Friday, July 14th


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We're alive all right. Right to a little what is going on here today this studio is very very crowded in mr. wonderful hung out late today so something must be going on. It's a very special fitness Friday now Tom Purcell is always here's our fitness expert from Jay fits boy he had he joins us live on FaceBook but today we've got Melissa Murphy and studious and finalists. Melissa is front endurance apparel and gear in Virginia Beach. Over their bite in between Trader Joe's and five Palau and you offer you he's got a storefront mean people can go in and get all things. Yes eight innings eight think that Nancy really gear markers across and the weight electors in every day and that's. What's great about our story is that everything is meant the you can tried out before you buy it. There's so much great product and your out there that on nine we don't know if you're the cracks I don't know Pete and alike and you gonna waste money. Weaver read in the middle harsher around that you can try things happen Hank I'm with you. Well no while. Pretty well these days you know like I'm a runner comes around ever gonna talk about shoes and a minute but a lot of people these days for fitness. You know they've got 45 minutes to get a work out and and we're starting to see that car audio important but not as important as like. Cross training and getting out there and do you know like what they call it high intensity where yeah. Your body you know using your view it's a full body work out yeah I mean. That's an I was doing for you I really I'm still doing it actually but I and I've been doing more weightlifting here of late. The thing that I though it was really cool and fan is the fact be to try stuff on the your place I can't tell you how many times like Tom and I've gone shopping together for for shorts it's too little. And don't need any annoy you just don't know how he does not but these gloves gonna work out do the gloves for. You know I'm saying you got a good endurance apparently gear and see they do say let's talk this morning about. She news why issues are important when you're training like Tom Purcell when you run do you Wear a specific type of. Do and it depends on what type an event I have loads of five KM marathon was training. Also a different type issue for cross training is well saw actually switch she's because running shoes are made of basically. Go forward but not lateral motion and so it's not really good to have a she knew that you running and a true running shoot. To work out whether it's cross did what was your general work our taken rugby classy yeah lateral motion. That's why so important. To have a store like yourself to be able to advertise and also coming in. And and retrofit their personal because there's so many pieces out there nowadays that you really have to be fitted correctly crack in the and that right yes I ask what you do this city track it's almost like going to a Taylor when he gets sued Taylor Prius up he's doing the same thing with war canal because I don't get why you could injure yourself. Yeah you know life is a lot more basketball Carolina hello needed to whereas senator yeah. All that's sort of sickly in this Melissa because I am I ate the night I do a lot of his stuff like insanity T 25 that kind of stuff. I'm when I first started I remember Edwards is using regular running shoes in and I killed my knee I killed my ankle and then finally I went and got. A similar pair of the reeboks that you have right there those crossed it reeboks and then absolutely so yeah that's a tell us a little bit about like why. The issue where is so important but issues are so important to across who work at our high intensity work out we'll. You look at the bottom they're extremely flatten your durability and your flexibility is going to be so much better because it's flat he beat concrete to the ground right I mean you got an oval your ankle because you don't house we have the cushion. You always build a target that's been running sham and a training ship because it's much more flatter math does look cushion and hear your son has some cushion in your universal training as. But you're not gonna have a wary you're gonna have to build a cushion before you feel the power of the grounds and. Right right yeah because I. I noticed when I first got the issues is lending a really Larry were you doing a lot of side movements the stiffness of the shoe is so important. And to have them I'd change out what would you recommend like 84 months write three months or some village. I know I've got some re back fairly or five years old I. 06. Used to say I'm happy hour here. That they keep her on every single years I'm reback came out with the first on the beginning of the year and this is the new one it just came out now this is the nano we've sat and you got to remain half yesterday yeah. Yeah I had. Now is running rise I wouldn't go back a long distance running inmates I would say three miles or a last bath Maine. Rays get a damn near running shoes on it can be running rampant tell everybody that when you're doing an easily. Is it doesn't have you ever saw who never really liked the these are really cute and those are cool very cool now what's the difference between like those two shoes they say it's just personal preference kind of for you have her speed TR I mean my is actually based on a running platforms and you could run a little longer in the swine. On this when you go and be able to lift weight Ater in the past archive having you distill lit them both and that also made her climbing rope. So that way you can kind of rabbit out here tearing up your running him into my dad I love that month and a half. Yeah on that there