One in Five People Can't Name an Author

A new survery is out and it might show how dumb our society is becoming because One in Five people can't name a single author. While I admit English Class wasn't my favorite time back in school I can't understand how people couldn't remember ONE Person. Shakespeare was the first name I thought of...
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5 Facts about Dr. Seuss on what would have been his 113th Birthday

In honor of what would have been Dr. Seuss 113th Birthday we have gathered up 5 facts about him you might not know. 1.) He wasn't a real Doctor and Seuss wasn't his last name -Thodore Seuss Geisel, was his birth name and he was awarded an honory Doctorate from Oxford in 1955 2.) Leading up to and...
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The Walking Dead Toned Down the Violence

The Day Will Come When The Walking Dead producers heard your calls to tone down the violence. The second half of season 7 is less than a month away but people are still talking about the first episode of season 7. You might remember when Negan decided to introduce two of our favorite characters to...
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