Harry Potter

Butterbeer Ice Cream is a Thing Harry Potter Fans

You don't have to visit Universal Orlando to enjoy the alcohol free treat of Butterbeer because it is invading your frozen food departments. Yuengling has decided to make all of us Harry Potter fans dreams come true and are turning the delicious beverage into an Ice Cream. The Ice Cream will...
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Harry Potter Star Rupert Grint Says He is Often Mistaken for Ed Sheeran

You’d think that being one of the stars of the Harry Potter movie series would result in being frequently recognized in public. Well, for Rupert Grint (who played Ron Weasley in the series) it’s not that simple.Grint says, however, that he is often mistaken for another British redhead, Ed Sheeran."...
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Harry Potter Bed & Breakfast

Maybe you are still waiting for your letter to Hogwarts, Maybe you are waiting to find out if you are going to be apart of the Triwizard Tournament or Maybe you just want an ammazing experience for the rest of your life. Either way you have to be excited even if you aren't a full blown Potter Head...
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