Can You Beat Mike or Woo - Krista

Thursday, September 7th


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The play everybody's favorite game show you beat Mike. And you can name you need micro world lets me eat. Ten days contestants he is an heiress. How did you suffer but lives in Virginia Beach she enjoys the beach camping and news shopping or favorite surface I've been is Macy that is definitely look. Under the zero. Hikers that Oreo. Super terrific. They Christa. It there. Marriage Michigan now I don't know. At all. A little nervous for a second guarantee announcing other tunneling or something on. Hi Krista who is going to leave the room organist to turn a soundproof Booth the same when you're just an. And and when she comes back we'll see if she can beat you Krista they got a good feeling that they're gonna mail all three of these questions today. OK okay I'm glad plan this and hair locked the door wonderful. I. All right. Question number one today is national. Beer day yes. Yes the world's largest. Beer fast is October fest it's in Germany but where in Germany is in Munich Berlin or Frankfurt. I. One it is the first line of A I used to think that I could not go on T. I don't wanna lives anymore. Or C I hate each and every one of you. The music and right. All right it comes out tonight. In honor of clowns everywhere. What was the name of the clown on the Simpsons was a crispy crusty Parker Bobble. Riot bring Lou back in the room and Alitalia. Machines come. She's fashion two out of 32. Allan three today wow you are Smart Christen. I had. Woo. Happy national beer Danks. The world's largest beer fest is October fest where it is it held in Germany Munich Berlin or Frankfurt. Frankfurt. No hole both of you guys got that wrong I. It was Munich. What's the first line of I used to think that I could not go on. I don't wanna live there anymore. But the last one I hate each and every one of you. I used to seeing that I could not. A good. All right rules you get this right time and go to the tiebreaker okay. It comes out tonight. In honor of clowns. What's the name of the club from the Simpsons crispy. Crusty. Curb Bobble. Christie. Crispy crusty worker Bobble. Stuff. I'm gonna go into. Crusty the clown and a little. Yeah. All right you know this means right. We have to go to a tiebreaker. And Chris stuff you're on your own on this one you're only playing against yourself you have tied. Woo woo woo woo still undefeated as we aren't. Is a simple true or false. Lighters. Were invented. Before. Matches. True. Or false. My dad it just all. Here. All and it's true might as you were invented an 1823 matches. Means one disease six. My goodness US. The line is you'll get a prize anyway. I'm standing and a nurse who. It's gonna be a good nurse will we don't know that I. Interest that your you're gonna win anyone over a wonderful OK Reza thank you so much for playing guys here's your thank you it's super terrific hang on the line. I will come back here in just a little bit top three things we're gonna talk about the most exciting needs to be what do you think it is we'll. You next on the point.