Monday, September 26th


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94 point nine the point this out of now it's the Mike towers and moves show Tom Purcell joining us from my town center fitness to JCC. And in many many many kings that he. He went in many hats and many have it does well a lot of pats on some welcome first of all thanks activity is the deal. Talk about. And so my energy summit energy borrow work outs Ferrara every day goes on you know I used it is Friday personally some dental selflessly. Because. I've been feeling really run down really down and out really run and still do when my workouts every day. I switched it up considered running outside row and proud. I now look at these what do you see now. And all right now I'm not showing in my groin area now minutia whose shoes. The same way you know like we have all the synergy we come and we do our show on a show like many people out there they come and they go to where they've got all the synergy that you get home in nineteen I sit down my house. Offer fiber yeah and it's still I will fall asleep. Yeah I mean that's common when you're so active throughout the day in all of sudden you get a chance take a break and he goes and and unity in India ready for relax mode basically self rise in the main thing is is that you before you go on or before you go to sit down. Once you have that movement go when you wanna try to get. You're exercising in depth point once you get have a meal or some like dad. You're done and it's game I have gal so we did do before you can work for you guys did the work it what 4:5 and a morning so it's almost you know in Bosnia is get up to him. Go or Cassie unity the final break norm today at some point whether it's a quick thirty minute work out if you had the ability to do so or not right after your done. Just make gets scheduled time to get it and because he has get up early so you're you're you're even you probably starts at what 4:5 o'clock because. You're the clock starts. Were Kanye and I got to eat for energy for the ship oh yeah and then I feel like I'm starting after the show and with the way I work out like. Snack isn't enough so I handle home might make almost like or another breakfast on the gas and eggs and stuff like that try to get some energy and get moving but. Once they do that and I eat and sit down and doing the meal. I still get up and I do it but I'm kind of looking a few months into the future is saying right now and now I might such taken days off. I prevented this crash is there a way. You know all crash tests well it did number one do you commit to nutrition I mean you wanna look at how you're reading throughout the day you want you wanna get away from lord lord's meals you wanna get away from a lot of the carbohydrates are sugar to going drinks will use. Drinks a lot of times for stimulants in such as coffee with sugar and it had such as your Coca call the announced the exact nature you know yeah everywhere got such after the Israeli you can you can crash I mean there's certain. Supplements out there that help sustain nap but we would try to do is naturally for so you wanna make sure you had rated number one throughout the day. What are you got to water and I got you David did it. Amman and then you also want to throughout have yet Alex is a group. Greece a little bit with your with your food so you have some protein throughout the day right handful on not to protein bar a shake or something like that. A small sandwich with protein in it. They keep you up in a level state of of your blood sugar because we go up and down your blood sugar that's gonna give you the crash. -- I think that's why at ten falsely in the afternoon is because I'm collection actions exit exhaustion yes I feel like I was eating a little better may yell at any track as you guys are in here interceded a lot but also sometimes stand up it makes sure you get up throughout the day don't say so I don't sit down all the yeah like god the -- folks this just tells those out there had desk jobs or have you know type of jobs and they're they're pretty much required to sit down most today so if you can't at least stand up you know Anwar. Every fifteen to twenty minutes because I've said this in the past energy begets energy and so if you want more of you gotta start moving so that's what's key when you go on it's a war got to know Mike before if you don't go to the gym that day. If you get go ahead immediately hostile working out over then jump right in because it is going get it done. Typically and I'll do that myself I'm tired when he gets started and I note about five or ten minutes once I did everything amp. I did generator called the generator my body go yes yes start moving in and asked talk feel much better in the ads from Dunn was thirty minutes or sixty minutes allocate about an hour today you may exercise Great Neck and in our running to be companies are running lifting whatever may be our act allocate sixty minutes. To get my stuff in one's idea that I'm done I'm so thankful number one. Okay did it still energized a cap number two number three I feel confident about myself because even mr. Jim guy here you know wants to feel good about himself. It is like Mike likes to feel good and moves well so it also gives you self confidence he did because everything in your minds that don't do today don't do it today but guess what happens when you do that it becomes a habit. You you're gonna do you gonna get a routine Morgan all day not getting your proper energy into proper nutrition Gordon crashed in around the house. In all the sudden you got kids coming we got the husband or wife coming up it's over you gotta make sure that you get it and so make it out for yourself. The band itself have always felt that bank if it starts at fifteen minutes started with fifteen minutes and that will reset. The energy and not you backed up due to rain moving in the right direction its exact. Right it starts the general you all have generation upload any anything cute but you are electorate. I'm never plugged in any and a long time to. I can now. Traded places I love having him here both or use the listener but cell actually dressed as well I think it's good. I mean I I think Wendy you know you're working on your fitness. Everybody's problems is everybody's problems you know to me you're not at the same problems there is a lot of other people of the B it was him. Do we all have the same problem all on the same plays a mean as well people started you know hey listen don't be afraid to start anything whether you want to video whatever it is just it started. Don't be afraid if they just try it try this thing as we get older were afraid trapeze donors in damaged half when you're young you your kid watching children play. The play of anybody who got trial was anything and lord of the school hard knocks right what's my son in default port toy gets back up. Craig is named you know present few minutes with you know what they try things yes but is adults don't be afraid problems guess what you might buy did you like it. You would have been if it is her up a formal placed on Mina. Yeah. We got to get a phone it's Latin. I'll see you honestly guys on the straight man in this group a dollar's fall prey to those cob. We can't help ourselves top results saying let's get your feeling down and out after a long long day at the office. Would he get out like us 3454. O'clock in the morning or you get up and you do your nine at five at the end of the daily wanna do is go home drink a beer and crashed head on account. Take that our right after work jump right in his sounding and you'll be reenergize. For your evening and then you'll have a super sound sleep at nine B just in time best. I tell her yes that's great thanks indeed none of the GCC also army got great rates and a grateful as the data showed off.