The Lion King Remake Wants This A-Lister to play The Queen

Disney has struck gold by going back to the classics and giving them Live-Animation Remakes. We aren't even off the feelings we still have from the Beauty & the Beast Live Action Film. While Disney is currently casting for their Aladdin Live Action Film we have news that they are fast tracking...
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Beauty & the Beast Meatball Movie Review

We all know this Tale as Old as Time, The Prince who was rude and cold that was turned into a Beast and needs to find True Love to reverse the curse before the final rose peddle falls. In the latest Disney Live Animation Film we see the classic tale of Beauty and the Beast told slightly different...
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5 Facts about Dr. Seuss on what would have been his 113th Birthday

In honor of what would have been Dr. Seuss 113th Birthday we have gathered up 5 facts about him you might not know. 1.) He wasn't a real Doctor and Seuss wasn't his last name -Thodore Seuss Geisel, was his birth name and he was awarded an honory Doctorate from Oxford in 1955 2.) Leading up to and...
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