Couple's SUV Explodes While Transporting a Grill after the Woman Lit a Cigarette

Once again Florida provides us with incredible stupid news. A couple had a barbecue grill in their SUV on Sunday with the propane tank on. So when the woman decided to lit a cigarette the car Exploded. The couple only had burns and survived but the car exploding wasn't the only bad news. It turns...
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Topless Maid is Busted for Stealing Underwear

A woman in Maine runs a Topless Maid Service and she was recently arrested after she was caught stealing underwear. You have to read this to believe it: You would think if you are running a Topless Maid Service then clothes...
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Florida Woman beats up Ex Boyfriend for Kissing her Mom

What would you do if you caught your mom kissing your ex boyfriend? I don't know about you but I would probably do the same thing this girl did in Florida.
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