Missed Connections

Thursday, June 9th

Why did this man hope for a gust of wind? It's a Man for Women that you wont believe from Craigslist Missed Connections.

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Kimono and yeah its soul and you go retool. It's hard he's. You go Rita missed connections they say. Is it a man from woman now because usually I read those us this is on Craig's list men from one man so I think you gotta do it kind of thing. Wu man voice and don't mind woman to be mean. So duped she should vote to move here at bones why. This is title and killed in the creek area Yorktown. Oh man so woman in. It was this morning around 830 classroom you drop a small suvs yes you do. You would get a meal friend and you parked right next to. Bjorn Norris. Many long yeah. We want a movie you've got a nice shaped. He was women and nice dress that was di hi yes you won't sitting in my truck when he pulled up in I had my view from a song. My mind hope that a gust of wind would blow your dress hats at which point you drop something on the ground. Well you nations come and you do big Joseph good to retrieve it and I thought all done. What a sexy beautiful sight to below. I gave mum my engine ran with dogs. I'm sure you won't see this because you don't seem like that type of lady to beyond this pregnant oh no no. I just wanted to say that you love who asked not sexy Nancy. No net and then like myself could only fantasize about it. So he was up and Kim creek kids today it's called kiln creek not killing creek as it kill them. Kill illness cannon. Tell late on that murder. He can right now. That's right somebody's watching you I mean that's. Scary kind enough alike to you gonna say sexy. The exit. As I mean like you know yeah it does mean a girlfriend for copied there's a guy in the parking lot sitting in a truck and here comes at Augusta we see. It's driving him go and see us.