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Friday, May 5th


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I used to always fans what's up it's Mike power is over there that is uncle that he also has got ski. And my daughter I am you all caught up for better or worse Markieff Morris powers and welcome. To the first ever Star Wars escape. Podcast would like to thank the station I work for every single morning 94 point nine appoint her out letting us use the studio. And throw down and talk about Star Wars. Now we're all different kinds of Star Wars fans we all come from different generations we all watch the movies. Differently. And I think the cool part about this Star Wars podcast and I think council review that dios is the fact that. We get to bring and I think this is something no other show dies maybe I'm wrong I don't know. A young not person ends in an article you it Qaeda a young person's perspective on this Marie powers so that. They're pretty cold right now is cool as a cool now respectively acted like she easier your niece and the fact that she is my daughter. Makes it extra cool you know I mean. So it's a kind of a special thing for us we're all huge Star Wars fans. We're all excited to talk about our theories are speculation is listener questions we're just here to have a good time OK so low that being said. No hate comments in the comments section below very gut. I let's get started working a lot kind of introduce ourselves and talk about some of our favorite things when it comes to Star Wars so. All going in order here at that dios. Your favorite Star Wars movie and why let the people. Get to know yet. My first I was really and I to can go back to when I was a kid and I have to say when I was accused return of the Jenna and now it's its empire strikes back that's because I. Pink when your a kid. You light a happy ending you like to feel good story. And you'll love the. But he needs to tiny. That there's so. And without. Saved the universe so it's getting and I wanna talk about empire we view and a second but first I wanna go over to Maria and you tell us. At a twelve year old girl and your favorite Star Wars movie. On the anti checked packets because it's in the middle of the evening news these Bryant divorce awake and weakness. It's your male protagonists. It's your Star Wars nanny and you like you love the fact that. Ray is a female a strong female and she comes right out of the box a bit of a Mary suing you well and just takes over. The entire film which is which is pretty cool she knows how to do absolutely everything. Kind of like you every time I tell her what to do she kinda knows absolutely everything until. Here is mine. I would agree with you of course I think a lot the middle aged dudes. Loved empire strikes back I would say like 75%. A Star Wars fans that's their favorite movie and I'll tell you why let me tell you why. It's because it's your first real taste. Love the world is not a perfect place things don't always come up puppy dog it's an ice cream what you want why. Or eight at first civil. I am not a dude. I am not middle. I'm just saying but you what you are split right now between the force awake and and between empire strikes back I'm. I'm telling you why empire is my favorite movie you know what I mean Brian knows Jimmy of them and then that first taste of life. You don't want somebody might freeze mean carbon night and take my body away and. And sell me to draw the lord because essentially that's what you know announcing it and a lot darker. But seriously I mean big guys well and in movies at that time. The bad guys never won so to me you know people like watch wrestling these days they love the bad guys I reform yeah I. I think that's empire strikes back bought duck back there and makes the bad guys. Look so cool so now we got that out of the way you know a little bit about us you know our favorite Star Wars movies you can comment in this section below. We're gonna talk about whose Star Wars that main character your favorite one married. I know it's like it's a lot of pressure six okay rattled off go a day to beater then. So all they Gus always rebels see that's yours yours Star Wars well we look we it's almost always it's your Star Wars. Blouse. Until the colonel -- CJ Kennedy is he's just you know it all rank rank what are you EG UIQ. Why is like you are TD to all these characters embody who URL and it. Wicked and yeah he's cute like you me ago and then one more. Ray is a gray and apparent very good very good that's Marines and down. Got a lovely widow very good uncle battle lab no. Uncle fact what's give me your favorite home my favorite would be any invader. And invader. I and it can only I got a sister that's such an unpopular answer that dichotomy between the two and has struggled you like I'm you like cut Christian. You hate Christians in czar. I like I will I mean revenge of the Sith is kinda my second favorite just because it's got its its Bader centric Murray a great guy you're you're playing with them. I did Green Bay. Eight look at the dialogue arid. I know you crazy acting ready yet to look at the actual character and the back story. And makes perfect sense and I know you mean like this story is there this story is there for the pre course. It's just like you know that first one like uncle Bobby and I used to call