is your guy and you're lifting she now I'm it is all. Lack complete Tom have you received easily and yeah Olympia is I love these this is gonna help you use your Johnson yes that. Fighting it also has a 22 millimeter lift. Whose gonna help immobility in your knees and in your ankles hot people can't squat awful way because they have very low mobility in their ankles on this is gonna help that from time to go to the gym and see people the weights and meet their needs. That's what they're doing and don't recommend that I saw somebody today yesterday and I yeah. I also see two and I wanted to this question at both Melissa and Tom I see people. Doing squats in heavy weight lifting and net. Running shoes and more and I don't think they like casual shoes but may look pretty casual yet who on. A day really hurting themselves very bad and they are. Okay I'm really is no wrinkled their knees their back because what's happening in this hearing your hunger for things around at the new go to lift heavy your powers a 100% on the ground. You're wearing something with a push and it's 98%. Because you have to fight to the cushion to hit the ground first yeah man. Early. Okay you Tom would recommend like maybe even having a couple of different styles of shoes handy when you're at June. It I would because you're gonna run into injury issues possibly for me issues it'll change a lift you can even change issue out with the comments you like you say the casual shore money should try to have a a proper squat. Even if you know how to do correctly is still gonna throw you off unless you have the proper gear in particular the shoot BO angle your foot correctly that is exactly correct with that is that he can really change how you do your list when you were falsely or correctly and also the main thing if you go safely. Yeah the biggest thing we're now to talk about trying to do exercises. Correctly also wanna be safe than we stay injury free. Trust improve we got to stay injury free so it's very important to have that. Let me ask you this too is because it's something like that I'll do I'll I'll either way let drug decent kind of high intensity work out. And then I will wanna move on to eggs are to put it kind of a beating on my body in my joints. A wanna move on alike in elliptical or something like that. Would you recommend putting on like a running issue for an elliptical or going with that you're universal drainage you just I'm not a guy and even though weightlifting one nah. Hour now here you mean you want and that is it these Samie he's got a will look like moon boot. It's crazy all my job Kim Kardashian wears says and she does her squad that's. And you make those out of what you that snack on defense to hold him back. They are like kiss boots yeah very very stylish. You know as islands and Melissa again if you're just for those of you are just joining us on FaceBook for fitness Friday. Melissa Murphy is here she's the honor of endurance apparel and gear in Virginia Beach everybody you know Tom Purcell. From eight fifths and I could join him this summer at the gym these medical giveaway for our viewers on FaceBook rate now we look competition who is going to be for all those pastors out there who know what a wide is. And we're going to be doing is called badger. Does it and. I and let. I don't look at bad yeah we asked them available I mean some people don't know what a lot yeah. No. It's not it's something you have on the fifteenth in the first of a month and year. And the next day essentially John I don't know if I do an interview when you're dealing. Maybe his we have three got 325 dollar gift card idea that if you're watching us on FaceBook you can pick up at Melissa store again endurance a caroling gear. Right there off Alaskan crude. Here here's what we should deal. On third next week's fit as Friday or even for today. If you would like to leave a comment or have a question for us anybody who leaves a comment I don't care if it's in a mode G smiley face so whenever. If you leave a comment or question. We will answer it and we will put your name into a hat and will dry out what he winners and how the kind of pass women's tennis is saying good names into. We will do they'll put their names in new issue of amid a global deal is we'll send you all the names you put on an issue and film and video on your high on there employ all the winners a good idea store everybody go B that would be a lot of. I'm republic just stuff I mean just this I'd choose at your story you've got this chops you've got a whole bunch of stuff so this shark has been my favorite people love it you put it on it goes unclear. And then you let it dry and it turns into the white glove on him. Really have bases yet you got to try to future is now I have wonderful and it stays on your hands two to four times longer. And also has enhanced appetizer. And I. Actually turn white hatred why your had to larger hands after it and I watch out. I'm let's see this. And yeah in Italy has always all right rob in Illinois is fun now just let it islet yet. And it is it. Com yeah I don't know when in Disney people in the face like what happened. I have some good and friends but I do when you're lifting when you do pull up on anything with your hands did you hand it's cloudy it'll back yes audience why you be able to grab that are better. And be able to do holy cow got that far enough. Go with that's you know the old old school ways the old Saul yeah acted in every way he can't Taylor and having spread like DOS right. That's not a religion don't really a little bit yeah but not like he's got to clean up here and they'll be gone yeah that's who had any longer love it you know I says do not aloud well and that's right I get that question Aldana dim view -- talk -- Yakima deluded it's and it lists and so forth -- in actually rerouted not he has it's a clean up veterans album and is John. Hello my name hello already dropping a baby powder and there. Dallas is not. My feeling I am you know what is that stuff that Shantee taught us and on the floor needed a shoulder taps that's a nickel sold lieutenant. It shows yeah. I want to. It's pretty good broke RTC like yeah my hands are pretty callous to that don't use chalk she's not aware exactly. That this is an. All integrating greedy and you can literally eat it and it's agreed not to get lost in the woods you're hungry. Hello and ISIS' all it's made by husband wife team you put this on your hands to prevent ripping. Then if you do you rip is that's prosecutors read tear hands apart doing keeping pull up right with the sound within 24 hours you're gonna start healing really actor working out there so I smooth sensual. And that's got five days a week handled in heavy I used up almost on in the shower but the son afterward I keep my house says but there's. That's got home around ten minutes I'm. I want that and yet we have these in these fellows yes we did because I can't stand working out my rang my ice chips alone I have now while. I don't even in the corner yeah and I I. I was like that you got everything there that everything at testing every month we grammar when did you open eight months wow that's. So it Tom did you know you gotta go down it's I think you're kind of place light up easily you know what they go to hang out boss come on now at places like yoga. Let's break that so yeah. Out of school I mean it is you know what it is is pretty addicting thing it's like anything else you know once you get into it I always tell people. It's going to be it sometimes it's tough sometimes it's tough to get into ones here I knew it and how did you do not like I can not go through your day without it. Now it for me when I leave here today. I'm might be a little tired but I'm gonna hit that reset button by going to be jammed my hands you know a lot when you go to the gym as much is like we do. It's important to have the right equipment and it's important to have like a Selig a compression support there are there it is right there claims like yep it's that super duper important if you had a I'm sure a lot of pressure on your. Not gonna see the median you're probably act and actually smiled at that they most people buy these online you always are that it incurred rang me right always I took a man. Grab a medium off the mechanized sighs yeah. A common medium that. Now I down an. It's. Investors now. And that's awesome but yeah any hit gap Crowley brings warmth in the increases circulation and when near us whining about your squat. Yup on. That's very Nicole similar vehicle or this is what I like about today is we have two fitness experts into people that love fitness. A cameraman who is into fitness is well that's a great. It's a great day because everybody learns something from each other today yes I. That's absolute. Lou late. So all I ever gonna come out of the store. I'm glad you Eddie Haskell that a little tiny foot. As you know little planning and a little tiny neck and a little tiny ma'am and I'm trying really hard every day to get bigger we will. Okay all right so I. Thank you so much against you wanna just plug the story in the neck Cameron and top result do his blood then we'll do our blood and in the weekend we'll begin then. I thought an endurance redneck and he traded yet until that there and the talent here that I isn't there and Allenby and we're also thought it looked in the right top. So you ask that I think it's wonderful she came and today because it is so important to make sure they gee probably since we exercises. The two biggest drop out rates and exercises like is seen their goals is there and in number one has been some injury and a lot of it is an improper here and tires they wanna make sure that you get experts and go to these stores don't worry about you online you probably fitted. And you're gonna take care is make sure you do that it just like at JCC were on the fitness director. You wanna make 3COM and we'll give you advice would love you people tour's and gore got free for a week trots out that we get to a poll out open and he's great summer camps go on some mud. There's certain things that you would need an expert for his certainly you know it's OK to ask questions and that's the thing with the gym it's okay. To feel like. Aren't I don't know. It's better to ask and then yeah you think he'd become an expert later my you know sometimes you buy clothes on line rule. And they don't fit sit in my bag yes it is you got to send them back in underwear shirt it's too small to do you might but two big ya gonna do. Agassi. So it's equipment very very important and like Don said. I see more people get hurt maimed quit. You know and then did you gonna end up living in unhealthy life that way you know because because you didn't take care yourself properly so they go and we finally we have distorted dealing now we have the people around as the bush and that's what we do this fitness Friday. To kind of help everybody out and everybody. Under the direction. I ask the question on Facebook and Melissa's gonna hook three people up where they 25 dollar gift card to restore so. Take a candidate Modi anything you like he's gonna put dot that's fine dude is leave a comment. And we'll put your name and a hat and you know liking good tech this plays out on the death we go to this place I'm excited so thank you so much illicit thank you Tom thank you Luke while I got it beautifully now not how. Think it's like it kiss show in here and our oldest. And I met a lot of phone by guys and the cheers. Awesome.