Mike Powers & WooWoo Interview LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn Rimes talked to Mike Powers & WooWoo Yesterday following the Big Announcement that she will be headling Uncorked & Unplugged on June 10th, over at the Williamsburg Winery. Find out here thoughts on Wine, The New Album, Being on Tour, Fitness and so much more below:
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Did You Miss The Big Announcement This Morning!?!?

UNCORKED & UNPLUGGED IS BACK! Yes! Mike Powers & WooWoo made the announcement at 7am that LeAnn Rimes will be headlining the stage at Williamsburg Winery on June 10th. Check out the announcement:
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Is Virginia Beach getting a winery?

It appears a new company has come into Virginia Beach and has put a proposal forward to open a new spot off Newtown Road that will serve wine. Details are still not really known but if things move forward we might see a new winery in the area that has become more of a craft beer lovers hangout...
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