it felt like space CNN you know phantom menace. And then the second ones like the cheesy is love story of all time but I did it you need a love story in there. And then the third one it's like that could've been a really cool movie but again I'm not a big tree equals guy I know you love them and the fact he love mannequin skywalker. V Hayden Christensen numbers in. To me that is that's like a true star on oil industry cool man yeah wrote going to go so. You alligator in her one. Down there there is no better raiders and Atlanta rounds and is pretty pretty impressive pretty amazing. My favorite character is it's easy it's console out the smuggler. You know I mean no loner. The real rebel and the thing that I like most about Han Solo is. You know he comes into this situation for the money he just want guys to get in now and get the recognition wanna get my stuff get out of here I got debts to pay you know I got. I got new shirts come in and I got ears and it usually is an insult to the only cares about and boy cares about his dog hit daycare that you Baraka. Any iPad himself so it. Yeah I I mean absolutely but then at the end. He has this like he sees this light at the end of the tunnel any you know we find it shaky falls in love and that's that changes. Even the toughest of men but SEC and you know. And it blog and you see in the force awake if you abandons his family. So I tell you now console as art is really pretty amazing in spoiler alert for those of you were just watching this or just. Fans of the points and the Mike powers in moves show when you don't really watch Star Wars. He's dead console is gone he's gone. And we can't have them back which was crying now yeah which is super U percent now let's move on to the next topic at hand. We want to thank the Virginia symphony for hooking all of us up. With tickets to the music of Star Wars knights made up sport bwic you. And now I'm so excited about this what is our what is the conductors and Amory on the Angie and Brad Benjamin Rouse and what I am wondering is. Are we going to. All we can hear a lot of new stuff tonight a weakening here's some stuff from rogue wanna we can hear some stuff from. The force awakens that looked I think I think you'll probably hear some four reports awakens yeah I think you'll hear some old school classics and original trilogy yet equals what are you hoping to hear tonight. What songs yet look I want I hope to hear that and is the imperial march of course boy you can hear all that was definitely like aside. I want your tools the fates and battle of the heroes from the prequel had to be great tool to states is the best thing about the prequel snagged everything like that is that's musically credible to. The fighting is pretty incredible it is but you know again whenever they're right on that day and a lot come on now yeah hey I. Very palace what do you hope to hear tonight with team. I'm. Race team great in any contact. And the battle Gavin. All that's good to where you I loved Gray's team it's the first thing that kind of reached out and grab leading up to an in the morning. Yeah actually wake up to in the morning it's the alarm on my phone. So at 4 o'clock in the morning I wake up to the rays team it's so soothing. It's so gentle yet it has an intensity to it I hope to hear that as well and I also wanna hear tonight of course the Heinemeier. He makes sure one now. And and I really wanna hear the Kyle ran team and so I'm so so when he's doing it's it's amazing and the thing that I like about it most. In the new trailer the new last yet I trailer. It's incredible like when they sneak that music in there when they talk a when he showed his crust up Helmand in the trailer. Let alone. Amanda and and. And you go wow. Now you know Vator has his steamy empire has there is. Now he has he is it still recognizable sends chills through my body really really good. So that is that is tonight and I know Max hula commented on our promo video. She won the Star Wars tickets so she's got a direct message me. And Dow will hook you up with those four tonight Chrysler hall 730. Get your tickets now just you know Google Virginia symphony Star Wars music. All right so moving on to the next thing Marie what are we are gonna be talking about. Well we were supposed to talk about average secondary care a leading get to that sit down Mario whoa let's move on with the show's decline itinerary. Of course yeah. I was just denying the release date might feel are right it's may 23 of course we have 192019. Of course I'm ready for the December release here for the last Jana which are pretty psyched about. Everybody is psyched about the whole world is psyched about it I love the fact first off that it's been. December I love I feel like I'm getting a Christmas gift dad's an adult you know any means you'd love to December release I like to did not elect ended December releases and now I mean. There's something about they were pulls back toward childhood I act his eyes to be released every mayor ray. But I like to December it means a it's Christmas and Star Wars is here yes there absolutely you feel the same way America. Honored. Are you good would it whenever I I'm an Everest on its before 2000 and you Carla he had nine noble we're gonna get the Hans solo movie in there as well but. I feel like in December release just because of silly