Wednesday, May 31st


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All right we're on FaceBook live hello. I am Mike powers that is womb is a wonderful is on the we're going old school today we do our full. Our full cameras set up. Yeah that's fancy needs now arrived but today we disease or miss of one of those crappy founded. No we have espresso gas Daewoo and how did this happen out of as she set it up for me. Yes this happened because I'm friends with a couple who know. Kelly over there in the corner mom and Max is their nephew an impact and so Maxi you're a boy scout earning your communications bats this morning. By coming about the exam manned by coming to the radio station. And interviewing. Yes yes yes so what we're doing is we're recording interface but lives and we're recording it for our podcast that will put up. At some point radio dot com so what's up Max AI we won't say where you go to school that you actually go to school lit my kids still. They'll go to the same awesome school all right yes very Austin school they don't really wanna say what school so that we don't get tagged in his on FaceBook familiar friends a lot okay. Yeah. All right miracle they so I'm. That's do you have Cali boy scout badges you have only 22000. Yes exactly and though a lot but a lot of stuff man and you know how to do not. You and you still like I mean you work really hard and does given Tina Ernie I had a goal and it. I. Will act I know it's a physical fitness. It. Is out and look out. Animal science ORI and I hope you know we can I get a badge and a good. Well I don't know how to do a great start this morning. This morning outside and I was talking to Max before we went on and I was like Mikey I was my dad would have put me in the Boy Scouts that. I was wearing velcro shoes at like sixteen you know how to tie and I. It's not if you wanna go in your communications spent some like channel thirteen at the Regina you consumer mind. Getting right now that Max NSR enacts a match you're gonna interview ruined myself. Yes or your communications bad rate and you need is to become an eagle scout. Yes are are your feet. Life in our hand to become an eagle scout yet our guy inside aren't violent acts as easy the typical kid. I don't have a son and two daughters so you know and it's obvious yes are you my son. Yeah. I have bad I'm ready what is the fever or your job. Boo you go first. Ice being the favorite part of my job is I like the early morning hours right is he started day early and we end our day early. I enjoy working with these two to brownie. It there and you know that's who do a lot for CH KD so we really enjoy raising money in doing that radius on every year I would say that's extremely fulfilling. Yeah I I would agree with Lou I think that. Not like working with dams sort of and I am I love all the work we do in the community. In CH Cady and I mean any time we can really help out a community that's really what our radio licenses or at the end of the day yes and I also I like Q. Try and be the bright spot. In somebody's already stressful day like our job is to take them away from their stresses of were in school and everything else. Just for the 1520 minutes they may be in the car. And good music and make people yeah. I I really I love that part of of my job. Also our night. As did answer that yes doesn't mean you went a step away from the eagle scout. Pat pat pat pat okay now forty S or lose difficult I drove a Lulu the. Early morning hours. I. I just and I love them but it's especially coming off and holiday weekend. Waking up early you never even really you get used to it but it still is jarring yes. If you follow Lou ordered Seagram you know lie it's hard for her to get up today and that function like a normal human being. I would say it's hard it is hard to get out sometimes at 4 o'clock in the morning while ma butts tonight you know me. You do you do get out earlier yes and even get a lot accomplished during the day so that's a good thing. Wellstone I like about my job. Well as well as stand up my producer. I. I think you really. Early. I love breakfast like I love bacon and eggs and pancakes and nothing else like make that in the morning neck and it stinks okay like stand over the and then they'll whereas they don't know. I mean you're really grasping for a fifth day stuff. I think that's a good thing there's really nothing bad about their job but just those little things that people get to you every morning that you know. I'm Edie Beale eleven Celek apparent here on if you are passionate about your job and you do what you love what you love. I did a good stuff outweighs the bad stuff by so much that you really really. Think about the bad stuff so yeah it really that mad then and now when you grow on sun. Okay next question what inspired you to eat EJ. We. I always wanted to be on the radio as always fascinated with certain radio shows and radio hosts and I loved. I love the fact to be able to go on the radio. And be completely honest within audience because believe it or not so many people on the radio don't use act. You know they aren't really like being themselves some some people are really talking their own voice you know like it's like a radio voice. So I I always loved that nice and I thought that was it's a quilting to get to deal we will. I may just spell until it is an accident missed the accident. Wasn't supposed to be here are brutal love any. And let it ladies cutting you know I just interned in high school as B pediatrician. And then damn interns and when I was a senior mine high school. And just really like Denton never left that he got fifteen years later here we are. Here Haley out made me. All right that's our next question is the is thirty the negative at all day. Okay. What is your deal is schedule at work. Let me see. If you're woo oh yeah I I. Here's the thing I am efficient. I come into work we were usually here by 5 AM at the latest. We go live on the at 530. On the air from 530 till ten. Dry and then when we get healthier 10 AM we have a meeting with our program director guy. And then we will record some commercials. On that you'll hear you know like mattress firm or. What are some of our other plots that Harry yeah absolute. And we might have a meeting that like a sales person about an event we're hosting the zoo did do this weekend so we'll have meeting about that probably. But our day is typically done by. A live I'm gonna say twelve to my boss is watching but usually amount to about 1130. Well there's an idea like yeah like you'll like go from doing this to being a mom you know yeah your second job earth. You don't whatever. Yes and a lot of times to eight. The day never