Thoughts with Peggy Young

Thursday, June 9th

Bethany Frankel from Real House Wifes is dating her friends ex husband. Who better to ask about this than WooWoo's Mother Peggy Young.

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This is going to be really really exciting today asking your mom it's okay to do gates. Your ex is. You know you know best friend's ex husband yet. Things happening in real life and my kids have been married for like forty years. I don't know does it ever happen let's ask her. Kind of business. You work last night yeah I'll get Sabena since we teach him and and on edit he Peggy Peggy and I don't speed. Romance and I don't might its video on the phone. My money in the morning were good morning my goal now I know your brain is half turned off right now. But Ray Allen I don't what we have to ask you serious serious question. Donnie Yen from way okay what role when it comes to dating. Your friend is ex husband follow me here Bethany Frankel she's on the real housewives of New York City argued or bad. Good parent or not it's. What we uproar yes OK get this Bethany Frankel act I've overgrown. Then let me explain Bethany Frankel is dating her best friends ex husband is that cooler not cool. I don't give a flying the slot and fed it to me again. So that's thankfully okay. Mommy like let's say that you know you and daddy got divorced and then here comes your best friend and stands filled into the young gun. All right yeah let's say your best friend and stand field Studds. OK with that. I ever heard her battered wall. They well each yellow she would be outraged. And brood of Oregon. That means I I didn't want to many lives and Antarctic animate it doesn't get it. Interpretations. He should have the mind Batman wow alone. I'm expecting them. Every girl hello don't know about girl and I'm broke her. Yet the mayor girl and really the economy young mom. Knows he's grown a one man. Riding hood river city titan with somebody else dating your husband if that person as your best friend well yeah. I'm by the Arab and have a monopoly bracken. And even though she knew that serve and mommy's just a sloppy seconds I bread all right line I think it's time due to go back to bed. Taking an element that I haven't been all right there you go back to sleep sound our diet but maybe. Do. I never liked him I'm on the same route I get that right she exceeded our peed at. The exact all playing well.