things like. January Weiner. We all start speculating. And actually my favorite thing about Star Wars we're talking about the different theories you know we got a shout out of course like collider and I council. We have to shout out. I dash star we have to shout out Sunday mr. Sunday movies has tagged and yeah this way it's backed AB. Asked tax jackets back baby who also got best stupendous Wayne student and as a wave is sick. Also Star Wars explained. Awesome I mean these guys know more about Sowers and all of us put together and I'd really really dig this stuff that they do. So bomb. A lot of the speculation. EU hopping on the Internet it's like you're speculating with your friends. And then we kind of take these theories to each other. So I'd like definitely January 1 and in December is speculating all year it's finally here and and you want rack your Christmas gift. And it's Star Wars and then after that it's Christmas and you get Star Wars stuff. For Christmas can be very what did you get for Christmas last year the all like installer is really just three things up a copy your head. That pop figure pop figure out there you got me that brag on topic I. Yeah which will plug in an area very getting. Ray's gun in your client. And a lot of shirts and at what you're forgetting you're talking we need to go still we we at least a little bit really. Lola working on the we have when we haven't homes still the bold effects. Now caught yet many of his few years later he. I guess we have a lot to sell high out of stuff to build so that's why I like the December release. But you know I'll take Star Wars. Anyway I can get yeah you know I mean so while we're gonna move on and what are we had next level and boo will marais. C sorry ass so he's that's what that's like easily talk to him sitting in this chair. What's our medalist who question is that we got now. Now we don't okay where we got aren't you think there'll be more episodic films after Epson anxiously skywalker story. Who do you think there will be and I know the kiss on George Lucas originally wanted it to be. Nine of these or the Skywalk is at it they're gonna. Do more stuff with the clone wars. And it just. Maybe nine to deal republic India dat the will the and I think care I think you're on to something now I do believe one day there will be. But asked that what are your thoughts on that there I think. I think there will be continuing the skywalker lineage in some way whether it's Kyle whether it's. If you believe ray as a skywalker yelling don't really know we'll never see ends up being built we don't really know how's in Iraq. Give Luke his bid if you know what I mean yeah I still think that. Your myopic. Still I still think you they they will can kinda continuing on I think they're gonna take it a little bit of a break between nine and that man and yet absolutely. I you know I thought about it both ways. On but I didn't think about like kind of what you said that George Lucas originally wanted it to be. A nine. Movie thing you now yes and maybe after that it's kind of like they're gonna respect that. Decision by George Lucas and they're gonna give us tons of other stuff yet I had a lot. Star Wars rebels and analogy that is sick did you imagine at a Star Wars revels movie I mean they won't deal it. Again you know Latin next years gonna be the last season worst season rally there and houses and another set that your favorite Lake Geneva actors Sabena. Now I so let's. I don't know I think eventually there will be there are going to. They're gonna take a break you know like sad sad of course they're gonna take a break and start working on other ideas I mean you already have supposedly like. Three to five movie ideas or where they wanna take that thing next. But it all depends on. Where are we with these other characters wears a Reagan heavyweight title ring I'm going to be. Where is being going to be are they gonna be ready to take it to the next level will they be alive for an episode ten. Who knows but. One day yes but maybe you're right Marianne I have no idea we had a listener question coming in from Kim go ahead. Do you think and Ian and me of next at the that he osu hunting down on from yeah I'll take it I don't think he's going to be an either nine or eight or nine men I think he might make mention of him wrecked. But I don't think he's going to you're gonna see his likeness and it and anyway merry. Yeah I am I angry. At. I don't think he's gonna be. Yet and release it and payments and of course it wedding and it put him in anything that window and something it was. May I don't feel like it Dancing With The Stars same into where he's dancing with this based are seeking come out maybe he did pretty good on match you know I mean I thought it was terrific but I love I love the land don't. But. Something made you know they talk about a lot on a lot of this shows the source shows that we watch is. The universe is very very big it's a big place and sometimes Star Wars tends to make the universe. Really really small. And you know. Lot of times I mean these guys have been fighting the Star Wars for a very very long time. A lot of people that are in that real wars don't apply. There are whole entire lives and land though doesn't seem like the kind of guy to me that wants to fight in wars his whole life like you know what I did eight. I