Stephen King

"IT" Causing Problems for Professionals

Professional clowns are planning a rally out front of a New York City movie theater to protest the film "IT." They are blamming the Stephen King movie, which depicts a shapshifter that poses himself as a clown that terrorizes children, has hurt business for professional clowns. Many people are...
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Meatball Movie Podcast: IT

Mr. Wonderful is back with a new review for the new Stephen King Adaptation of his classic IT!
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LOOK: 'It' Movie Red Balloons Showing Up On Sewer Grates

Creeped out by clowns? This story of red balloons from Pennsylvania is probably not for you. The Lititiz Borough Police Department (they're a small town outside of Lancaster) posted on Facebook about a pranster who was tuing balloons to sewer grates around town this week. The police department...
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