Monday, September 26th


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94 point nine points we are the sound of now and we are online appoint radio dot com fitness Friday Todd Purcell in that house. And I have a little slide show over here for you yeah. Able and you can't see the slide show if you're listening at home blocked. We will describe the pictures. As best we can he's dill all right these eleven things to get rid of your gut for a good Tom Purcell are you ready for that. Yes now can you get rid of your gut all that stuff without any exercise just diet strictly diet. Yes all right let's really interests and diet soda. Katie get rid of your gut that's not necessarily in why sometimes the diets noted in some people even know it's artificial sugar aspartame or something like that. It tricks your body and it's real sugar and actually produces more it's it's actually you gain weight and that's. That's that's meant. On late night stomped ourselves to do late nights. Stick staying up late cause you to have more of a gut it can yes why is that it. It was off your bio rhythms. You know unless you have consistent sleep everything has to be imbalance in your body and typically when you hear people that don't have a lack of sleep down to sleep deprived. They generally will have a weight problem generally. It is because is thrown off the bye rooms for repair. Metabolism everything Estes those everything all wood about like artificial sweeteners like that's enough dwelling LO you know get your gut that's exactly right because just like with the diet soda I mean has artificial sweeteners any can trick your body that it's real sugar and you know if birdies more insulin therefore it can. You know produce more caller's possibly in your body where it sheets more sugar out. Now I'm just picking out what I think are the the interesting ones now it says is salts will give you would gut. But are right for example let's say I eat plain old boring chicken which I do a lot of them I put a little salt and no Tampa for this seasoning that's bad. Well but not as an assault itself you get that we have sodium and it was everything we have some for basic vest I don't slots anything is that weird you know because every place. Because it'll get enough sodium as as unless your endurance athlete were you need more salt to take in but the average person does Nestle indeed add salt now to the diet. But it would salt doesn't retain water and said he synagogues in your body's water a piece you blow you out actually. From Lotta people it will feel like Khatami is is expanding. His love the waterway so again I don't you gain from it. On right now I have two more that I that I wanna go through land there bowl super duper important to me now back eating too fast. Now this is something that I definitely do you won't cause any gut why is that. You're consuming too much in one setting. And what happens is typically you have a signal from your from your stomach your brain and it is delayed an OK so when when you slowed down to eat in you take your time. You actually the single gives a chance for your stomach this is a new brain that your full review he too fast. The signal will be delayed you actually over overstuffed yourself BBC that lots sounds Thanksgiving meals and I am too much death and eat so much a one saying that over consume think of your stomach is a gas tank OK and I fifteen gallons for instance. What you're trying to you can jam more gallons in your guessing is you stomach can expand. All right writing of your regular gas tank in your car that doesn't expanse of your pumping gas in your gas tank you know holds fifteen gallons but you try to put twenty gallons work is aghast. They play all go to play unless that happens and body it goes all over the place a good view on expand your stomach and he goes into fat cells and waste. There actually put too much in any consent it can't keep up with a good metabolism and also the Dutch justice system. Interesting OK and finally last but at least I have to meant to do that picture out alcohol bitty I. You know my wife is on a like Haley no I had route now. And not just on whatever diet I'm on the try to look good in slim look good guy don't look good guy. But on. She tightly real low line last night and I think perhaps some more wine you know the wanna get this announcement following me. But some Jenna was what's that I don't wanna have more lies to make out this is not ticket to do is just a bunch of its liquid magic in him. Why not what's the deal it alcohol how much are we drinking what kind of alcohol is good for us to drink. Yeah everything's in moderation but yet typically in America we over consume particularly if you get a glass Hawaiian. Compared to your traditional glass when it a glass of wine traditionally is a small small glass room but we have you know these big carafe that would and I. Announced aren't exactly so over is over consuming and has showed her answer converted to fat. And obviously that's what's going on so. Knew we had 23 times the amount that we really need it one last for having to last three last me for not now it is over consumption what if we replaced it with class hours ago in the system quicker than actually food calories because it takes longer to digest. He not Gaza that some that's a real thing ha. Eddie Annan I can't tell you can't play like he lit when you eat like little candy Manzi you have some fun like you know little little glass align them feel like anything. You know filling up the. That's the problem because it doesn't in any think I have let's when when I have lives and get right on everything you read my Asa had to say right now that you eat and drank Kazaa peoples allow eat that much but also what do you drink it. Would have taken a what are we smack and all it exists axes eating here thinking your traditional practice launch Danner. But it's you got to really write things down look at would amount consumed throughout the day some people. Really they think they're not meet them as they really are now so they ask any drinking tenacity mouth while that it again it's moderate to cut things back a little bit sad to have one. How about this how about a cut out of food poison and just drink again well honestly don't know. Really do help any lacking nutrient clearly hasn't your body now gets to be goodies out. I'm trying to figure out a way around topless I know you would elevate know all those things all those things you cut out. All the things that we just talked about you'll be signature have a nice and slim for your summer. So basically just consist on air have a great weekend. That's it race can't sit there and Leo thanks Tom welcome.