American football

Lady Gaga did not jump from the roof of NRG Stadium

It turns out it was just a perfect illusion but either way it was really cool. Before the Super Bowl due to safety concerns & unknown possible weather conditions Lady Gaga actually filmed the opening of her Half-Time Show before the game. She did actually stand on the roof and sing "God Bless...
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Prop Bets Are Always Fun for the Big Game

For the degerent gamblers this is a fun time of the year. I promise I am not one of them (okay maybe I am) but reading the prop bets are always fun. Yes we have the classic odds for which team will win the Super Bowl, what the score will be, Over/Under on the total amount of points. But the bets...
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Clemson Football Coach Dabo Swinney was in Virginia Beach

What do you do after winning a National Championship against Alabama? If you are Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney you head to Virginia Beach to finish recruitment for the future and enjoy some delicious food at Shore Break of course! Congratulations to Cox...
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