm gonna lead back. It's one of those kind 91980s. Slasher films without being a slasher film that you don't have violence in this movie there's violence. But it's not the violence on. Jumping back to the James wan silent things insidious so why not. While I absolutely love insidious CU I love insidious three and after going Halloween horror nights and giving the blue house house. Which gave a lot of insidious force stuff in the house. I'm excited for insidious four bit you originally insidious movie is a must watch and this is a true scary movie. Down to its core they're still imagery from this film Matt hasn't talking about it I'm thinking about it I'm thinking about the devils they trade there. In your face and thinking about going into the further. Are the first time you go when there's so definitely give insidious and check out numbers six we're getting close this top five films or watch on this Friday the thirteenth and at number six. I signed last weekend that then narrow on Graham B street north clocked. I nightmare on elm street this is my all time favorite. So vote for it to come in at number six obviously I was in doing my favorite movies I was doing what I think you will enjoy the most. And I nightmare no tree coming in at number six is because this is the classic this is a Freddie this is. This is this Gary has as. And boom there it is yeah there's music. This is a terrifying film this is a scary movie though we musical knowing that the music back out here we got in this is a scary movie. This is Freddie for Freddie became cartoonish. This is west creating and selling one Wes Craven and dance and listen some honorary mention you can really just watch any Wes Craven film on Friday the thirteenth and exceed six. Because you can watch street once euphoric. Why. The hills have eyes last house on the left any of them as US creative film for me. Jokes you Wes Craven film is a nightmare and don't treat especially. Okay that brings us you are number five move. The. Which as I try to pull it up that theme to me. Well. They're weekend number five. On this Friday the thirteenth. The two back to carpenter again and we watched his original Halloween movie together let's watch Jamie Lee Curtis. In. Herb dean breakout role including Hillary relief finally tear down. A movie that hasn't anyway. Less blood and if you British shave your legs are shake your season cut yourself. But it terrifying lean on the glass this talking ability considered the best friend's loft when I want rain across the street. This film and I remember the first time I saw Michael and Michael Myers mask which was nothing more than a William Shatner mask in Hawaii. I hate us marine as he came. Terrifying movie and all these years later so definitely give him a watch on this Friday the thirteen. Coming in at number fool law. There is. The floor scariest movies to watch this Friday at thirteen. We just beat TV turns his mother. Almost famous roles and one of Alfred Hitchcock's most famous movies site. I mean just the end alone this movie is an ounce in mind while I it's. Again this is an Eileen O'Reilly movie but this is our ski every movie this includes a move. Fine and then Normandie. Hotel meals and hotel news. Hotel rooms as well so I mean it's just a terrifying movie to read the eyes every inch of this movie just needs around. It's horror across the board. I definitely. Check out on this. There you see in coming and number three though jumped back over it you mom. And ash Williams. And we're gonna do ash Williams in the evil dead seem samurai is classic. That as I bring back up Diaz first evil dead team that's that's television show but that's you to me is the best of evil dead films I loved. The first people that movie I love army of darkness and a 2013 remake of the evil dead that they didn't. I want Diaz Lizzy know that television channels but neither he holed a few days. That first film and now the second film is we got more of a budget. Go a little bit crazier and we can really scare that's. I would never forget seeing you dads do jazz all these years later films still to this day. It holds up with a special effects with when he dies with how scary it is this is a terrifying movies this is a great movie yet. This top bond movie so watches while some evil dead two. Definitely worth it checked out on this Friday that thirteen Simonyi got to the top two films I'm sure you probably area have an idea what number one's gonna be. But coming in at number and see who. Seriously this this movie still today is day I cannot watch after the first time I watched him. I tried one other time so watching like the first and I watch it. It's a story you know place where I actually live out now on sale. Arm at the time that I was there my brother was there and the girl that my brother was engaged at the time. She was very sensitive. To run the supernatural. But she had a track record of bringing malevolent. Supernatural attractions. She's stayed at Dallas. My brother cinecast. I'm assuming. Weird things are happening perhaps. It was 3 o'clock in the morning and I couldn't sleep because some weird things happen. Mac he was showing that the actress has not given back south because we don't know they like to show new recently and I doubt. They were shown the exercise at 3 AM. I know personally I love horror movies and why not China watching scary movie and the mistake an hour winds. Was terrified. This film was and we are flying. This feeling you yeah. Watching this movie gives you should read. From beginning. As little Linda Blair little cute and fourteen year old Linda Blair being taken over. You know. Absent him I'm shelling and just go extensive this movie on their opponents this movie. Hot religious harmony to this day ACL. The whole idea how do you know what she did yeah dot. Scared the crap out of me with their heads spin. And old movie in and of itself this terrifying if you're religious person as well which I am not a religious person hadn't even gonna meet new people don't even got a communion afterlife I believe in the devil as well so. Those concepts all rolled into one movie. We seen this all unfolded when an exorcism would look like them right. Hey kiss. It scares me right now I'm getting rock whose bombs not the big type of response Moroccans don't usually good getting these Muslims now not good. So the exercise can definitely worth a watch. On this Friday. At thirteenth and again when he goes you should not be Hillary watch again I didn't re watching one other time when I was super super seeking college days. When I'm sick I normally don't get scared from anything like nothing kinda can get me. Not yet sick to re watching me exercise even knowing everything that happens I was. To growing up not because I had the flu because I was not scared he was green vomit everywhere. And the number one movie to watch on Friday the thirteenth. Come on it's Friday the thirteenth exotic you have to the man. And woman that main. Such a high feeling gang let's wash your original Friday the thirteenth and you know yeah. Spoilers. And all lag huge. Since the original yeah I'm not gonna root for you that one person out there that doesn't know what. You know even if you haven't seen you seen the screaming you know the big twist in the original one. But this is a day where you should enjoy a little Friday the thirteenth to your original ones I want my absolute favorites. Mom. I don't care battle horn blowing yeah. Jason and all that this is Lou why this is. Gotta give a lot of pride. Well I mean there's season. Of those thirteen movies or watch on this Friday the thirteenth two when he seventeen in October give them a watch. Everything from Shaun of the dead to some Rob Zombie stuff to some classics I mean I could've told you all about the classics to watch a watch. The mommy from back in the day watched Jackie left from back in the day all of that stuff play. I Stuckey. With thirteen films do you enjoy him he didn't see as just your mileage out into the trash from my twenty feet away made it. So odd Radio Flyer at thirteen enjoy your day enjoy the weekend enjoyed Halloween season as well he's if you don't watch any of these today. He's still got about eighteen days left before Halloween to enjoy peace thirteen scary movies for that. Have a great weekend everybody every week I'll be back next week with some movie. He's probably getting a check out that new movie happy death day which. I didn't wanna go see but I guess. You've enjoyed it if you've seen in addition to your liking the movie I guess the critics are liking the movie so. I won't change. I don't go see it and how did you review as well for next meets with that being said he enjoyed the movies everybody enjoyed these thirteen movies drew movie you guys insane. And I you can always keep in touch of me as well on the tech dot. Wonderful radio or rain here as well point radio dot com not until next week. Enjoy.