Monday, September 26th


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All right Eddie four point nine the point we are the sound of now on and off the airplane radioed dot com to get our big fitness try to podcasts mr. top sellers in the building hello Tom good morning all right companies think gonna see your face on. Let me this week for you Everett tells and a Tennessee and the GCC right is this the free cool weekend it was last week it's. I Hamlet they've but it had to cancel it because in the ranks that's right and it's kind of hard to have a pool party with rain and torrential downpour well apple will be open at the JC yeah little Leo was Alia. Wu has no problem going in the pool in the range he's used to the old days of the big way teacher can't tunnel Elena and things of that nature not to call matter. I cannot enjoys and likes it so. Todd Purcell. Let's talk about something really quick I was thinking about. Fitness I was thinking about the way that we eat the way that we diet. And I've been reading articles about certain foods we put in our body that give us energy. Because. You know I've I was on a really really good diet for a little while and I was feeling amazing and then you know you go away for a weekend. And you break the diet next thing you know you start to sneak all these terrible foods in your system. And with getting up early I felt tired of the times and now wanna put good things in this body and what do I have to do toppers. Volume you wanna start with some you know natural substance like. Like fruit friends and a nice frills that flew I mean do you look at oranges you know in the red Apple's elegant design I said they're delicious yeah I mean that vitamin CME has gonna give you some summits and energy level. I want as hell I don't know because I can't stand it when you're talking to somebody about like health and fitness and you wanna be well and you know. You say I brought in an apple for a snack or some watermelon strawberry and. Think let's Bullock showed that they've got a ton of I was gonna say the same thing what do what do we do with this sugar thing you know you read all these different diet showed. It's it's natural obsessed. OK okay it's okay yet it's OK and again the amount of sugar in fruit verses having. Sugar and processed foods I didn't cookies and cakes in. He is a document called the cappuccinos. What happens is is that actually did the tables Tuesday using an ad is a lot more a lot more that's what's in a typical fruit OK so it's not all sugar it is natural sugars not processed into your body for eating a banana just on the ship that yeah. I don't mean it a lot of you say that would do just but having one like anything else or moderation it's great IV eat like a whole branch. A through church probably over consumption OK and things he probably had too much. A whole brand fruit bats aren't so what else in my got to put in my body give you that energy to take me to proteins are they well. Upfront fees can help overtime I mean it's an energy and eat eat eat do a lot of us Jakes or. I'm glad I not get sick it made a lot of broadly through these rain and I do have a little bit here and he put a variety of fruits and some protein in Natalie needed good energy do you really not trying to sell this sort of thing to be had a pretty good enough Alice opera's absolutely. In protein now what about Rob Brown rice you know that's healthy like I went to a restaurant last night and they had jasmine rice a new round race. Better to have the brown. My case yeah probably the right. I was always talking energy wealthy energy for the next day you're gonna left for Ron had to give you some carbohydrates OK okay which is good they won't break down like to refine rising you have so we wanna make sure that your that your league Dicey Nikkei index that's basically your blood sugar levels a death if you keep your blood sugar levels even. McCain sit crash prince to be take something that's high in sugar high glassy begin next. It oh she is straight up like show deference on LC is straight up like some of these energy drinks egging you two up but the problem is at the next couple hours you can go do it deep in the crash them whereas that's what happened to blood sugar busters I'll. It is crashes down yet match but if you have something that's already it is not processes natural. Or not refine which is like the brown rice and so what they and you keep your class Simi index CNN you know loses jobs and asked him what happens with the rise is. Thanking TV's and car Roderic for the next day. We hear the good carve some bad cause death well the good car via the it to be five or not resign and day. A guy introducing okay so what's the perfect meal to start your day with. Give me some energy will take you through the morning. Really wanna have some vitamin C to look up the Emmy Awards is always come into play of those sources that US some source of protein in your system so I slots states are now on a lot a reality and it depends on your portion control mean it is now be you are your age ought to also an activity are you get right to work out the next thirty minutes we organic next three hours a kind of you know typically before say America conference it's I would have a decent meal. About three hours before my marathon of the Indian now would have an energy drink about 45 minutes out but it might be eight ounces at and got that would give me prepare for the marathon right if all went out for a races there five K and I got up will be laid out a little bit later and I would have maybe. I have a bagel and a piece of fruit it some in some is that wore a patch on the stump doesn't get upset. But I know that the timeframe for five k's not as it is enduring as America and the don't ask Diane war food. The longer you man so lonely work out you need more nutrition. All right and everybody is staying for banks a lot of sense when it very good blue anything else to add to this that's it I'm just happy I can eat my bananas from now on the banana out and yeah and a man. Breads and slow you down jumpers so having it look it will not go look at them run a marathon run into six mom and I would if you were running the radio show. Had to fight it to happen. It's no effort his radio show half at bay hill and a bag get me through bowl week. Whole week that's it she's a net cream cheese a little bit if you wanted to have a little but it tastes I can about all lot of rain what's better multi grain or are. Whole week not take you one either one's name yes what about wanna look cotton roots of the summer which one's better you don't have you wanna. And divers out that their it is edited ACC it is Friday what to eat for energy and they'll have more next week. Right here on board radio dot com.