Monday, September 26th


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Hey daddy four point the point this out and now always streaming on point radio dot com date is Friday mr. Tom Purcell on the house Townsend a fitness to JCC. What I saw. Would all right so Lou wants to. I'd handle my fitness rights they bring up a little so I don't. A deal idea because I've noticed you know it is summertime people are at the GM engines getting busier and getting fit but I noticed a trend and a lot of my friends and family members swimming. To get in shape like they easing swimming has their party was this guy. It's excellent is which one of over the body because of the poignancy. It's less stressful on the joints. You know I you can do a total body work out it's great Carty I mean it's wonderful. Like if I get on the treadmill like networked LS manners on the treadmill for four miles to me like 32 minutes then how long should somebody swim in the pool cue equated to miles laps minutes. How would say yeah I would say it's every bit of equate if you don't have witnesses say a freestyle. A swim stroke in not a backstroke or butterfly or anything like that. I think is pretty much even with say with Iran really help like is double we talk about bike up figured if you go to Ron let's say five miles the need you always tended to get the same effect on abide and let on in this is global actually might even be a little lesson might be more sort strenuous in double really. This is working every muscle in your body basis Morgan a lot of your muscles yes and it's is total body you know as you get your body lower body everything else. It's a wonderful went swimming first one last night that it might do swimming toward else. Is this its request and you go and you don't slam I don't know how to swim you ask well I don't know how are you serious yet. Well we need because it's here as well that's the other thing Wu is is it I think a road weekly in an exercise last swimming. Is great for the body. But. Number one rule I think everyone diesel or how to swim in and Mike I'm not big on you but honestly news is nobody knows I was expecting to make sodomy so well. Not at all it's serious business and I am very senators vote if you on a boat and it overturned in the now the ocean you wouldn't know how to swim. I like I can swim. I had trouble floating them so overall muscle. What's that you're all mosque is that what it is time mentally ill that maybe you know takes a zero Iron Man aren't you yeah I don't know what is right I gotta sink right to the bottom. I'm I'm not very good like I I can probably swim have to distance of a pool but I give up very easily my stroke is not maybe would it should be it. He's got to see you know how to sway down out to sort let's say not for exercise be out. Now say it and the act like they're gonna compete a triathlon. Basically you'll be out of luck because the first the first part of that swimming right and I could do very well lose right though I got overturned in the middle of the ocean yet it would be law. Man the Dan Wheldon and honestly I think that let's just get back to the series is I think every once in on how to swim particularly in this area that we're surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. And today in Indian people as swimming pools and and you know we hear of you know things happen in every year here is some doubt it is tied and things like dad after good swimmer can get caught under. Undertow or something like that but nonetheless there's there's point folks who go to the ocean in go to this horrible I don't how to swim. And I just think is very very important for our AC CI. Am I swim lesson we have swim lessons there we have into worn out or some samples. And we certainly would love to have people come in in gated in get a lesson and we certainly will work with you could have far as any any time you come in please come in we were loved it he went right to NEA jet salute from Tyler's all we have to the to thirty year there and that. Yeah now crazy my wife was competitive swimmer. Yeah and now. We should get like a bunch of seven euros to teach me how to swim I gotta be cool you know be really really funny we can make a video evidence of flight time. Well what did you go to the JCC won't make that happen but I still plans to get my hair away in order to wolf. I usually do pretty go look at allow. Yeah. Cobbled rules put daisy on the side of the Eddie can't slip he's just afraid he's gonna get his hair wet well it actually undertake is Steve and the you know get a massage everywhere you do it all sounds and the over there at the JC and welcome them and learn how to swim for the summer how cool would that be well you know I'll tell all debating come easily seen speed. After that it it brings is his top asylum was cool and help out. I very much for Zell tentative bid is and JCC. Swimming very very good for you may be the best form of cartel exercise well I would say it's up now I'll say eating things the best but SA is deadly there'd be it to top the OK you can arthritic joint problems that yes that's living definitely absolutely add things for you thank you I do.