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Monday, July 17th


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Top US welcome everybody. Station hockey mister wonderful all meat ball podcast is is episode number tilt it like to welcome UT consented. Addition the pod cash out today we're gonna dive into our legal review third. War on the planet of the game switching up the CI. Yesterday actually this past Sunday over the Cinemark movie here I'll give you complete review of that. In just a couple minutes but I wanted to start this pod cast off today. Talking about George A or Merrill because last night while I was sleeping the news broke. That the father of the zombie movies here in America George Romero had passed away. After an asset. Kind of a quick battle against so to say but an intense battle with lung cancer I actually didn't even know that the guy had lung cancer I know that he was sick. But he passed away 77 years of age last night at his house is not California with his now wife by his side. And the assurances kinda take a quick. Moment to mention it because if you don't know I am a huge horror movie fan I love horror films. They are to me is some of the best John era films out there especially Smart her films which is what George A. Romero did with his horror films they were very Smart. Horror films. And what I mean by that is that they weren't just unnecessary gore even know a lot of the critics. When. His first movie united noting that came out sought Asia's being a violent film for the sake of being a violent film and that's how a lot of people viewed a lot of his stuff. And that. Happened with guys like Wes Craven as well another great director and great Har guy who I passed away very young and was taken from us at a very young age I dealing with his health issues as well. But back to their marrow thing. When horror films you're darn right. No matter how worried they are no matter how uncomfortable they make you feel when you watch him. You know that there's a deeper message below that and that's what George A. Romero did when he brought netted a living dead to us I mean you can look back at that person might explain this to a lot of porn if you didn't know explaining tearing now when I don't living gig came out this comes out in the late sixties okay. He cast an African American man in the lead for this movie. This role was written for a white man but they took the chance and put an African American in this lead. In the sixties is a huge gamble. Because this historic time where race issues in America are still a big thing at that time that this movie was being premiered. Martin Luther King Jr. was being assassinated. So you had all these social issues going on all these civil rights movement going on and a horde of this little zombie movie. You have a social commentary. Out out this issue of out the civil rights movement I mean take a look at that movie an African American meat. They're held up in a barn with a mob of zombies outside ready to kill them does that not speak volumes TU. Then you move on to his second the dawn of the dead consumerism. Day of The Dead dealing with the idea science in the government taking science too far all of these films a Georgia or Merrill has done. How social commentary going on to them for the times at their meeting. This sixties with the civil rights this seventies with consumerism. The eighties with the idea of the big government so they have these commentaries. Underneath the violence. And even being played out in the violence. And you concede Georgia Maris affect his while lasting throughout all of Hollywood from the time of night of the living dead you can see what he's done and how what he's done. Sheets they Shaun of the dead to the world even shaping. The Walking Dead in the world even though he wasn't a big fan of the things like a walking gotten a lot of the new zombie stuff that's out there. You can still see his footprints he's all over these films I mean. Some of the guys that do the make up and work on that Bo Walking Dead in the Shaun of the dead films and and the zombie movies today. Are people that are worked on George air Maris sciele films at some point in time so they have that kind have. Trying to bring that Romero silence you it's out the passing of George Romero. Just kind of a real big Palau. To use somebody like me guide to somebody like you who might like horror films as well and even if you don't like our films. He got to know that a guy like for Marist still have a lasting effects on people outside of the courage honor because it's what he did with the camera when he did with storytelling. And what he did with that John rock. The people are able to grab from import from and use for other things that you. Watch today. So if you've never checked out or George Romero film are you think that maybe something like the original matters relating dad or the original dawn of the dead or Day of The Dead might be too violent for you. I would recommend still going backing giving them watch because if you really truly watch his films not watching for the gore in the Har aspect of eight you can see that the chew terror that lies in those films. Is the commentary. On the social affairs dealing with that time that that film was made it's it's unbelievable land of the dead. Which is one that kind of got. Critically kind of tandem. Audiences were mixed on but I'm really loved that film. Where it showed that idea of we built a wall around the zombies. You can see inside that civilization where they rebuild civilization you still have the class warfare going on we have the super rich living in the towers while the poor are still struggling on the streets and are gonna be the first ones to get eaten if that barrier breaks down. So every one of his own says the social commentary to me but if you're also looking for good on his a good thriller film of his that is in. As violent as the guy dead films that he's really known for bringing. Kinda zombies to the forefront here in America as opposed to what they were our prior to that with like White Zombie where they were very hot Caribbean these zombie films. The idea of kind of possessing somebody's body over odd thing got Indiana Jones to the tally may take an apple