Monday, September 26th


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94 point nine the point we are the sound of now it's the fitness Friday podcast might powers Lulu. And of course the star of this show mr. Tom Purcell town center fitness in the GCC. And not Tom Purcell welcome back into the mix my friend thanks to have thanks for having me time and so here's the deal. You can find our podcasts on the point. Peculiar on it right now I really don't. Also Matsui post to FaceBook and Twitter so just look out for it which is trying to be helpful in getting you sick in 2000 and we yearly and. It doesn't sixty dollar as the season is right around the corner and here in my because like I feel like Memorial Day as the kick off to wearing a bikini. All that's coming up yet is are you ready not at all you're not ready don't really get ready. I have no it's not ready on my body right now in. Have a stronger mid section in its healing it elect Heidi. There's real salt and a soft Tom what did you go check it really quick you most see. I don't know why it. Give my calpers out yet but did question sell our school we always have an annual pool party. Monday that thirty at them that's Memorial Day are you hijacking fitness Friday right now I am since yeah guess so we have ten days basically in days. You gain your stomach. Harder and ten days. They would. I don't loaded question guys are just a little hey Thomas out please please beam a little more mature if you will. Thank you it. Like let's say we got ten days from now until that Memorial Day party how can I give myself and bikini shape. Well I mean you had to go real strict I mean you gonna have to really I've visited diets and had to be big play NN you know yet to really get down and dirty clean is clean as possible. What is clean mean what does it mean yet well means to have just enough calories for you to survive your work out. Live so you take in a minimal amount of calories and kind of rolled his in this as the person male female age and all that stuff. The other thing is is that you have to wash the car hydrates the sugars and earning a sworn in your body so you don't. People wore body fat because he can dissipate in the fats are trucks you're gonna have to work out extremely hard. Ties it we're talking maybe two days you go out for a morning Ron Moore got waits in the afternoon may IDC RJ. Wow is that he really when he gets tricky ten days. The united good now your mindset of what what does that look like overall different I mean that's a thinking you prove it did assure you have prevented it. Is it to where you wanna be in Ian yeah I feel body suit probably not. Please don't get Strauss to make that happen. Like hundreds sit ups every night before bed load prominence as a Chris. Above 100 setup is great you can you can condition the abdominal zone like Abbott is still like to dissipate the fat. PAK's spot dream factories that combination of two of caloric intake and we'll see you gotta keep at a minimal and you also had to do lower berm is going to be to exercise yet you did the companies about. And wrapping myself in and plastic bags and you know running. I used to did yeah. That's when I see people do that sometimes Jim they wrap themselves in hefty bags yeah. And they take to the to the treadmill littering yet and I'm always wondering does that is that something that works you know losing market as well water ice is that you're gonna have to do this is what I'm gathering so far parents say this Friday by the way. We've got ten days to get bikini she is among ten days to get a bikinis Davids it's a little ones get rid of would you call the school is seen as an evaluation unit saw OK a little soft for the value is what you gonna do. Toms is you have to go on an extreme diet just eat what you need to read a lot of proteins go to gas OK to see we need that's I'm getting so far. Secondly. You have to work out two times a day and so once in the morning see you're when your schedule that means before work. And then sometimes before you go to bed from them and then. You have to do all of that. In a hefty bank got a check have to keep an empty bag. On yourself is that what I'm getting here I think it's sounds like it that's crazy I got news for you you're going to the pool Memorial Day weekend. With year squishy Bally. Is is no well if you know. So do the last trick with that suck it in. God. I inhaled deep and hold it. That's not hard to deal I know that's how I go on mobile on some time just cry as it is comics don't fall but I don't I'm not allow whenever a car passes by the front of my house. Am. Well you know it. It was a big bulls and your pool opens in a couple weeks we actually have a pool party this Sunday top it is okay radio and got a bad anyway. Seed we haven't off free and open to the public now. 1 PM to 4 PM and get to know Sunday bring your kids we have bounce houses we have waters lap was at the pullover and we have Zuma demonstrates is we have. Kids boot camp we have arcing crass we have a lot of stuff going on the jays easy free to anybody member on member. Tell your neighbors tell you never come out to the pool this Sunday from wonderful war and it's pretty it's free let's theatrical one out. Top thousand corporal woods lane Virginia beats 5000 scoreboards and Simon family JCC. Come on now for. Party and ask UCLA did there he be hanging out it's gonna. I'd say Larry knows how to make like proper radio he went from Europe full story to his own pool yeah I hit. And now gonna pull the plug all the holes shows they are not ready for visiting if it is Friday temper sell your genius who suck in year out your belly for the pool. And just continue doing what I do. Thank you lose an idea.