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Wednesday, September 27th


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John you know there. Are. Doing pretty good man thank you so much content you actually in Hawaii right now. I oh how this is cool so we won't try to keep you along as we know it's long distance and I you know things get expands it. Adequate. I know put it. And so. We will we cannot wait for the big show Wednesday night you're coming to town veterans united homelands have theater and it just put this out there and don't take it the wrong way. First I love your music you've got a lot of fans here at the beach. Let your green yes and you are so green on tour in this no plastic initiative. I don't lead to judge me if you Simi backstage and I'm using light. Not a plastic water bottle or something or a fork is it you know like we're DS we have. You're gonna get back there. You get thrown out of the backstage clue if you had a plastic for Cora plastic water bottle or anything like that it's actually pretty amazing. The whole story is green down to the down to the tour bus right Jack. Chart bet you know always it's always on a station that began in the it's something you know they've. Product of its servers and just you know look at the ocean so much at our top of the it'd be connection there via. If be on the beaches ruined where I live and then. You know I don't. It's like a built up all the color the club I'd I'd lie in the make up the band has been and it and it didn't do what I do it in. You know we are tour. When you produce a lot of these up so. Yeah Howard but I bet the battle of every bit different fabric motor out of work without a vote. It's been great ever but he. I was patient and take a step better. That's fantastic its really call it actually is pretty admirable that you have you know done this and people have accepted you as ready it's pretty awesome. Is awesome I'll talk I want to talk to you about Jack I'm sorry. They hit but been really cool would be. The Reid opted it was. People look beta we're work but it ought not that the bad about people like being in this and that you know we have Brad Pitt would be brought to show that can be used and we didn't really get any debate that if anything they got a lot of it about the people and it really appreciated it. So I think generation that is part of. Again yeah that's pretty terrific I don't talk about that lake. I know that you kind of learn how to play guitar. Weighing you learned surfing I think you would take a guitar down in the beach ray. And when there weren't any waves you kind of just hang out and learned to play it in my right on that. Well I get a little exaggerated a bit I. It may have been on the beat fair outside. We we live pretty going to be some of the data about recruitment. Yeah it was when there was no way were. The growth. Relative to its pretty Serbs interest boy I don't wanna do. And but the way the book I that it's about corporate struck by hello is it that well yeah but even now. What are Blake what pushed you then from going like all right I'm a pretty amazing Serra Ferrer. I'm learning how to play guitar I'm writing songs like what was due to that next level to become a professional musician. They're good friends that I I think in these security at our. He's my work back. Recorder cockpit at the they copy paper and that every ball and it urging. People don't go to the curb these. Out of pocket. We're you know what can get talked into it due to not be put back up without clear just voted. The instrumentation behind more abuse than behind their Internet. There's one that we couldn't get on the wrong. That we're trying to get into the like the work at the last minute and so it's been okay. You got to clear it up and there was the first ballot bowl right on that clear and it into a movie. And I don't hear about it. I don't ever work better not awkward with the music in their meet the ugly and not yet. And it in a big. I've default group my music group and the supposed. That's really house on the school that's going to be great I have to note when he tears marriage. Three kids that I know of you know you this still serve firm musician and don't know do you it is is there anything and maybe not because I'm pretty relaxed present as well but is there anything that. You know gets under your skin are you pretty relaxed about everything like you just have a chill vibe there's nothing really that you don't seem like the kind of guiding gives somebody the finger at these. You'll often traffic. And given that Google highlighted. I definitely. Ultimately. How popular of all I think I could go down a little bit. That that's been maybe elected that Google they'll be good. Open I don't really there is a crap what. Did it looked people think about Obama could splinter group I think Puget. That's for its own does anything get you mad like if you could think of one thing that aggravates Jack Johnson what would it day. Are we gathered all right as we get that early. Police dropped the you know quite so. Ayalon Israel in the dog troops on the floor are. Yeah yeah I mean it you know. President bowing out of the blue. Movie things. That politics it that is for sure. Ozzie probably layoff FaceBook that's on trying to do right now to this. I wanna talk to it's due about like you're you're songwriting because I know it's. It's really really personal to you I know that you've written tons of songs about your life. About your kids. And how much of it like percentage wise. Are you giving to your fans and and how much to keep the balance in there are you holding back just for you or your family. You have depression or be. Bought it it. Of that battle but a