You have watched Half a Billion Hours of Adam Sandler on Netflix

Adam Sandlers new movie "Sandy Wexler" just debuted on Netflix this past Friday (Meatball movie review will be coming this week) and Netflix gave a Q1 Report that revealed 500 Million Hours of Adam Sandler has been streamed. That means if you like Adam Sandler you have on average watched 5+ hours...
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Netflix & Tracy Morgan team up for Stand-Up Special

Tracy Morgan continues his comeback, After returning to the big screen just two weeks ago in Fist Fight and a couple other movies lined up we get news that Netflix and Tracy Morgan have teamed up for a Stand-Up Special. The special will be filmed in New Jersey and drop globally in May. According to...
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Mr. Wonderful Meatball Movie Review - GET OUT

A blend of comedy, savvy, thrills and terror rolled into one. That is the best way to describe Jordan Peele directoral debut in his highly anticipated film Get Out. A beautiful White Suburban area, quiet and isolated. What could possibly go wrong when you meet your girlfriends parents? Well in Get...
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