Couple's SUV Explodes While Transporting a Grill after the Woman Lit a Cigarette

Once again Florida provides us with incredible stupid news. A couple had a barbecue grill in their SUV on Sunday with the propane tank on. So when the woman decided to lit a cigarette the car Exploded. The couple only had burns and survived but the car exploding wasn't the only bad news. It turns...
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Some Foods You Should Never Cook On The Grill....And One of Them Is Burgers!

Summer is officially here which means if you haven't already started BBQ on the grill then chances are you will soon. Well, talked to a chef who must have the goal of trying to ruin summer. He mentioned a few foods you shouldn't cook on the grill include pork chops, filet mignon and...
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Gordon Ramsay has been giving Food Critiques to Wanna Be Chefs on Twitter

Fans of Gordon Ramsay have been having fun recently with the famous chef. They have decided to use Twitter to send pictures of their food asking for critique. Of course Gordon Ramsay has not disapointed by responding to some of the pictures. You have to see some of these responses to believe it:...
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