Uncorked & Unplugged

Tuesday, April 4th


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Four point nine point anyway is. Winery present. Starring. It's still. Some 949 members. We're hey we got headliners I'm cook and I'm. We'll Leann Rimes June the tenth seeded team in Williamsburg wineries. Gonna get great summer great we kick off this summer stupidly and Ryan she's super talented. Super adorable and I'm Aaron and Graham yeah she's fun girl an extremely talented two grammys 37 million albums sold its. It's it's pretty amazing and again just to reiterate this if you're a yacht club 949 member you have your first chance. At tickets and not just any tickets VIP tickets. Check your inbox because will be sending you something here pretty soon if you're not a member assign at what point radio dot com. And we have a pair of tickets to giveaway right now a corner and down 9490. And we do calling nine I announced point nine and ninety point nine EU will give these first pair of tickets. I'm court in unplugged with Leann Rimes June 10 at Williamsburg winery and die. Lots more art is going to be added to the bill as well you wanna go give its gulf when and a ninety point nine we will take Kohler forty right now.