am kind of a hero I kind of blew up that second death star. I'm responsible is it effort saving the galaxy of course would alone help you know and I mean embodies a big part of it. I feel like a guy like Landon takes that fame it does like personal appearances for the rest of his life and let you know he goes to like different. Yet comic cons all over the universe and just kind of chill guns you know I'm gonna come a little this this fame for the rest of my life. And kickback and relax he probably bought a really nice house somewhere on like. Where would he stay probably think. That's been pubs and it all yet go back to back spin maybe by his old property back here would be nice. So I don't think Lander is gonna be buried there. And and I think it's a good thing I'd love landfill where he is now. You know I mean he's gone he's out of the university made his appearance on rebels seized he's gonna yeah we're we're gonna bus. Bands. Want. Land go. One of the most beloved characters. You'll probably get him but I'd I don't think we should see them. Next this comes from screen Graham we were reading this article that he doesn't believe you have an over there I have. Owners got it all Murray is the guy okay go ahead Murray okay so. John only Thomas and all OK and that's. Okay he said yes I have another idea I've been tinkering. It's maybe 75%. There and having pitched it she it she Lucas film man yeah. It's another Star Wars thing there's no worries and to think Disney is going to stop lying to make star was released if they're quiet if there's clarity and there's. Interests okay very good so. John Knoll I think he did an awesome job with creating the idea for rogue one. He just talk for those of you that don't know a little piece of the opening crawl of a new hope any turned it into. In ethnic war movie probably the most brutal war I movie in Star Wars history with Eric in his life it's. And it was in Hawaii it was awesome it was it gave us a couple of planets we've never seen before in Star Wars so. I love the idea is now it's time to speculate on a what we think. It could be like what could he be dealing could he be pulling something from another crawl. Could be the only one movie the fans really want. Adios where we with John Dole's idea what you think he's thinking. I think John Knoll Jon Mills are traditionalists like he knows a lot about the stores Lauren universe I think he's going back old school I think he's pulling stuff. I'm not gonna say maybe united you or Paul ought to gonna say next the only public that would be set I think I think he's gonna poll from the way back history. The Star Wars lord has backed thousands and thousands of years prior to. Any of the stuff so I know when the film's characters we don't even know about yet he's just gonna create a whole new universe essentially for either that or he's gonna make the stuff that legends now Canon. Like you know we've seen drawn. In rebels go can and you know we're seeing other characters pop up that are similar. To legends characters and kind of making their way to the Star Wars universe but. I like that idea Marie what do you think it's going to be I have no idea they have no idea who don't think like OB one movie I don't want no one. You don't now. Do you wanna be one movie or I think it'd be cool but like we are talking about earlier might be shrinking the galaxy we can expand it to whatever you want to do runners on board. I'd I'd be down yeah. I mean you're giving new and McGregor a chance to. And a don't want to know we get and for me she's like the shining spot. The trilogy is like a of course. I want him back into the stars viewers that. Why would we want to know we gonna be doing on a desert planet it doesn't say I think he's probably been doing easily sightings and people. That's yeah you're probably right that said I mean I thought like I thought that's who he was doing I mean we know from stories rebels that. He got confronted by Darth Maul and found finally got our. Blue wall mall and mall got sorry and sorry Jerry's. Very close attention 90 you do and you do but yeah I mean I think that like to me that was Omagh. Too much break and I thought it was just kind of chilling watching Luke I think he's been training this whole time owners some stuff about the force that that's why he was able to take mall and 3 strikes yes I am is I think that kind of produce what we might see would loop in the last Jenna is an isolated thirty years. He wants like a soccer and watching it. Yeah. I am watching you why. I noticed a lot of people that we go to jail for assess things like you know it didn't uncle when amp Peru ever be like. Why he's an old man just watching our adopted boy I mean why he's just. Right yeah. Is totally stalking and that's an excellent point on yeah I I know what you mean by shrinking the universe with Star Wars and Obi wan that like. The last Jett died pans out like that said aware Luke is gonna take these powers. To a whole another level. Than it. Going back and seeing how Obi wan got to be so powerful. That might run like they might run parallel and we also think lawyer may it's very possible that ray could be. The can no be lineage could be is granddaughter or whatever is so it was something it could be some things so I think. We're gonna know more as the episodic films played themselves out and