little like it were spreading. Oh but our record other it's a little sketchy but I keep prevent that aren't as. Quantify but you want to put out to the world and adopt this little internal filter or are expected that it. It comes from a personal late but it by the time my initials on it generally that. I feel like it to be for anybody if not. Just about our relationship anymore apps that let go of it negative thing or it anybody could apply to there I'm like you know were to work and it. And make it about her that way from the ability notebook. I think other current record edit code ever go to a bit surprised I didn't really have that the ghetto. Read anything and there's nothing when I look back a number of other things but it. It is a strange deal to put out thing is so personal that. Two. I've got to keep vanity in just knocked it to be paranoid these I track a reality show everything up there so it's mostly. Just open it Obama spoke but try to. Put as much of local brick and the world about that. Where a bomb was deadly comes through for sure and you music and I think it like I once heard you saying it was a while ago that. The chorus is like kind of for the fans to get there for everybody in the verses are free you and then people can interpret them the way they want. Yeah yeah I think that I've talked about edit. That it stated that I took apple that I like you know what he's he's pointed out that. I'll bet on this Tuesday that we a stream for all culture and then a stream. Is that corporate individual and I've got to put a lot of courses B and collect the bet we'll. The purpose like a dream took him divert can be very much personal dislike declared that the course to death to order. The speak every line there is that beat a bit of the core of the that you can hang on to. Let's also really all of that really coli iron laid out. Acting on that really got really resonated because how many times you hear a song. And it means something completely different you Lindsay Lee. It's like oh no no I don't think it's bad at all and then crossing in the hours together yeah I I you know I mean it's pretty program on. So Jack when he go on tour like when you come here on Wednesday night you know we are beats down this is Virginia Beach we just had like the East Coast surfing championship here in every day. Do you have time to you know hop on a boarding goes surfing when you're on tour when he hit at these other beach towns or is it basically work work work. God I have and I try to do you know. All the press property and I think we got before at the went through on the road we get to have it done that. It's Purdue to be shipped ripped space travel out of Beverly. By Brothers right. Grew up there it's so cool a lot of our friends apparently an area thought that would be hanging out critical preserved. I mean fantastic book there is no way it's just hang out on the beach and hit at the tacky shoppers something like this that you raise water park they have always cool there it can happen and act. Yeah absolutely going to be nice. Hey I cook a couple more things you know everybody kind of says like earlier like. The opposite of the traditional rock star I guess you could say you know while some rock stars in The Rolling Stones really going TVs out the window. You're relaxing taking back on a beach somewhere or you know sit under the stars or whatever whatever it is like it's the complete opposite but I got it now. In all the years that you have bin. A big rocks our annual our people absolutely love you and resonate with the music. What's the most rock star thing Jack Johnson's ever done. You know I mean. Yeah Tony I trust or problems but it only because that kid that was sick of it throughout all of the buzz. Oh. Did you. Yeah like as much or rock currently that's apple argued. It's pretty it's pretty annoyed at people make a backstage as they're expected that there is the rock and roll back they'd bring in Iraq Baird and you look at one group is acute brain Legos. Pack ago there's like four game but it should it as normal a piano player in the bad it is quite. And my wife we all that. Your college and then law that it erupted Billy. Our like a clown car when it does it become an up about the Israeli audience. Yeah and it pretty badly it is kind of annoyed about Iraq and over the age. Mean hey I appreciate that actually I really like that because I've been backstage a handful at times in my career. And it's just such a turn off it has I date my current stage is not a place where anybody should be. If you look backstage who act as I would and I saw somebody playing Legos especially something like kind of Star Wars Legos. I'd lose my mind I did a hat he's human being on the planet. Yet again green juice and some kid I am that's like every day. Welcome our lives and I I know listen here and the Hawaii this is probably a very expensive phone call for you but I appreciate it very much and woo appreciates is very much we've been fans for a long time. And I feel like we are playing music on the radio for. Fern eternity now and one more thing before relate to on this kind of a fun question. All right rank these from one to four and you have to do it. Music movies. Film. Surfing one to four rank them. He's Diego European. Music. So they won't. All of banana pancakes as it movies and film sorry I meant to put banana pancakes in their. It. I'd start over here and erratic body again here we go yeah I like movies banana pancakes. And surfing. Yeah I go search being. Music. Decade. Oh awesome Jack he's so I'll and I hope you enjoyed the interview and that we definitely enjoyed avenue. Yeah I think all the year as a kid I brother had to go on I actually on Wednesday.