Monday, September 26th


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Medical avoid that avoid this out of now off the air tablets out commenting on my hair cut deal like it's. All you. Now in hindsight. Today it'll grow back its site. All right so allowing everything it is Friday and you got a pretty busy day later on today woo you will be. Over the GCC with a very on. Meal is their own wonderful doing little work out what that guy Tom Purcell. Yet we ought to because the GCC has this incredible love membership opportunity rate now. How affordable is it again for families and ended it. Jewels the right now you sign up there's no charge in the Martha September saying yeah this September for free wow and then you go the rest of the year October November December to 149 for the rest of the year. 19 for families Lal Sousa had a video gets into the holidays as the biggest thing on you don't want to commit to long term contract videos give him indoors in changes season hitting an experience all the great stuff we got out there. It's not 149 a month this 149 for a whole year time rest of the year so that's in credit that is religious so much off of their too because indoor outdoor pools. You've got free child care which is like game changer. Yeah that's hugely jacare we us we also has some great stuff afterschool. We have love think ought to fit we recreated again exercising warrants truckers. Eight two hours so you're committed to a class woo these more guys out he put too giddy kid who doesn't political hit connection then we'll work out and you play on a computer. As part of me part of a member so it's beyond a fitness membership the also have a place for each kid to go and also exercise new direction as it is well. And it's not a bad idea and today mr. wonderful and I headed over there. Because we're teaching a new club like teaching the class retaken his ass what is it called yeah. Hog lift. Lift lift L empty lean intense. Bit into Honolulu mayor. Look downtown percents and it really is nice eighteen years ago by big team. She needs that don't you think the audience. I mean in this sense of like you do a lot of running yes we Unita do other stuff I do know that makes sense except get his due wind that they haven't you learned that by now Louie got a mix it up my husband tells me that I picked. Exactly so and topless Alice tell you that not talent and. Today it's gonna be at 10451045. And we just come out there more and over here aghast to listen to the radio station is Dominick now went Daewoo's class when Tom. Will sign a waiver and just go right upstairs as they were to go in you can have at it now I hate free and open the public what you intend 45. That's not bad and I love it so I've gone out there today to the JCC take Tom's class it's called lift. It gets you right is going to it will will ride is going give mr. wonderful right. And then not talked to the find people over the JCC about. Joining them and becoming a member panel members are very very affordable for all year you got boy you got a kid scary got all the it's amazing. It's just right around the corner it is your way around the corner it's open to everyone every other one as well the Mets are slogan man and we just wanna basically. Show you will we got is the best poisoned them I'm very good thing we.