then I think like. Things will just fall into place. Other movies will just fall into place will restart we might be starving for an OB one movie we might be starving for like. A bounty hunters movie like do not just bold effect related but. All the bounty hunters in the universe because there's a whole dark side to Star Wars. That you can read about in the legends book Ali elect underground yeah right right right so they. They could take it in a whole another level I mean as we all get old there the world. Gets a little bit you know like cats scarier and scarier and yes and ends Star Wars. Might take it in that direction. One day you know him right now no but one day yes Oregon experience. But Alyssa. I'll mark yes remark. This is that this is a bit of fundamental gap on here. They character in this hours universe are always in this England's play this out yesterday when day honest question. I don't like Jerry potter he's always wearing this picture rank. And I and I. Do you think that they ever shower. I mean it's a great question be a bit and. Date of the that's a good point to the only change. Outfits like it seems like in every every movie unless your prince's lay like what. Here's what I think okay. I think Star Wars they're like. A ban a crappy band to okay. Cool kind of toys in a crappy band let's say the millennium falcon is a crappy. Van that holds all their gear and holds all the smelly band mates and they travel all over the galaxy like a bad would travel all over the country right. And whenever they get to stop down in a place. They'll take a shower elect if they get to play a venue that has a shower of their lucky enough doubt when they'll take it there. Other than that I think they just probably shower and buckets or just wash up a little bit what are your thoughts that yes. I'll mother there was a shower in one of the scenes and after Luke and I was backed tank and he was. He was if you look in the back you can kind of see a shower stall shot out really well. Now I have to look at now I don't watch empire died when he. Now art Reese Hopkins the medical Germany's opened up does that swing out there right before he grabs the stop from the overhead speaker. They calling you right now but you could see it in the background he needs to like a little in the medical bay and it looks like a hospital rooms travel like a shower and hospital. Okay see I always thought that. That Luke got hurt so we can get that back to tank just have a bat you know I mean that's there. Are there are there showers in space Marianne means that just proved it but I mean. I would think Arabic obviously nightly. They shall now I guess they don't wanna eat out like ten minutes of the movie of Han Solo taken a shower you know I mean. But also I'll remember this Michael Campbell told me this earlier as I was discussing it let them. A buddy Mike said. In space. There Hannity put it like things are preserved more in space. So old. Maybe this mammals are kind of contained more does that make sense possibly yeah. I don't know marked the best answer we got employee of the thank you so much mark Gorton for the for the question. And you and I had probably just million men and around in space and it's no big deal Marie what do we got next and well. It was as a winner of the all right well I'll. Now now now I have one OK you have something favorite Star Wars memory. Favorite Star Wars in memory and I like that your asking this because today is may the fourth. And this is essentially that time of the fortieth anniversary of Star Wars which is a super exciting time. In honor of that it is I don't think my opponent ahead bodes well they don't let it go Gloria and then Barack. Saturday night. My house little Star Wars fortieth anniversary met up the lane I cannot wait for that should be a lot of fun yeah you guys coming over. Deliberately so I don't really have to. What's that you live Whitney's you don't have a choice and a fine you don't have the place always been happily collect Sierra animate your new route though that nice okay this is set up. You go watch and root out and play monopoly OK it's a girl you know it's a very very long game. Bombs so here's the deal your favorite Star Wars memory forty years of Star Wars this is our first escape pod cast. That audio Sokol that. Marine force powers and I'm Michael powers and most so we used that yes your favorite Star Wars memory alone. I know there's so many in forty years it doesn't have to be a apart from a movie or anything like that he. Could be just you know going to see a movie again who we saw with whatever I think. I think back. You know I like the pickles I like your social is a bit better rally and do it the pre calls for what they are the stories they told. I guess my favorite memory would be you know we didn't think you're gonna get any more Star Wars it is and then. The pickles came out right and then mom. At the end of episode three. On I can just members in this theater you were there next to me yeah I was there grammar and a land after any can look spoiler alert after Atlantic. I don't know anyone and he's getting put back together. As soon as the helmet came down and you heard Darth Brit Darth Vader brief for the first time then the whole theater just erupted be added bribes. You know the original trilogy into the prequel so to speak you came full