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Monday, September 26th


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Hello my friends it is time parade and other fitness Friday with oh woo woo myself and missed its opera sellers and know bill and JCC ready to make party what does hello Tom today good morning all right so he's got excited and and out stepped up and ready to go. And he came in telling Lou and I about a pretty fascinating article that he read in time magazine yes some research some research the benefits of working out let's hear a little bit about. This is a doctor and a and a scientist at the rain task for like thirty years ha on folks who need a thirty year experimenting. And cal analyst. Yes that's and pay I am really oh he's into it but. He 22 groups he took a group of these are several hundred people who doesn't like it just a couple people sort of case study. He took us that that never worked out really I do everything is social health wise. That to promote good health and life and he took another group. That worked out consistently and they were talking about average folk here now and. And these workouts were just basic work as he's do you walk thirty minutes today consistently. You do strength training. A couple of days a week how do you do flexibility stretches of basically three segments of actors ask you make them buy healthy right it's a way again this is not a a work out or this is only a certain type of work out. That taser the jays are royalties wanted to see okay overtime loser he did blood tests throughout this time ended health tax. All of these folks were thirty years and it so what he came to conclusion was. That the ones that didn't work out vs the ones that did not overwhelmingly. Overwhelmingly we're of course a lot healthier yeah. Less medicated in he predicted that. If everyone would do that and drag you would knock out 50% of walk all over health issues lap 50%. Why can't people just took among themselves debt did increase basic health we only in her life consistently over time. It they did it ever eliminate 50%. Of that they also said that. If you compare the data into a hill the vehicle with the working out into open all the benefits you get from eating it once again we can talk all day the benefits of good health. Is that. That would be the most successful drug ever created number one in in my soul drug ever created. Number two because we do have medications now they do help with health we have blood pressure medication ask. We have but blood sugar medications we cholesterol medication that he held may be lower those things has genetically sometimes we do need as is but the problem is is just masking what we already have become too dependent on that they do in and not eliminate the problem with exercise. Bridges in blood pressure. In blood sugar and cholesterol that can actually can and in a lot of cases a lemonade. We know it's amazing about this and and and really everything is taken and think about it when an athlete. Gets her to severe injury in you know does not is nothing you're gonna take for you could throat and cats and let it heal but you you do therapy you know yes physical therapy and I mean same thing you know I a lot of people don't even notice about any used to be a lot or is like have a really bad cases Scully osu isn't really really bad. And what I don't work out when I don't rhyme when I'm not stretching and not being physical. That's when I have back problems when I'm consistently working out. They seemed to go away wow so really it's a really weird things is being more active. Helps you out. What it does your your body needs and movement it was made to moving the to have circulation and body brand your blood to plop. In your body has nutrients and it under Richards hippie help you heal. Okay. And when you get the body all the moving and active. In that can help your body heal and that's what you're doing your healing the body. Now it's interesting because when you work out you also are breaking down the body. But the body needs that stress on it when you work out and awkwardly in a properly based on your situation if you do that correctly. That nobody can sell. Heal itself to make it improve better. When you don't do those things like you just said mine yet when you don't do those things we don't work out when you stay in a sedentary type position. In your body starts to break down it gets weaker and weaker and weaker and actually it makes you more unhealthy. Well I think I have a stand up now because I'm. Yes I've had that feeling I've been sitting well too long and you know for those things that don't work out it's. Does that at best just as we all stand up. Maybe go out dancing for an hour a night not that night that night dirty dancing just get yourself up in moving this study then I'm gonna read about here in time magazine that he said. These are people that are doing like killer cross it will work out there is doing average yeah working out so. Get out there get moving get physical. And I had no immediate never JCC negativity well they edit and increase your health by 50%. If you present let you know. That video we got that great promotion. We're all over the radio guest Allen and San Andreas and sincere about that you guys come on out we will help you out you get you free training says in a and we will give you started out as JCC. We got great trainers out there I'll certainly be more happy to work with the as well all right in three month membership sort army can't get get in those places he losers trots out to the beginning of the year. Put you are continually love to have you fall in the fitness and hasek is out. Music is not afraid to begin inject is that would love to have via free day care love and kids all love it. At this afternoon we had trainer for the kids dropping kids off as part of the membership doesn't calls extra. I'm lucky that work into it's fantastic so everybody get out there. Get moving and Betty airline by a minimum of 50%. Backstop banks.