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Friday, September 15th


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94 point 92 point 734. I'm the play everybody's favorite game show king you beat my. Let's let's meet our contested today will see is up from often works for HR SS. Deeds. Her name is. They're kitty has some unique hobbies very interesting Katie what are your hobbies. Irate they're good and so Jenks. And drink lot. A yeah. I have some guys all right JD so we're gonna. Asked you three questions in movies the room goes in the soundproof Booth. Then now last for the same period whoever does the best at the end. We'll wait and neck and if you win you win Jack Johnson tickets he's playing at the veterans at home on them in September 2 point seven to Luke is making her way. Out I you Lulu and I will move. And. Girl locked up ago. All right Katie question number one happy 33 birthday to Prince Harry. Prince Harry's beyoncé is Megan Markel what TV show is she on as it this is us the Walking Dead or suits. Seats this is us the Walking Dead or suits. Okay. Abbey National Tatis story day. Miley Cyrus. Has attacked two of either a an editor on her R&B stars and rain on her ribs or seed. A dabble with a pitchfork on her leg. They'd be our rights. And the third question Macaulay Culkin remember him. It was the first child actor to make one million dollars for a film what was the film was it. Home alone my girl her home alone you. I don't know at home in jail and loans do very good blocker in it. And bring Lou back into the room. As she sounds. All right we'll. It's looking good for you today because she only got one out of the read my life. Kind of theory. 808080. Here we go in the African MBAs irritating were removed beats my. Boy. Friday night. Since it was going O'Connor is off the air tonight by the new October fast drilled you and him. All right woo woo happy 33 birthday to Prince Harry prince Harry's fiancee Megan Markel a TV show is seen on this is just the Walking Dead or seats it's. Happy national taxiway de also blew taxi story day excuse me. Miley Cyrus has a tattoo of either an anchor on her arm. Stars and rain on her ribs or a double with a pitchfork on her leg woo woo what's one as it. I'm going with the rain banners. No. Right now it is actually an anchor of an on an anchor on her arm and he's. Paying colleague called in the first child actor to make one million dollars in a film what was the film was at home alone. My girl home loans to Lulu for the Wayne man. I know we are Thai food. And questioning hole yes. Although. My girl their homelands to which one to Macaulay Culkin make a million and I'm gonna go into my girl you. I was my girl because he didn't come alone first yeah I think this is successful in such a cute kid that they offered him a million for my girl. It's you know too much initiated its don't let it be indicted right now. Other yeah I think now. Oh wonderful everybody's seen my girl. Maybe one person that they Katie you see my girl with the Macaulay Culkin. Aegis through its. Rules. Sorry to look at it clearly he's gonna stay at home and my garage yeah you political party gets real hang out of guys. I think you know welcome members Jack Johnson on the 27. Out of the veterans united home loan that. As a bit of winning for me it's bad delays in the past I don't know let's sit and eat it to your entertaining but we're losing listeners like Canada to. Happy days everybody implies that you would get.