What's The Hardest Snack to Stop Eating Once You Start?

Turns out Pringles was right that "Once you pop you can't stop" because according to a new study chips and other salty snacks are the hardest thing to stop eating once you started. 35% of us struggle with this. Candy not including chocolate came in second with 18% and Chocolate came in third with a...
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This Major Cheese Recall Will Ruin Your Valentine's Day

Cheese is supposed to make everything better but Sargento Cheese might make everything horrible. On Monday Sargento announced a cheese recall for possible contamination in seven of their products. You can get all the information on this recall below but it definetly time to throw away the Sargento...
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Taco Bell Fried Chicken Taco Shell is Going National!

Can it be true? Is this really happening? Taco Bell has been a master of sorts in the fast food world of combining foods over the last couple years. They turned your favorite doritos into taco shells, they even added Cheetos and Fritos to their delicious items, but this might be taking things too...
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