circle became full circle hearing that breathing. Now is call whole theater you know there are. You okay you're. Her ups yes that was a cool that was a cool little memory like that Selig when when you know people like a catch that stuff and brings you back to your childhood death you know like when we sold gold leader and stuff in row one in those moments are so special X. Yeah at red five getting blown out in rove Juan and all in all that kind of stuff that got me into it. I know what else we would have league skywalker there'd be a whole bunch of imbalance in the universe. So Marie powers what would be your favorite Star Wars in memory I had I had so many and now finally your young life. I never check. And my friends yet received forcefully and an I Mac O yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah provoke that was. How many times is that what that's like because it eight times time and it's time we saw attack on the surfers time but can't actually they are one. Was my eleventh birthday party yeah mostly over. And me all my friends combined to catch is yes and it is like this shaping the millennium happen. Yeah I. That's in my friend that was great girlfriends holly care as Katrina Julia. Amien Ilya. And that was shutting everybody out there bowl school I think the whole school huh. Not you don't we all watched a new hope them Lott and this you're watching this all mean and I and Giuliani are having hand. Competition that it was enormous star Eric Yang area and she wrote my birthday card I'm gonna win. Who want. You want. There you go. Yeah way Julie wish you luck on FaceBook so I'll move very cool iron and I. And my favorite to us Star Wars memory would have to be. And so many like I remember my dad taking me and of course the empire strikes back for the first time and remember leaving going. Booze to boost the always have good dad. And by my a best memory. Of Star Wars. Was the year leading up to the force awakens because of the hype and the speculation. There and wearing all of our Star Wars here it's pretty much every single day and just was ever there was every single day seeing it everywhere but I think most of all. Eight was actually getting to see the movie which you. Jim Browning that was the best that they got a lot. Sorry ansari of that. No it was actually being able to share the experience. Whip my daughter end. The other thing is it's like yeah you're you're welcome and I love you kid get up that stairwell. At home. Wow wow while some kids raised on Star Wars are never tell a man she you know she loves him just and I know back to them out is that. Vietnam is that was the most fun to me and you are now are your younger sister and my youngest daughter Claire is also in the Star Wars. And you know we take courtesy to movies as well we took consumer went in theaters which is pretty intense and you know I don't sleep and just that and I've been going indicators together since you know the the creek bulls and Alter and we've been net at every single premiere together some. But Timmy is the best memory and at the end of the day to celebrate forty is a source that's what it's all about guys sharing it with your friends sharing it would your family and making it part of your life and. Being passionate about it adios. I am I can't top that and I came in and out and merry eight. Feel good about the show. Our first one we knocked it our dodge that tax credits could be that was our Star Wars escape. Podcast now you can email the show we had an email right now study goes where can email us escape pod show cast. No notes on what exactly. I podcast show at Escape. Podcast show at Marie. I escaped say it would make it hide and shin and Right and you could also simply comment below. And talk about theories and topics in. Anything that you wanna talk about we're gonna share this on the points baseball we're gonna share this on our own Facebook's. In state grants waiters will get to Twitter up pretty surreal day I've had an. You know I haven't yet you know unhappy yet okay I'm sorry about that but eventually yes you'll get a cell phone. And you will get acts like. What. It's not that far. What you do the math 88 years let me here's your that's. Would you agree uncle. He is. I knew it before then she'd come out and join us the toddler comic con that's all we have we gonna promote that to him later remember that. Let him know what I don't know we're gonna bay let alone on this weekend or next weekend may thirteenth and fourteenth two lives Virginia these two events center for time on a comic con absolutely have a panel on Sunday at 1 o'clock Scranton join us it's the it's the last year and I panel. Fad and myself are gonna hosted are you gonna do what are you gonna be out cots playing with your friends. Well we'll probably be in there will be the nerds. Care. I believe this in. Don't carry there's always try to bring her men Newt characters I know you can like us. She likes all that stuff she's the disease total and complete all around nerds you know our eyes she got that we have content and it smells yamana and she's known that there. But again thank you so much guys for listening. Again that's uncle fat. That's my daughter Marie powers. And I am Michael powers and thank you and time you're fine and good night and rock and roll it may the force. B radio. Aren't. And we do.