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Friday the 13th Reboot Cancelled

This might be the most upsetting news of the day for True Horror Movie Fans. The last couple of years we have been hearing rumblings that another Friday the 13th Film has been in the works. We have heard everything from getting an actual Friday the 13th Release Date to the film possibly being a...
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Stranger Things drops a Surprise trailer and Release Date for Season 2

It seemed like a lot of commercials last night where Trailers but Non of them though truly captured the stranger. Stranger Things surprised the world last night with a teaser for Season 2 providing us with a Binge Worthy Release Date. Get ready for Trick or Treaters & the best Netflix Show to...
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Oscar Nominations 2017

The list is here! No surprise La La Land who won big at the Golden Globes saw a lot of nominations but we even see Suicide Squad on the list for this years Oscars. So who do you think wins big? My money is on La La Land and...
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