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Wednesday, April 5th


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Bad and then now. Every day. We're happy to iTunes is today and you can. And cannot yet. What is what's going on here Leann what's tight to misty is dale about. I got I have people. Well people keep it right down in the street and note let's give up tight street date which is that there are. Diet I went viral on diet. Hey hey let me just tell you not to brag but I literally have 45 minutes in between them. Your interview like at 45 minutes to kill and guess that I did I squeezed in a work out. And I strapped weights and I got my test site. Eagle eagle figure but. Yet they well but I just I Levy I think you are and of course we wanna talk about your music but I think. You embody what it's true woman should be you've got a great husband great support staff but you also realize the whole health body mind fondness. Oh yeah big time at I don't keep myself and third and my mind and heart connected and talking to each other content like nothing else where that the lending I have learned. To about myself you know after being. Did you have been doing for along time you know you just it start to east to look for ways to. Did did you enjoy it out more and life and in your fitness and everything together and starting to find out what you really beautiful. That's awesome too because you do I guess you have your hands and always had in so many different things you know pop music country music rock music movies. Television so you need this little bit and meet time I guess for yourself. But you know now that your eye and your putting new music out and it's like more on the pop side. How do you determine what your feeling on this particular day or this particular week Romany go in this direction in my career today. Al Al. Instant I think you can't let that aren't feeling like they're. I always has you know can go on with my gut instinct every time veered from Matt. People on RI who. So much you know it really about what Eckert is is coming up at the time for me when I am writing I just let things authentically kind of ride. Especially for the red mr. de. I really didn't. We have what I wanted to do but I had been. Great freedom after being labeled for twenty years back in you know ought not be costly freedom to do and I. Wanted to do without any kind of restraints so. To fill out. Allowed let him know it went to Italy within me to come up and and it came out. I had a level piped in music I'm not only dabbling in different things than consistently at Upton and. And L and I think we are so excited we we're thrilled actually to have you headline our live in the vineyard. Our uncorked an unplugged event June 10 at Williamsburg winery we just announced that you're a headline there. And people can't believe it Emmy people like Leann Rimes is really coming to Williamsburg Virginia. Yeah that's pretty amazing to keep no I. Anybody quite like it or do you do you like to dabble in a bit of Weiner a whole lot of luck online. Home a lot of I think apple and it did happen and I love a good glass of wine every so often but I'm not being echoed. I'm not a big line per account and enough about it. It you really no need to know a lot I mean you probably know as much as we do we just kind of like sit there and and drink it deal like you drink while on stage or do you wait till the after party. I like it right. Eight in Paris I have a little bit an update them everywhere and their laps that's. Have you ever been to Virginia before it like to have any memories of touring coming to this part of town. I have been get up in the act. IE has no recollection of most of my life. Now when I'm glad that great because you know we get the LA and it begins at literally a kitchen and in the aids. And maybe a restaurant in between so there's not a lot of public. And I can call about that by two where it it is that really where. You don't Fazio and I would love to do Leann Rimes and you come to town I would love to first of all meet up with you before the show and we can put it seek work out together because. I wanna say I mean our break and had them aware defeatist radio show in the entire world. And you BO probably we'll hello you're probably one of the latest celebrity singers entertainers in the world we should all get together and hang out that morning. And then drink a lot of water out. And that's why I work out a pilot Butte and yeah. I eat. You know even go out. The shirt that I'm currently wearing right now says squat goals. And that gives you any idea if you're talking to right now. That's fantastic so when you are when you're all done with a working out any entertaining he said you like food. What foods you like to Dana John both sitting around doing a big bunch of nothing. Guys. I think the issue of Allah Mexicans hate to and a I don't I don't get to achieve a black did not really good for keeping her mom though and I get. My favorite thing in the world so I'm not thinking that easily anything that she's not it is they let this. You know there's wine and cheese at the Williamsburg whiners he might seem terribly. Of this I have. Yeah I don't I don't know an eight hour. OK I get there you go wait for the after party like we said we cannot wait to have you this is such a huge event for our listeners and for the Hampton roads community because we bring them. The best live music and right now you are the best of the best and we're so excited for the new album. The new song long live love now let's talk about this to you and Kenny are getting ready to celebrate six years of marriage. That's really exciting so white you know could you say the best piece of marriage advice that summons either shared with you that you've learned over these last six years. Oh my god welcome underwent Tommy can argue it. Alone I'm not a candidate G-8 and didn't act right. I don't like it would argue about that's a deadline really I've never yelled at my wife's boobs buffalo yeah that I see it up. Yeah yeah. Mitchell into the elevator pitches I need something to fight about when I get down to yeah. Great energy your eyes don't bond is so spot so. TV and all that kind of stuff in. Our time is limited we tried to span the whole career in the five minutes we had together but you know at about 5% through it. But outlook though there. I didn't do it. Yeah I yes fine we'll continue this conversation. Over a glass or 25 glasses of wine and you intent. We cannot wait to hang out we knew we can't wait to work out we view. We can't wait to and argue with you in the nude backstage in the dressing room and it. That's got to be my thing thank you so much and now we love you we love that you're coming to play our Xiaoping. It. Direct. And saying I get high.