heartened turning people in his armies. That's what zombie films were before George Romero brought them to America and americanize them with the dead have reason you eat us type deal. But I if you had a very good for Merrill film as well that's very intense very thrilling. Not so much on the crazy are aspect I recommend checking out a movie called monkey shines. And they know that film is. Absolutely. One of the best endings I have seen you are horror film a suspense film a thriller or mystery fantasy scifi whatever you wanna we will the film has. That's pretty much all of those rolled in a wind. The ending abbate is absolutely fantastic south quick words on the passing of George Romero. He will be missed him by his legacy will live on. Ally in the films BC today and the horror genre we see today and in the zombie films we see today so. Rest in peace to George Romero. Moving on now. This past weekend I got to see the new war for the planet of the aids. This is the third film in the apes I guess true AG off film based it's kicking off again. And I got to tell you I enjoyed this film I thought that this was a very well put together film. By its very aid centric so to say in this film which kind of is something that I mean in my friend. Zach Hilton who dies his own movie podcast as well. That I recommend you check out taking home I give them a search on the FaceBook also Zacks movie showed him a search on FaceBook and Twitter me and him we're talking after the film. And we agreed that. What this film did is what we wish that they are rarely do it to transformers films. Where in the first 28 films we got very human and aid centric story lines where the apes and humans so we followed more of the human story. In this film war for the planet of the apes we really don't follow many humans around we don't get so Woody Harrelson. Until I'd say about midway through I. Few of the film shoot pulleys where we really start seeing Woody Harrelson is character and we start really diving into the human aspect of things. So we're spending the majority of the first half in this film centered on the aid since centered on Caesar and China we'd be aids. Out of the village. And in to a new home China lead them to a new home trying to overcome the war that had kind of been being Don Knapp at the end of the rise of the planet that he gave so we got some huge China's still key piece. But is having that issue so we China lead his family and lead his entire eight family. Out of the jungle and into more safe and secure area. While they're being hunted down by Woody Harrelson is absolutely insane and absolutely fantastic job once again from Woody Harrelson in another character role but he did. Where he Asia is absolutely not chop. Going out there trying to kill all of the EC wants to wipe them out because of a new disease has now emerged that can that will eventually. Cause all of humanity to go bye bye forever are so he's on this warpath too destroy every last single. Dirty ape that you can come across. And really this is a big revenge story it's Caesar trying to take that bad a lot of wanting to have peace with the humans but wanting to get revenge for the actions of Woody Harrelson. And what he's done his family. So we truly a lot of following Caesar and his group so to say as there. Now on their mission into trying to heal Woody Harrelson in taking down. And shrine and just take out the massive crazy genocide a leader that is Woody Harrelson. So it becomes kind of revenge film but there's a lot of heart to this movie I mean. Listen we're a film that's based around CGI eight apes. I cried a good four separate times and it wasn't because of the humanitarian. Side of things it was because. You're pulling a motion from the Yates they're able to pull emotion and did you that feel we Caesar and his family. And I'm trying to keep it a spoiler free as possible I don't wanna give away a lot of stuff but there are certain things there was one line in the movie where I won't repeat because it's a spoiler. It was just a line that was delivered by one of the apes and it's not even said it's kinda hand signaled it literally. Had knees start to cry in the theater because I went wow I can kind of relate to that in a sense and I can have that feeling. And that feeling just drove a dagger through my heart and now I have tears in my eyes why am I crying at a at a planet of the apes come over here what's going on. But that's how good this movie is why it's beautifully directed as well Matt Reeves as an amazing job with the script he's given and with the story he's giving. And it. What he did with this film has me a lot more excited for his stand alone bat man film that's coming along the way. I'm very much looking for artists he would he does with that after when I saw what he did with. War of the planet that he is now moving onto my grade the meatballs which is what I know you Waller listening for I did this film four out of five meatballs. It's just die it's it really is probably the best film. I story and kind of direction and kind of put together an edited together film out of the three that they've done so far. What is still find it to be a little lagging at times. I still find it to be a little day. Caught up in the same each robes are there's some nice hat tips to some of the other aids films we've gotten from the Charlton Heston days. But all in all this is a film that I recommend seeing in theaters. I think you might lose some of its luster if you watch it at home as opposed to senior in the theaters. It has not very good action sequence is when the action sequences do you comma. But I give this film again four out of five meatballs. A fun time at the movies so that being said if you have very few for war the planet of the apes. Please hit me up on Twitter or share with me that wonderful underscore radio Aussie you can shoot me an email as well mr. Warner. Well I point radio dot com if you think there's a movie that I should go out and seeing video review for. I will happily do that if there's another topic that you think we should dive into you on the meatball movie podcast. Let me know as well. Again on Twitter wonderful. Video or via an email mr. wonderful half point radio dot com's hot totti as soon until then enjoy.