Monday, September 26th


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Woo woo mr. wonderful and mr. Tom personality other mr. wonderful and I'll let mr. wonderful mr. fantastic all rolled into one. Todd and feeling good this Alina hey Matthew Andre Decker talked last week on no Rodney Leisle Tom came in it was very weird acie Thomas al-Qaeda. Add in a weird mood and a bit of a funk but. He is back this week and we got in his Friday and I was reading an article on nine MSN. Life style alone really yet and yet and it's six bedtime habits that help you lose weight. And I like to run through the list and Tom could tell us whether it's good whether it's bad weather it's I don't know I guess it's good. Says it on here and treat them and so the president wrote this is an crazy who just just hit utilities well I well I get your dairy on the fraud before bad milk and now Greek yogurt things of that nature does that help or hurt was going on. What is how much you have a time I go before you read before you go to bed it's as to get your dairy on little radio yeah. Ayello Greek yogurt is good Florian economists are about the milk no did what what he's done a 2% whole milk I. I drink dominant. They always excellent yeah yeah. I can't let Christmas holiday now to about eight ounces when he would you have eighteen ounces of milk maybe before Bannon. In my cereal with Mike Cox he's Syria I see my little snack top cyber babies RI I'm I'm that I'm very good. And why would it say this turn the temperature down in your house. Why would it say that I get a cold yes well you know take. They clean up talked about this in the past Syria is. You actually burn more calories in the cold the do and heat. Some people's they wanted to go sweat off this way will really you just losing water you know really dissipating fat. It's a different things right wreck your body has to work harder to keep the internal cooling system. It's basically when it's really cold outside your body's got to work harder internally to keep it by Egyptian correct took their toll really cold you thermal inside rises up in your burn more calories. Tristan yes and I think that on this hot hot heat my god yeah going. Which has been you know I think I'm gone like mom pretty tough man about this heat and we're not ready and he woo woo the other day yeah awful you know awful out there it doesn't really help or hurt you know I was like. Nobody is C again most people equate sweating to losing fat and can you lose weight was sweating yes but you are losing water. How I'll run America operates is now lose about ten to twelve pounds. Run a marathon it's 46 miles these couple hours right look most of its water on I just can't Patrick myself enough gas to replace and it's obviously have to drink a lot when I'm done and air sells it to you lose it water but yet your body has to work harder in the cold if you really wanna bring caller's exercise and cold. I got. There's a so called. Here we try day are very scheduling solo time what would that but what that help me lose weight. I'm not sure what that means I don't know I don't know but I submit to Alter how well I think Kabila who well I want to Italy this wanna call it what he's getting an excellent time. I had. This man you look sick keep it clean you integrating now maybe we'll just skip that one sees is things like weird me out it says here. Set some mood lighting. Move writing before bad why would that help me lose weight can you think that's operas are you still so low at this point. How about this how about this one because some of these you know again I think it is a write down things to try to make it's figured out how about some bedtime yoga a year and a yoga will. Love I just yelled two nights ago before bet. I did. And thread I guess 745845. Mile and I only got really wonderful a lot of that help how does it just put your money at easier mommy relax your muscles are sued. I can meditation. He's you know yeah exactly and asleep these ha ha ha that's SN IC UW deodorant I do not DO you know I am not the only guy now look at him does look like on some mixed players and he's by himself is at the mood like going to my amounts given us this. This kid wants our hands if Tony four hours a day seven days a week OK let's move on. How about this when the final wine and you explain any life because sometimes this just puts me to sleep. Avoid night caps and what they mean by that is. Do Linksys. Yeah all aborigines adult beverages well I like to battle wine couple glasses of wine I feel like it helps me go to sleep but it doesn't doesn't. I know I can't it can't possibly get and view up a little bit really our calls or into steam because he didn't bring you down could possibly Orkut and you are a little bit. Also your sleep patterns could be off the you know a lot of times we have it in anybody out there has ever had a hangover after Mike's never had one down now and there I want is life now. He. A lot of times it's your rapid eye movement from the alcohol when you're trying to get a full rested sleep do you understand what that mean yes I hear the chorus is still a person out there. Yeah it when you're not completely at rest you to sound sleep OK and if you don't have rapid eye movement and you gonna have enter it into a rupture obviously throughout the night. So that he calls you as a high quality when you wake up so you wake up drug I'll. A drug draw of drowsy in his wake up with a not a full rest and alcohol can do unity. Alone CIO is that it just helps you pass out but you're not really getting a good night's sleep is it to do not hand you'd just pass and a -- there aren't any you know he's a great man in Miami you pass out it would save barring those two stupid things on here this is a good list. Yeah I guess he has not bad do you have anything to add before may be something you do before you go to bed a little ritual. Perhaps. Well I personally like to do a show our before I go to a lot of our army staff argues shall we do a good bet it is like a not a real hot hot challenge. But was like a cool warm show our son is a difference in him what that does is it does raise my body temperature up a little bit higher but it Annan has taken hot but. When I got to go to bed in my eyes start to cool down did have a restful night's sleep. Listen to this lovely at seven average drive that's in an estimated Zhao shower before begging don't like to do before bad. With that. Put me right asleep like that. Like to watch documentaries barring ones about people that are very very uninteresting. And that it puts me next right now I think that's what I would do and you wanna know mister wanna oh no we don't wanna know you do before bed it's a would have only. Hey Todd Purcell thank you so much run I don't.