really ends like that's how I kind of looking at radio my whole life. Because you're always looking for something new to do on the show something and onto the show. So like. See we leave here at 10 o'clock or 11 o'clock or 12 o'clock or 2 o'clock whatever. I'm we're going to be looking for. New name you know will be on our phone all day writing stuff down it looked at each other throughout the day that three of us I had this idea you know. So it never really ends you know it. Office hours are gap there I'm very scheduled person so I like to always say OK we get off the air let's do this this list let's work hard so we can. Up there and go to our daughter's school play or go to the jam or let me run Aaron because we starter date early we're lucky that we get there early. But it's very and our time is managed extremely well because of. Mom thank you become a okay. Number five. What you have to do in school to be eight each. Day and a rule that line it. What did you have to do and single vote drop out of school and shoot you might. All. Asked. Yeah I mean we your I was go to school for communications I get a job in communications. And I worked at that same job for sixteen years. Before that and then it was over and then I did something else for a couple of years and then I'm doing this now furthers our third year. So. Yeah I mean amateur radio for like twenty years now. Thank you go you can of course go to college and learn how to become a radio DJ or broadcaster you know you can go to like Boston University has a great communications communications apartment that. What is it journalism something. But you honestly think radio comes naturally I really truly think mush wanna be like a Fox News anchor and learn how to read teleprompters and asked great interview quite well. I eat just learn how to read. And then yeah. Yeah I played no I didn't did I hated he's yeah definitely deep o'clock with a Michael got away in an hour back. Rarely does he posted like TV's a little bit. Yeah I need to. Isn't something you can really learn I think radio is something that comes naturally if you got a natural ability to entertain and talk like a lot of people are always shocked when we go and you'll see. When we go live we're not reading news stories I literally have notes and then it's just whatever comes to. I have right right yen might I don't like to like own plan out its way in the you know it has the kind of flow now. I'm not is watching it all play and. Yes yes yes no but I think I think he. The key is. You don't go to school for something else that you're passionate about. And it radio is something you wanna do or communications television any of that stuff it's just something you have to be it you have to do it like you have to physically be a year learning and yet to speak out it for a little while we are actually good at Dayton and eventually. You know you find yourself on there. Would have a Ph.D.s or anything message asking. Okay. Our masters. Or are underpants. You know of anything but a matter of fact I am on Ryan I'll tell you this I'd they're right you don't know. I don't know work in radio and that. You learn other things pretty much it's these great you don't see. Yeah pretty much as in college you can yeah yeah. Schools teaching and what makes you mentioned Conyers right I mean I've met a communications professor wants variety live near me. And the guy couldn't communicate never came out of it I spoke to anybody so I thought pleasantly years teaching communications. You don't talked. You know again they never really you never really now. Well a lot of stuff is obvious that a neighbor. Aid. OK number six yes is the final qualifier all right and question able life's little harness interview I think. How do you work with any other DG sides on you guys. Yes he's to have a partner. And I used to have a different partner. And this is a wonderful used to have he's due his own Joanna they were hard who's right right and Palin is that we are. Yeah they're out. I'm a little bit yeah oh yeah yeah. I've only worked with one other person Randi chill. And I am basically. Yeah yeah I've worked with not work took quite a few I mean it I work with the same guy for like sixty years. Yeah I got to work on my best friend along time ago we grew up together in the haven't radio show again surprisingly enough and you know he moved down that things happen you know your job and all that but it. Yang and I like I've worked on an am station before I've worked in. A top forty station. And our top forty station. You know old alternative rock CA Canada. If you mix it up you mix it up in in its good to get in there and try try new things out because. I I worked in a top forty station along time ago. For a little while. And it kind of like it helps me now you know word. But have you ever worked for the female before it was I your first female they worked. Yeah. Have my wife and then yielded. Yeah. I yeah yeah yeah I never worked with a female before I always thought it was like. You know. But this could backfire there's you know sometimes people get paired on the radio together as one person's good DJ the other. And then they put them together and it's. Not good act and it might you know it's late. Water and my like dining yeah you're right now on television. Yes no no sometimes gets truly sometimes you just kind of get thrown together and it doesn't work at all. And I mean that's happened before his wild like we got lucky like we're you know we get along really well and families get along really loud it's good so. It's always nice when you have a great group or with your your partner in anything what you working is cool project or begin or the second Harry no that's okay more you know whatever so. It it kicked it helps to care about the other person and you hear about it hey you know I Mena and families and that kind of stuff though. I think we did get it with the interview I think as elite event on the radio so we'll cut the base book. Thanks to learn about hey you wanna learn about radio is that they wanted to Diaz very entertaining seconds down now now it on the and then again had to back you know that we can double. I still done that every time I'm on mining and keep us and Lang X is my job by. That's so I know we're doing a very important of Miramax's takes you and your badge now approves the badge. I'll Mike counselor does and I say you'd approve it equal and it asked soon guy Rihanna but my extra credit if we. And probably and a let's do that but haven't announced the uncorked it out ugly there on that to get a. He. Analysts that are able to buy FaceBook live hey you're looking at a future eagle scout. You're welcome. But it's. You guys.