Gwen Stefani Interview

Thursday, June 9th

Gwen Stefani joined the show to talk about her upcoming tour, latest single and dispell some of those crazy rummors flying around about her relationship with Blake Shelton.

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Right all right all right we've got a wrist one when Connie is on the line yeah this. I hang. Power you are you back hey we're doing fantastic is so cool to talk to you live and thank you for coming on with us I got heckled and on the radio are you to. You like a black. Let. Me is that still a big deal to either come on come on the radio and know that you're actually broadcasting to our one point seven million listeners. Is this a good deal for you your DJ right now at a but he wants your job like you are so lucky and film I haven't actually talking about myself on the radio at one point what did you. One point seven million. You guys hi everybody thinks I'm under no pressure no pressure Glenn we're loving the new music video for the song misery how was it filming that. Think he'll thank you could find actually do you like a real kind of traditional music video because that's one of my favorite part about doing new music and then you know. He's so lucky that was like a one cake. That would mean is that if people video and really we made that the video and make me like you with a one tape riot like crazy things on the grammys and I wasn't really like to meet these idiots though. We actually got because downtown end. The old fears building the second abandon all building and and and don't for a few days doing like basically like getting a look back he's kind of a life and it would really adult men and time. And and I didn't have unexpectedly. Had I kind of would like want to consensus out of people is a born just. But everybody I mean I'm looking a might end their seasons because. I'm beyond that I thought but everybody keeps kids. I kind of quit have questions for your makeup artist if she's listening I would love to know what live plus you're wearing and the misery music video. Okay well he isn't he is that he and Gregor are out if his name and he's. He's an actor and I wanna tell you that I think it was probably like four different lake. Version of what he does plot that makes things so it's hard date which color there's so many different looks different color than I was. Since since moves stole my question about the lip gloss and no I really I wanted to ask you about the you're writing lately because. You pure enough. The magazines in the tabloids Michael all the time now for some reason or another matter and really no other reason but. With writing all this really really personal stuff it's not like when you first started in your writing music and it's like how we can take that as it is or. What it means to me we all know what you're talking about so how does that make you feel. It's weird weird weird and he kind of did the same kind of like. That record was written over three years puree it and so by the time like Dorsey came out if it would have happened like long time ago he didn't record it. Incredible because it happened in real time like when I wrote is that lap ill. That I only had written it like to Richard. Reports now it really incredible and it kind of it film modern because that's what what life is like now eat it. Been pretty healing can you don't put music out and share like my story and every seat that love back and I think that tore it going to be like another crazy version of that because. Right out any abstracts you know like. You know how would things apple how Larry Reid did it yeah and and and an incoming people actually believe that stuff which is up his mind blowing to me. Yeah congratulations by the way every year really like Kentucky fried chicken yeah. And perhaps you mean like it here but egg hunt. So he did not propose you Blake so did not propose to you with a bucket of chicken and 81 point two million dollar engagement ring. Yeah that didn't happen but it's like point two million dollar engagement ring well. Because I've been how I happen. Yeah yeah. Did have a little look point two million dollar range from Blake Shelton and. Sounds good so when we know time is short thank you so much for coming on the show with us today and we look forward to seeing you at. Happy veterans united home runs and bitter Virginia Beach yeah. July 16 are going to be in town welcome to Virginia Beach the CNN girl. I'm about to become the show you guys what those colossal Z there winds that bond.