Sandy Wexler

You have watched Half a Billion Hours of Adam Sandler on Netflix

Adam Sandlers new movie "Sandy Wexler" just debuted on Netflix this past Friday (Meatball movie review will be coming this week) and Netflix gave a Q1 Report that revealed 500 Million Hours of Adam Sandler has been streamed. That means if you like Adam Sandler you have on average watched 5+ hours...
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Adam Sandler extends his deal with Netflix, Four More Films Coming

Despite "The Ridiculous 6" and "The Do-Over" getting only a 0% and 5% on Rotten Tomatos that didn't stop Netflix from signing Adam Sandler to another 4 film deal. Sandler signed a 4 film contract with Netflix back in 2014 and still has two films left on that deal. His next film is set to debut in a...
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