American comedy films

Ice Cube is working on another "Friday" Movie

It has been 15 years since we last saw Ice Cube on the Big Screen in the "Friday" Franchise but it appears he is going back to the Franchise that he helped create back in 1995. John Witherspoon who played Cube's dad in the "Friday" Franchise was recently doing an interview in Orlando when he was...
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You have watched Half a Billion Hours of Adam Sandler on Netflix

Adam Sandlers new movie "Sandy Wexler" just debuted on Netflix this past Friday (Meatball movie review will be coming this week) and Netflix gave a Q1 Report that revealed 500 Million Hours of Adam Sandler has been streamed. That means if you like Adam Sandler you have on average watched 5+ hours...
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Wayne's World back in Theaters

Saturday Night Live has had couple sketches make the jump from small screen to the big screen. Only one movie though truly set the standard and was financially the biggest success of these films. No it wasn't "It's Pat" or "Stuart Saves his Family" but it was non other than Wayne Campbell and Garth...
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