Tequila Helps You Lose Weight

Rejoice! It turns out ordering that shot of tequila is actually good for you. According to a new study, researchers have found that the sugars in the agave plant used to make tequila actually helps make you feel fuller, lowes your blood sugar and helps healthy bacteria grow in your body. You can...
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Adam Levine & Sammy Hagar creating a new Tequila

Its a new tequila with a twist from two Rock Icons. The new 80 proof liquor will only cost you $55 dollars which isn't that bad for a good tequila. You can read more about the new liquor right here: -Wonderful Twitter: @...
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Tostitos Bags now know when you've been Drinking

The Big Game is less than two weeks away which means you probably have a Super Bowl Party or two to attend. Outside of the holidays this day is one of the busiest when it comes to drinking. This obviously means we are going to see some gimmick products coming out marketing to you just in time for...
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