Thursday, April 6th


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Hey it's Mike powers in Wu live at point radio dot com right now and we have a special guest on the phone isn't that right as a wonderful Luke. Luke from working in the country. Yes we per pertaining country is on the line Wheaton to talk to you all right let's say hello hey loopy there. I sure am are you doing man are how you deal it. I'm doing it nerves cool cool that's our content. Thanks very odd things or chicken MLS this morning we're looking forward to our big get together on Sunday afternoon. The Soviet delegate our world reporter. So late let's now what the deal you do a lot of stuff like this when you when you come to town like you you stop down radio station break down the songs. You kind of like. And old school and TV unplugged style thing real I am explaining the Sun City out of bands. You know what looked to look at it the coolest thing about that whole situation whenever we get it stopped we trust up on local radio stations diluted. Involvement could. Pull back what is life a little bit and share these kind of practically driven song that a light that may be other people haven't. Notre over a report that it will it is about the song where they come. From a and that meaning and that's. A great car with completely up front. On a light when you say when you say a life that they haven't been apart and night. He's talking about this rock and roll kind of like lifestyle do you leave that kind of lifestyle. They don't have a fairly prevalent problem is that creek that just like you to the radio. People are enamored with. Everyday life to opt that they don't. Know that there are appeal or put them. What maybe take place. And also. How we get to the point rotted out yet why some special ops beat Jews. Totally intriguing suit. Yet and there's just the only have a big influence on your songwriting because I mean. Seven kids I know you're happily married you've got children of your round. Does your personal life is an your private person does that play into a lot of your songwriting. Of course demand equation when you have made decisions in life shoots marries do you have kids to view you know outlook our brother for try out a lot. Hell perhaps those things all you know how out and we liked him in that struggle with issues like everybody else is acting. People are crying out for all to be an honesty in music and I think about weren't beat all the ball well maybe what takes place in my life. Through song and I think I'm I'm I'm shelling the list national a little bit so let although I think that everybody at opera every honest but that it be that we have. I committed to her cracker or how history. So I love that I love and honest not as musician and eyes writer but how does your wife feel about it. Did she ever break down your songs and go you know what's going on here would you. I yeah. I actually epic records are actually very were sick. About four years ago and that there was a moment where a mile wide actually changed me that in a bad image and said look at Parker. I got to live through this. I can't live without she and so I tape as you know audit that was a real. Emotional moment and he's an on been on the ballot that not compromise the sole well at his request. He liked it will be about. Why actually seen this so we and so we have this moment that it probably the most honest song required our life we actually I actually ship that. Our ally on app pop stuff out the other which result real healing and wonderful golf course. And while actually reading about your illness right now I found this article from the Tennessee and that it's just a great article that talks about your illness and I was gonna hack askew. In a howry doing today how is the diagnosis and prognosis. Look I'm I'm doing great it when I was at you know probably like most people that get sick along the way. Never gonna get back to you got trapped in your own audience and that pain in the hole and got up. I'd be pretty predictable from. I still fantastic I've got a great team of people that helped me and the most some freedom and a burglar or a little lie where. You know there was a time there was a just an issue that could have a copy of late and outlook or can't I copy thanks. At that moment. Yeah Napa. It's a little things in life that make you appreciate stuff like coffee. Your civic and that's all that's critical so like working with year your brother now is. How is that dynamic key I know it can always be like a puppy dogs and ice cream and roses and all that kind of you know there's got to be a mom kinda you know head banging in. Oh absolutely will not you know what population. Is by any. Every course we nickel moment jet that the big earnings which everybody what a spam whether or not. You're here and we businesses huge gauged the pot or whatever it might be you know you try to learn to respect that. There actually Brantley but actually believed to respect and particularly. So whether or not it would be my brother or where we or the other we have sort. Our conversations that it heated whipped up states that don't go baby at according to plan that we have made up but now that. But we respect each episode of aren't finding could actually about up and let it go with that kind of based on what is. Actually he actually long and I a couple of weeks ago and asked about this or reason. And I respect him and what that'll collect and also on my back my ego and mine mine mine mine in check and analysts. I love that I feel like calling my own sister now Luke and that's talking to her. They're very good at our proper. Order. Right now. Really get I might keep you here a little longer after the performance on Sunday and downloads is sit down have a couch in my office it's great obviously in there and spill my guts TB grade I'd love to lottery. Pop up. Awesome well listen we're really looking forward to seeing you guys on Sunday. I know there are a lot of people constantly calling the radio station trying to get on this guest list. We'll have we'll have a little bit aligned all had some lunch and we'll have some amazing music. From for king and country and and I'm excited to hear about you know about the depth of these songs and yeah to live. Well yeah more than sweet morning kind of we topic bwic yet and will look. Well throughout that make sure Herbert but I'm for all that. Great great Lou thank you so much her out calling in and we're looking forward to Sunday C a man. I gotta do what I did I.