Monday, September 26th


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Many four point nine the point the sound of now looking to put radio dot com and fitness Friday podcast Mike how is Lou. Top herself from town center fitness fitness Friday. And JC Siegel may do and he can't forget about the jays he sees a Tom. You've been engines for how long now putting out when he TO yeah right now fifty deserve fifty just heard you have 5050 and fifty years old. In April turn fifty you're how to specimen in Atlanta on here any time so our hope there. So your job your whole life is essentially motivating people getting people feel good about themselves giving them in the gym and getting damaged day. Mr. Lee and basically exactly as dubbed an effort twenty years professional. So you've heard every excuse in the book to not work out your job is to turn people around on that rain that's correct all right so here are the reasons these days anyway. That people are not working out and will at times you guys comment on the top ten. Yes had a top ten K I don't know but it any orders justices what is bank had a bad day at work. Now let me give you my feeling on that after a bad day at work is nothing of more than throw my headphones on. Angola in the jam going for a little reminder and your feelings on. I agree I think you got you'd hit the nail on the head basically is you feel better once you work out we had a bad day. You know that'll change things around kind of gonna sweat at all you know. The opposite though when I like. Yesterday for example had a bad day at the office of sad and left kind of in a bad mood again islands do just go commonly aimed at cry and we did that night. Drank yep I'm down. Yeah my girl friend Ahmed cheeseburgers right cheeseburgers and winded but then the man had a deviated to go that's and units and then back to the network that of the jedi I can't imagine another bad month that work. Then it happens I'll be reckoned that. Ha ha. If you went to the gym ready to cheeseburgers and a lot it's not gonna work out. They jam is too intimidating. People are saying that. The guys can't raise some gyms are and what we try to do it down sinners agencies not those. Yeah images down bays than we will welcome everybody we make sure there was taking care of the staff there's friendly. And everybody has to start somewhere and as any can be intimidating and not a women sometimes are afraid of going to gym that feel like they're not say what to Wear. Maybe to mean you know whatever may be I. Intimidated by like the exercise equipment in them by the treadmill I get intimidated by lake. The weights and all the am Raddatz to lift weights and I wanna look like a loser. Then that's why it's up to the stat to really make you bill comes with that today help you with that so you come off place you know Graham and I take another car and make it feel comfortable. I know wants to work out list that's another thing yeah I'd sell out while I'm in that's another case he would be self motivated you gonna do myself always. Like people with team up you know with friends or family and so forth work out together two great you know in the latest what they honestly negative. Can't stand working out now what's that Judah. I'd like I feel like it slows me down here's the thing I have a friend right now really close friend is like yo let me know it's time you don't Jim go in with Dan and I am IR IR and I'll let you know it is still came up. Matthews yeah. And I didn't miss his native Zach. Al-Qaeda egos by a different name but not sane yet Matt came in my friend and he was like. You'll I'll go with you a goal we you and I am you know our I can't say no dad because I want someone to be how my friends to be healthy I want them to enjoy that GM but. You did you like being warned Iran I would I would not doing your thing for your own time I cannot get anyone to distract me and at the bottom line news did to the gym what's by yourself it was on the peoples the similar we've got. I'll try to reach your I'm. No money I have no money to go to the gym you know guerrilla war Kleinwort got a novel may get easy. The gym is too busy. Well well that's true sometimes they are final the ultimate in towns or. I'm maybe Ares of the gym that might not be severe as say. Here's the deal to a tad appear a group could do is no need to crowd around wind machine gun. You know like the lone girl at the bar that every guy's hitting nine you don't need to crowd around wide net stupid machine okay what else is on hold at odds are against you do that. We're not gonna whenever she's loved dudes arise crowding around machine or a woman account about it and habitable. Let's see here I don't like exercising well I mean you know. It again if it becomes having you'll learn to love it really means it it's an addiction. Eight got to try different things you sometimes you pick up on things that you liked her husband tells me that all the times. What are we talking about chemical or okay. Milan tonight at Rio Lulu. Bad weather and that's the thing for you I know you when it rains or something like that you just wanna eat tomato soup at hand at it now. She's missing Carla in bed and this I have the feeling and you know what I'm gonna feel better once again. So put that mindset and not starting getting there's one thing and I gonna feel afterwards. Don't like to do I like to do what it's raining out like to go to the gym get as a ripped apart as humanly possible. And then go outside and have a wet T shirt contest was myself still lose our right number three I'm too tired I'm too tired to go to did you able happens pretty go to. Jimmie do you have more energy and as he gets energy if you want more of it got to produce it if you want less of it you know new anything's going to hire all the. Since coming months about like an idol or maybe was a commercial about being idle like it here yeah a body. In the bush intends to stay emotion I don't stressed we'll stay and. And that is absolutely true isn't as absolute truth so it gives you. Rear end up it's not move it it inning you have more energy. I mean do little experiment with a yourself like stay active all day long. Don't slow down and don't end up don't tell me but I don't sit down. Need to have a stained up to ask you haven't seen and I tell people out there than this and down here to get an idea Odom if you idiocy and Downey not as sharp the well you know Taylor allegedly set out Luke what happens here Derry air gets that. It widens really ES is standing Ilia. We think about it spreads out. I'll. All right well since going down that road a muzzle continue that conversation is a lot of girls don't like a big booties very popular these days I might sit down a little bit. That Sheen got such a big night. It myself a lot now about this when number suit no motivation. There's nobody motivating them they're blaming it on people not motivated and is a kitten posters on the and the number one thing. And this is something that I can completely understand because. Everybody acting like everybody these days you know has multiple jobs multiple responsibilities. He don't have the time to work out and that. Is true for a lot of people what would you tell those people Tom Purcell. Gotta find the time you go to that you get a sign at time of balance in life and one of the most important things you can do is take care your health. You have to look at the long term effects of good health and bad health and so if you don't take care yourself an estimate how priorities to be up on the list to carry children your husband your job but that needs to be up there usually is not behind any geez if I have to travel. Make it down I don't care if it's 152030. Minutes. Consistency rules all when it comes that so make sure they stay consistent weekly with your health is important and only do something good for yourself but is also helping others around so do the people love you so when your health was up everybody else benefits when your health was down everybody suffers. When you address the whole family can absolutely when you're up here. The whole family will be up here and I'm pointing up to the ceiling right now for those of you listening so that's it ten reasons people. Are not working out and I think our expert Tom Purcell has debunked. At least nine out of ten of them and one Wu made perverted I'm pretty sure. I'm pretty sure that's a Dow ended down during his fitness Friday. Will be posting these videos every seeing videos these podcast every single Friday so. Please check him out of the series about it is in the Jamie you know other people that are or one to be. Come back next week because you're gonna have some details about a free pool party Al we have free blue part is added I'm okay. I get people it said. To motivate them again if you're oh yeah I don't wanna be come on over who didn't vote on the nominated to ride Iran Iraq based on your and senator I top result Evans a pool party we'll talk about that next week did it's Friday thank you so much softer sound. I have a good I can we become your pool party. He's in the did he not naked pole.